• Honestly, I'm just curious and interested to know what age Wendy Darling met Baelfire and what age she was when she left to go to Neverland for the first time? (Obviously I don't mean what age the actress was when she played Wendy, I mean the character) Clearly she's a teen, and it seems as if she is of a similar age to Baelfire - who at the time, (I think) was 14? Because Baelfire turning 14 and Rumpelstiltskin becoming the Dark One all happened within that year, along with the whole falling into a portal into the Land Without Magic aka England. So basically, Baelfire meets Wendy when he's 14. Consequentially, what age is Wendy, and her two brothers at this time?

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    • It's never stated in the novel, either, but it's generally assumed that she's around 12 or 13, as her father makes a statement about moving her out of the nursery, saying she's too old to still be there.

      Ages aren't given for her brothers, either, although Michael is basically a toddler and John seems to be 9 or 10 ish.

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    • Yeah I was thinking that because she seems to look up to Baelfire almost like an older brother, despite their close age, so 13 would probably make sense.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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