• Here's mine:


    1. The Charmings

    2. Emma

    3. Rumple

    4. Pan

    5. Tinkerbell

    6. Red

    7. Zelena

    8. Walsh as the Wizard of Oz

    9. Merlin

    10. The Apprentice

    11. Anna

    12. Jefferson

    Least favorite:

    1. Regina

    2. Hook

    3. Will Scarlett

    4. Cora

    5. Neal/Baefire{odd I know, given he's rumple's son}


    7. BF

    Neutral: everyone else.

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    • My favorite character is Malcolm, beating Nealfire over by a smidge...

      I couldn't easily tell you my least favorite character. 


      Well, there's always Greg freaking Mendell lol. I kind of liked Tamara and feel like she had the potential for a great backstory, but nooooooooooooooope. 

      Greg/Owen's backstory we saw, though, and, well... I didn't particularly like him still. XD

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    • My three favorite characters are Regina, Snow White and Hook. I find them interesting and complex.

      My least favorite is Emma. She's nothing but a badly written Mary Sue character to me.

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    • My favourites are Emma, Belle, Regina and Rumple.

      My least favourite is Hook. Well I like him but he is getting soooo boring and I almost couldn't even watch the new episode because of him

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    • It used to be Emma, Regina and Hook for me.... but after this arc, I am starting to detest Emma.

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    • ChocolatEyes613 wrote: It used to be Emma, Regina and Hook for me.... but after this arc, I am starting to detest Emma.

      Same with me

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    • I liked Peter Pan the best, I found his character unique and Robbie Kay really captured the role. Zelena is another of my faves, but I'm worried about the direction of her character because of the whole baby thing, I don't want her to reform.

      For Least favorites, the Charmings don't do much for me. I found Henry insufferable during Season 1 but he's gotten better. I also believe Ursula to be the most completely pointless character.

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    • Copper5 wrote:
      Zelena is another of my faves, but I'm worried about the direction of her character because of the whole baby thing, I don't want her to reform.

      Both Lana and Sean have said, they do not think OUaT is redeeming Zelena.

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    • My favourites are Regina, Zelena, Cora, Red, Ariel, Hook, Merida, Merlin, Belle, Tinkerbell and maybe some others I can't think of right now.

      My least favourites are, by far, the Charmings and Emma.

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    • Favorite character would have to be Zelena, (I just like her in general. Bex is awesome.) followed by Season 1-2 EF Rumple.

      Least favorite? Hmm... Dorothy. Badly written, and the actress who plays her sounds too over-the-top. 

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    • Least favourites have to be Greg and Tamara

      My favs were season 1 Regina and Rumple

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    • My favourites are:

      1.Rumple and Belle

      3.Regina (mostly season 1-3)

      4.Zelena (I love her better as a crazy witch (4-5A) but I love her this way too)



      7.Snow (I'm starting to like her again this arc)



      10. probably Charmng but sometimes he's really annoying

      Least favourites: I hate Gaston, Milah and Blue Fairy. and  I'm really tired of Hook and Emma. Edit: I also hate: Ingrid, Ursula and Maleficent, I don't know why but they just annoy me

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    • It's actually harder for me to pick favorites than least favorites. I tend to like minor characters in this like Aurora, but I'll try.

      1. Regina

      2. Zelena

      3. Hades

      4. Aurora.

      5. Mulan

      6. Malificent

      7. Anna 

      8. Elsa

      Least favorites: 

      1. Rumple 

      2. Peter Pan

      3. Belle

      I think Belle would be better if she would break up Rumple, but she always takes him back.

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    • Ugh, where to begin. I love futility/suffering/evilness, so Rumple and Pan and Cora and Sidney. I'm also a sucker for noble sacrifice, so Neal/Phillip/Hook.

      And I love David. Yeah, he's boring, but imo he's the only pure character on the show.

      I think Snow and MM are full of themselves, I think the Blue Fairy is overrated, and I hated Tink although I couldn't describe why XD

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    • The Best Ones:

      1. Zelena

      2. Jefferson

      3. Red

      4. Snow White

      5. Pinocchio

      6. Huntman/Graham

      7. Regina

      8. Aurora

      9. Phillip

      10. Anna

      11. Hook

      12. Mulan

      13. Ingrid

      14. Elsa

      15. Peter Pan

      The Rubbish Ones:

      1. Robin Hood

      2. Dorothy

      3. Emma Swan (Yes, Emma Swan, due to actress that can't act that well)

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    • Top 10 (no particular order)



      Dr. Whale








      Bottom 15 (again no particular order)


      Mulan (a Korean playing the legendary Chinese heroine has bugged me from the start)



      Robin Hood


      King Aurther



      Merida (Adding Pixar movies to OUaT was stupid in my opinion)

      Maid Marian




      Everyone in the Frozen arc minus Ingrid

      Was going to make it a bottom 10 like I did top 10 but soon realized there are so many characters I just hate that it was hard to limit it to just 10 people, I could add more to both lists but don't want to make the post too long

      After thought edit: I thought about putting Mary Margaret in bottom list but couldn't do it without putting Snow White in top list. Even characters on the show agree they are two different people with the whole "We need you to be Snow White again, we don't need you to be Mary Margaret anymore" thing from a few episodes ago.

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    • Hmm, I've actually never thought about my most and least favorite characters... Guess now's a good time to start; although, I have mixed feelings about almost all of them.


      1. Ingrid (Although I feel like 4A was a very poor arc I felt that Ingrid's story was really tragic. Also, bonus points for her sacrifice.)

      2. Regina & Zelena (Is that cheating? ... Oh well, they're tied in my opinion just because they're a lot alike in many ways.)

      3. Ruby (I've always loved her character, probably because of how loyal and amiable her character is.)

      4. Belle (Intelligent and resourceful... but a little on the naive side.)

      5. Rumple (I just love how cunning and manipulative he can be. He'd probably be higher on the list if he wasn't so obssessed with power.)

      6. Cruella (I love that she is so dedicated to her chosen path of evil and the comic relief she provides. My criticism is her not being used that much in 4B.)

      Least Favorites:

      1. Robin Hood (His character is basically "Regina's chance for redemption and True Love". There is nothing to his character beyond that.)

      2. Hook (If only death was... final in this show!)

      3. Prince James (Avaricious and narcissistic. Two qualities I really hate.)

      4. King Arthur (He's pretty much a textbook example of a megalomaniac.)

      5. Dorothy (Teri's acting was just so wooden... I'm pretty sure the Tin Woodsman was sharpening his ax.)

      6. Ursula; Elsa; Anna; Kristoff and Merida (These five did very little/nothing and none of them [except Ursula] deviated from their Disney counterparts.)

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    • Favorites:

      • 1-Zelena
      • 2-Regina
      • 3-Cruella
      • 4-Hades
      • 5-Rumple

      Least Favorites:

      • 1-King Arthur
      • 2-Peter Pan
      • 3-Mary Margaret (not Snow White, when she was in the Enchanted Forest back in Season 1 and 2 flashbacks, she was awesome, but as Mary Margaret, she is just annoying)
      • 4-Urusla
      • 5-Isaac
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    • My top 10:

      1. Zelena

      2. Jefferson

      3. Regina

      4. Abigail (She's so underrated, but I love her honesty and sincere)

      5. Ruby

      6. Emma

      7. Ruth

      8. Anna

      9. Cora

      10. Cruella

      My bottom 10 (no particular order): Hook - Robin Hood - Mary Margaret (not Snow White) - Arthur - Merida - Merlin - Guinevere - Lancelot - Will Scarlet (just in OUAT)

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    • My least favourite character is Hades, because it's an inaccurate portayal of the god of the Underworld from the Greek myths. And he has such a stupid expression when he stands there with his mouth open.

      My favourite character is Wilby. You know, the dog that David has when he's a shepherd. He's in Season 6, Episode 7 "Heartless".

      I quite like Anna too. She has some of the best lines:

      "You have a sister, you'll never be alone. Except when I'm not around, but even then I'll be there in spirit. Point is, you're not alone." "You rolled around in gold bars? Wierd." "Kristoff! Kristoff Do you have any idea what this is? Oh right, I knocked you out. Wake up, we have to take this to Elsa! I love you! You're amazing! You're unconscious. I'll be right back. Stay here. I mean, I know you'll stay here, but I'll be right back anyway!"

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    • Zelena is my favorite character who has been a main. I loved Regina in seasons 1-3 but then they portrayed her as self-righteous in 4-5. 6 redeemed her for me, though.

      I also thought Snow was a good character but they pushed her to the sidelines after season 3 and she hasn't had good writing since. However, her few episodes are typically the best of the later seasons.

      My favorite side/recurring character is Peter Pan. Great villain and Robbie Kay's acting was impeccable. However, I also thought Ingrid (the best part of 4A for me) was good.

      I'm constantly flipping back and forth on Emma. I thought she was okay in season 1, didn't do much for me in season 2, loved her in season 3, thought she was fine again in season 4, mixed feelings in 5 and thought she was great in 6.

      My least favorite character in the series is, without a doubt Mr. Gold (not Rumple. I find Rumple a very interesting character, but Mr. Gold has, since season 3, gradually worsened). Robert Carlyle is great in the role, however.

      Out of the side character she in the series, my least favorite is Isaac, because his story was never compelling. Same with King Arthur. I also thought Owen/Greg was annoying but I thought Tamara was great (probably in the minority here).

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    • My two favorite fictional characters of all time are Emma Swan and Killian Jones. Other characters I love are Snow, David, Regina, Belle, and Zelena. I love all the disney princesses on the show and a lot of the other minor characters, but especially Ruby, Tinkerbell, Nemo, Liam I, and Tiger Lily.

      I like all the characters, but my least favorite is most likely Mr. Gold since he became worse and worse as the show went on. I did like that he turned his back on the darkness in Season 6, though. 

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    • Favorites : Cruella, Peter Pan, Blind Witch, Zelena, Glinda, Apprentice, Blackbeard...

      Least favorite : Ursula ><'

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    • Emillian Swanones wrote:
      My two favorite fictional characters of all time are Emma Swan and Killian Jones. Other characters I love are Snow, David, Regina, Belle, and Zelena. I love all the disney princesses on the show and a lot of the other minor characters, but especially Ruby, Tinkerbell, Nemo, Liam I, and Tiger Lily.

      I like all the characters, but my least favorite is most likely Mr. Gold since he became worse and worse as the show went on. I did like that he turned his back on the darkness in Season 6, though. 

      I changed my mind. My least favorite character is Neal.

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    • I must admit, my favourite character is the Blue Fairy, more so than her counterpart Mother Superior. People find her shady, but I just think that makes her so much more interesting and I don't like the fact that Fairy Godmothers have to be completely pure. I also love the fact that she and Rumple are archenemies and she is the FGM of Gideon, ironically. 

      My least favourite character has got to be a toss up between Princess Aurora and Maleficent's daughter Lily. Aurora is just so vanilla and I found her in Mulan's shadow during Season 2. Lily was pointless and what was the point of introducing her as Maleficent's daughter and then having her just disappear with the small comment of finding her father (which, might I add, we never did find out).

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    • Eskaver
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    • I hate Henry he is such a useless character ,- bomber one , why the hell would that stupid child give is heart to better pan ,- he thinks he is being a hero but he is just idiotic and insipid ,- number 2. Why the hell would he destroy magic ,- at this part I actually felt like ripping his throat out because he then blamed Emma and said it was her fault he got rid of magic

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    • I personally found Henry more dislikable after Season 3. He seems to not care about much besides being seen as heroic and honestly I dislike how he shifted his attitude towards Regina so easily. He seems to worship her now and act like she's never hurt him while Emma is a screw-up.

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    • Avatar Beta wrote:
      I personally found Henry more dislikable after Season 3. He seems to not care about much besides being seen as heroic and honestly I dislike how he shifted his attitude towards Regina so easily. He seems to worship her now and act like she's never hurt him while Emma is a screw-up.

      I wouldn't say that he worships Regina. They simply adjusted Henry back towards Regina (despite whatever Regina was going through). He holds Emma to a higher standard as it appears is the same with Emma with, say, her parents.

      Also, you're really just talking about early season 4, but that was the time Regina was having hardship. When Emma was running to the hills, Henry went to those hills. Not David, not Hook, not anyone, just Henry.

      I often see that general sweep of Henry, but it's not necessarily fully true without the nuances.

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    • My top 10

      1. Emma Swan (tied for "favourite fictional character out of anything ever")

      2. Killian Jones 

      3. Milah (in all her perfect imperfection)

      4. Elsa

      5. Belle French

      6. Jasmine

      7. Anna

      8. David Nolan

      9. Henry Swan

      10. Ella

      My bottom 5 (1 being the one I like the least):

      1. Regina and Rumple (its a tie, I can't choose who I hate more)

      2. Neal

      3. Cora

      4. Snow (which depresses me because she was the first character I loved on the show and in season 1 she was my favourite)

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    • Rumple has to be the stand out number one for me.  The complexities of his character and the way he is behind so much of what goes on throughout the series.  Plus, dancing on the knife edge between good (49 per cent) and bad (51 per cent).  What a superb character!

      Neal and Belle are my number twos.

      Then Regina comes in at number 3.

      My least favourite were probably the Frozen characters who, for me, lacked the depth of most of the other characters.  And I have never been a big fan of Zelena - especially after her redemption.  She didn't seem to add much to the plot after turning "good".

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    • Favourites:







      Sidney Glass

      Least favourites:

      Belle & Rumple 

      The Author



      Maleficent's daughter

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    • My favorites are Belle, Rumple, Zelena, and Anastasia (OUaTiW). I also love Regina, Snow, Alice (S7), and Gideon.

      Robin Hood, Lucy, and Maurice/Moe French are the only characters I hate or strongly dislike right now, I'm pretty sure.

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    • Only choosing stars and major players and yes, some are on both lists! Not in who I think is worst, just who I enjoy seeing on the show... Top Ten in no order: Emma Rumple Zelena David Lady Tremaine Regina  Snow (sometimes love her, sometimes hate her) Drizella Anastasia (Red Queen) Grumpy (season 1 and 2)

      Bottom Ten: Jacinda Gideon Will Scarlet Lily Hook  Merlin Isaac  Aladdin  Zelena Grumpy (post season 2)

      To be fair I both love and hate them all at one point or more. And my bottom ten does not indicate I hate anyone, just who I usually groan at when I see they are a major character in an episode.

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    • 1. Regina (Always has been and always will be my favorite)

      2. Cruella (Amazing in her limited role)

      3. Cora (One of my all-time favorite villains on the show that puts so many to shame.)

      4. Rumple (S1-3, 6 as he was so complex and well-acted even when the writing got so bad in S4 and S5)

      5. Will Scarlett (This is more based off of the spinoff because he was really fun over there and the actor did the best he could with his limited material on this show)

      6. Ruth (Was one of the best mothers and genuinely good people on the show)

      7. Ingrid (One of the most sympathetic villains in the series with a really tragic tale)

      8. Ariel (Just plain awesome)

      9. Henry Sr. (Always loved his daughter even after the things she did and at least tried to do right by her)

      10. Ivy (Similar to Regina but very well-acted.)

      Honorable mentions who were cut short on their potential: Merlin, Hyde, Neal, Robin, and Hades.

      Special Honorable Mention: Zelena who thanks to the actress' performance in the musical and her description of her as "unapologetically herself." I have grown to love this character so much more.

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    • Least favorites, Oh boy here we go:

      For guest characters: 1. Greg Mendell: Never liked that whiny loser. I know what he had gone through but the fact he was so blind to see he was gonna do the exact same thing to Henry, totally makes him a hypocrite and a real jerk.

      2. King Maurice: He was a terrible father and possibly one of the most reprehensible characters on the show because while Rumple was shady, he was too and was so selfish that he refused to wake his own daughter from her sleeping curse because it would make Gold happy. Then again, he might've had a different reaction if it was someone else but still... that's just cold.

      3. Dorothy: While she was tolerable in S3, Her S5 appearances made me want to ram my head against a wall. She was incredibly unlikable and a total play on the badass warrior trope with little depth and even with her little backstory mentioned, we've already seen it with Alice (Wonderland Series).

      4. Blue Fairy: She's just all around shady and even though she wasn't the Big Bad like everyone thought, she still screwed over people like Rumple and then was nowhere to be seen and then conveniently be around for Snow long after her mother died and Regina went dark.

      5. Milah: Even after her backstory in S5, I'm still not fond of her. She was volatile, disgusting at times, and cowardly to the same degree as Rumple. He wouldn't fight, but she never even bother to say goodbye to her son and while she did regret it, I still call bull on that because the big question was when would she ever return? Probably never.

      Main characters:

      1. Hook: While he is tolerable, I find him to be glorified man candy. As admirable as it seems that he goes from bad boy villain to knight in shining armor to Emma, it's so cliché. Not to mention, his backstories are dry as the desert and follow a formula where he meanders between getting revenge and possibly changing then ends with him making the most off-putting moves. (Taking Ursula's voice after he promised not to, pushing Blackbeard off the plank even for Ariel, and then killing his father only to leave his half-brother an orphan.)

      2. Cinderella/Jacinda: She brings the show down with her attitude and lacks the chemistry or the brilliance to make her someone people actually care about.

      3. Snowing: I particularly hated David in S2. He seemed extra pious even when he was on the right side, he came off as a huge jerk. However, he mellowed out in time for Snow to become far more annoying and seemingly careless for her daughter. I know Snow never got the chance to raise Emma, but she did a poor job trying to make her feel loved or wanted.

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    • My Favourite Characters:

      1. Zelena (Always and forever my favourite character)

      2. Killian Jones (I like his sassiness)

      3. Cruella (She was first off funny, second off she stayed true to her personality, and didn't have any like deeper intentions, honestly I just loved her.)

      4. Regina Mills (She's the queen what can I say)

      5. Drizella (Her complexity is great, and her myserious intentions were incredibly well written)

      My Least Favourite:

      1. Peter Pan (I generally like villains, but he just ticked me off a ton, he felt overused like he would never just die.)

      2. Rumplestitskin (With most characters, I like a good are they evil or not, but Rumple's was just ridiculously long and unconcluded, plus I got ticked off at the way he played Belle a bit.)

      3. Milah (I thought she had a cool personality and backstory, but her intentions of leaving Bae made me really not like her.)

      4. Jacinda (I like her as a mother, but her personality seems kind of empty, kind of a genaric strong female that you find a lot in once upon a time, but with her being a main character of season 7 I found it irritating how little we got to see her personality.)

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    • Favs: (no specific order)


      Emma (because c'mon)

      Regina (Still killin' it 7 years later, never lost her edge, wanted to see more of her mentoring Drizella though)

      Gold (Also killin' it 7 years later, at least in the Forest, but Hyperion-wise he seems noticeably subdued and quiet present-day - clearly he just wants out of this life now.)

      Hook (can't imagine Emma with anyone else at this point, although WR Hook I don't know how I feel about)

      Zelena (the sass on this one, glad to see her return for S7)

      Adult Henry (his best moments are when he is with Regina (a lot) or Drizella (wish there were more))


      Pan (terrifying but actually came off as funny to me)

      Ingrid (IMO the previous "most well-written and tragic villain/anti-villain" until Drizella)

      Mal (underutilized, I wanted to see way more of her past season 4)

      Cruella (absolutely hilarious, she also seems to have the most appearances out of the QoD)

      Merlin (interesting and believable way of portraying him)

      Hades (despite being a fav, he had wasted potential, there was so much more they could have done with him)

      Drizella (My God, I just love her. By far my favorite new character and easily the most well-written one, she also wins the "most tragic villain/anti-villain" award in my book. Absolute shame she is not staying the whole season, her interactions with Henry always make me cheer.)

      Least Favs: (no specific order)


      Snow (season 4 only, with the way she and Charming were going about hiding secrets and stealing eggs)

      Charming (season 4 only, same reasons)

      Young Henry (For most of season 4, he does nothing, then he becomes the author and I thought that was awesome. Season 5 he does nothing noteworthy with his powers. Season 6 redeemed him for me.)

      Belle (On and off. She came off as hypocritical sometimes, especially when showing up at the well as per Gold's request except to say that she needs a break and then not letting him see his son at all and refusing protection from the Queen and Hyde and blaming him for all of it [despite Gold also being very much in the wrong, he would never raise his son to be like him, and I hate the idea of her keeping Gideon from him forever].)

      Ella (I don't hate her, but I just don't care about her one bit, which is arguably worse than hating her, and I despised her being with Henry [but not the character herself], plus she is mostly 1-dimensional and whiny to a fault. The story skips over her years with Henry and their interactions are just........ noooooo. Her best moments are when she is not with him, instead with Lucy or Tiana [and even then they got into a really dumb argument which soured my opinion on her even more].)


      Greg (Why? Just... why did they try to make him such a major villain in all the worst ways and then just... Shadow snatch him and that's it?)

      Tamara (I can't even with this one)

      Milah (I still feel like her explanation for why she left doesn't justify it, especially since she left her son and husband to suffer because she hated her husband's cowardice, and then when she could finally redeem herself she loses the chance when Gold tosses her in the river.)

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    • Favorites

      1. Regina Mills/The Evil Queen: I love her, she's literally a queen. Love her sass, her love for Henry, her outfits, and her Evil Queen persona. (even though I love her redemption arc!) I liked her most in S1 and S2, but S3 was great as well. S4-S7 Regina is still awesome, but her character just seemed a lot better before. (but so was everyone else's, the show started to go downhill starting S4)

      2. The Black Fairy/Fiona: She has such a wonderful and interesting backstory and character, I wish there were more scenes with her. 

      3. Cora: I love her relationship with Regina and how she tried to redeem herself in the end, not to mention her role in The Adventure of Cora Mills. (I know it's not canon, but still)

      Honorable Mentions (in no particular order): Zelena, Belle, Young Henry, Ingrid, Drizella, New Alice, Red Queen

      Least Favorites:

      1. Robin Hood: It just seemed like he was just there as Regina's happy ending, which I really disliked. It looks like the writers just put him in the story for a ship, and personally, I don't think Regina deserves such a one-sided character.

      2. Killian Jones/Hook: Although he was one-sided like Robin, he still had a few funny lines and he is at most tolerable. I don't like his relationship with Emma though, the romance they have is just so cliche and the character is used mainly for looks. 

      3. Greg Mendel: He's just annoying and downright evil, and his backstory doesn't evoke any sympathy in me. The way he was willing to torture Henry without any sort of remorse bugged me, and unlike Regina, he wasn't interesting in any way.

      I don't really dislike many characters anymore, Snow and Charming were a bit annoying in certain episodes but they have many more good episodes. Jacinda and Tamara are okay characters to me, Jacinda just seems awfully bland, but her scenes with Lucy are cute. Tamara I actually liked and had the potential for a great backstory.

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    • Favourites:

      1. Rumple - He's evil but I like what Robert Carlyle does with the character. Also I kinda feel sorry for the guy, he has a pretty tragic backstory, being abbandoned by his father, being a victim of spousal abuse from Milah. 

      2. Emma - Perfect main character in my opinion.

      3. Nealfire - I don't buy into the whole "neal statutory raped Emma" thing going around, because the dates of when Neal and Emma had sex are not given. Therefore his age at the time is unknown. 

      4. Belle

      5. Charming

      6. Snow

      7. Peter Pan 

      8. Graham (still mad at Regina for all she did to him >:( )

      Least Favourite: 1. Regina, Zelena and Hook.

      I hate them all equally for the same reason: rape. All three are rapists. Regina through using the heart of Graham, Zelena for disguising herself as Marian and Hook for getting women drunk so he could have sex with them (the scene where Emma flirts with past Hook is where he says he does this).

      2. Mother Gothel - judging by my reasons above for the other three you can tell why I dont like her. Though I dislike her slightly less because she is at least not portrayed as a character on the side of good. She's a villain so I suppose I should expect villainious acts from her. Plus she is a well written character, I just dont like her. 

      3. Milah - Exceptionally well written character I will admit, but I hate the way that when Rumple returns home from the ogre wars and proves to her that he would have died if he stayed she tells him he should have stayed and died. Also Rumple asks her in the season 2 episode the crocodile, "you don't really wish I'd died during the ogre wars do you?" meaning that not only has she told him he should have stayed and died in the ogre wars, she also told him that she wished he had died in the ogre wars. Disgusting attitude. It really annoys me that there are some people in the fandom that think Rumple abused Milah rather then the other way around. Some of them even use the deal he made with Fendrake the healer as "evidence" he abused her, the very deal he had to make or his and Milah's son would have died. 

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    • Favourites (in no particular order):

      - Belle

      - Rumplestiltskin

      - Regina

      - Zelena

      - Ruby

      - Baelfire / Neal

      - Cruella De Vil

      - Cora

      - Aurora

      - Ingrid

      - Ariel

      - Henry Sr. (I think he's nice LOL)

      - Drizella

      - Emma Swan

      - Cinderella / Ashley

      - Wendy Darling

      - Alice (both of them)

      - Red Queen

      And many more!!

      Least favourites:

      - Cinderella / Jacinda

      - Dorothy Gale (S5)

      - Lucy

      - Hook (after S4, I loved him in S2-3)

      - Greg

      - Maurice

      - Will Scarlet (OUAT only)

      - Jasmine

      - Frozen / Brave / Princess and the Frog / any other Disney injerts' respective crews

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    • I admit, I also have a little sot spot for Henry Snr.

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    • Gonna change my top 10 slightly because season 7:

      1. Emma Swan 

      2. Killian Jones

      3. Belle French

      4. Milah

      5. Drizella Tremaine

      6. David Nolan

      7. Robin Mills

      8.  Anna

      9. Henry Swan

      10. Elsa

      gosh, narrowing down to just 10 was hard. So many others could have also been on that list; Ella 1.0, Jasmine, Mulan, Ruby, Merlin

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    • Favourites











      There is any one character I hate with a passion I have to fast forward the scenes they're in


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    • my Favourite: Regina, Rumple, Mad Hatter, Peter Pan, Emma, Graham/Ruby, Henry, Hook, Snow and Charming

      there's not a characters i really hate, "hate" is a bad word but there are some characters that i found very useless like Tamara, Greg or Hyde and Whale but just because their stories are too difference for  a show about fairytales and fantasy stories but are Merlin and Arthur the worst adaptation of classic characters, maybe the author because i always imagined the fairytales world how an alternative world how in Harry Potter are alternatives the muggles world from magic world and i don't liked the author idea but it's just my opinion. 

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    • Neal is really the only character I actually really really hate.  I've had a love/hate relationship over the years with Rumple and Regina.

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    • The Characters who I hate with Passion are: Zelena, Ulsa, Loius, Ingrid, The Duke of Weaston, Hans and his brothers Roni, Lucy and Lady Rapnuzuel from Season 7.

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    • On a more positive note loved Young Snow White ( Baille Maddison) and Hercules. It explain how Snow White knew about Muddasa.

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    • Favourite Characters in Season 5: 1. YOUNG Emma 2. Merlin and Nimbue 3. Aurthor and Genviene Favourite Characters in Season 6: 1. Doctor Hyde Favourite Characters in Season 7: 1. Robin Hood Female Or Margot- A young Hermonie Ganger 2. Alice as Tilly - Alice in Wonderland, Tangled, The Big Friendly Gaint, 3. Ivy To Roni ( Regina): I'm sorry did you want me to villian monology you, To lady Rapnuzuel Tremaine: Orange is the New Black after all.

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    • Anastasia, also known as Ana stop ripping of 11 from Stranger things. Drizzella or Ivy for the Win!

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    • Orginal characters from Once upond A Time: 1. Daniel - Regina Boyfriend 2. Peter - Ruby Boyfriend 3. James - David Brother 4. Robin Hood - Before Dating Regina 5. Walsh - The Wizzard of OZ 6. Dreamy ( Grumpy) And Nova / Leroy and Astrid 7. Tinkerbelle ( A tinker in love rather that Metal) 8. The Blue Fairy 9. Peter Pan ( based on Little White Bird and Peter and Wendy) 10. Wendy Darling 11. Mulan ( Alluded To Tiger Lilly) 12.Hansel and Gretel ( Ava and Nicholous) 13. Rapnuzel from Season 3 the Tower. Sure I don't know if I like her or not as she in one esposide which was pure filler but I am intridged.

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    • Oh and The Black Fairy. Her and Peter Pan ( Malcome) what a match? A black Fairy is a banshee ( which she was) However honeat I thought the Black Fairy should of been Peter Pan mum and Rumplestiklin Grandma rather than Rumplestiklin mum.

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    • (MOD) Discussing changes you would make and random thoughts about characters is off topic, so is criticizing S4, please limit your posts to explaining why you like or don’t certain characters and try not to make twenty different posts, limit it to one where you put everything on and if you think of anything edit your main one.

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    • Oh and Jimmy Cricket ( Archie Hopper) and his parents Martin and Myrna ( The fox and thd cst from Pinnocho.)

      And Sir Laneclot.

      Every one from the consillor ( poliot)

      1. Prince Charming 2. Snow White 3. ( Emma) 4. Granny 5. Ruby 6 - 11 Dwarves 12. Sir Lancelot 13. Gepperto 14. Pinnocho 15. The Blue Fairy


      Henry: What are you doing here? Stranger: Fixing my bike. Henry: No, I mean in Storybrooke. Stranger: Just visiting. Henry: (Looking at a large case on the back of the motorcycle) What's that? Stranger: A box. Henry: What's inside it? Stranger: Just something I need to do what I came here for. (Regina exits the house and pauses upon noticing Henry talking to the Stranger, who gets on his motorcycle) Henry: I thought you were just visiting. Stranger: Doesn't mean I don't have something to do. (Thunder rumbles and the Stranger starts his motorcycle) Regina: Henry? Stranger: You better get to school. (Regina starts down the path to the sidewalk) Looks like a storm's coming. (Drives off) Regina: Henry, who was that? (Henry shrugs)

      her hat and walks towards him. Emma: We need to talk. Stranger: Why? Emma: Because (sees a large wooden case on the floor next to him) you're suspicious. Stranger: Sitting here? Out in the open? Drinking coffee? (Emma narrows her eyes) I wonder what kind of hell I would have raised had I ordered a doughnut. Emma: You were talking to Henry. Stranger: You mean the little kid who came up to me asking me questions? Is that unsusal for him, being curious and precocious? Emma: What were you doing outside his house? Stranger: My bike broke down. It happens. Emma: Your mysterious box. What's in it? Stranger: It's awfully frustrating, not knowing, isn't it? Emma: Just tell me. Stranger: Why? Is it illegal to carry around a box in these parts? Emma: No, of course it's not. Stranger: You really want to know what's inside it, don't you? Emma: No. (cocks her head) Well, maybe. (sits down in the booth opposite the Stranger) Stranger: I'm gonna make you wait. You're gonna have to wait a long time, and watch me carry it around, hauling it, to strange and mysterious places. And with each passing moment the mystery will become more tantalizing. Your imagination will inflame, but so will your frustration, never knowing, only guessing, "What could possibly be inside that box?". Or- (leans in) You could let me buy you a drink sometime and I'll tell you right now. Emma: You want to buy me a drink? Stranger: (smiling) Yes. Emma: (staring intently) Ok, a drink it is. (The Stranger picks up his box and sets it on the table in front of Emma. He pauses for effect, then opens it to reveal a typewriter.) Really? Stranger: I'm a writer. Emma: That's why you're here. Stranger: I find this place provides inspiration. Don't you? (lightning flashes outside as he closes the box) Emma: Wait. Have you been here before? Stranger: I didn't say that. (leaves a tip on the table and gets up with his box in hand) Emma: What about that drink? Stranger: I said "sometime". (Emma raises her eyebrows as he leaves)

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    • Detetled

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    • Detetled

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    • Schroeswald wrote: (MOD) Discussing changes you would make and random thoughts about characters is off topic, so is criticizing S4, please limit your posts to explaining why you like or don’t certain characters and try not to make twenty different posts, limit it to one where you put everything on and if you think of anything edit your main one.

      Very wrll I did wtote uf omr post bug it broke. And Yes I wad just ranking Every character from ebery sradon I have leave this wiki page ( I wrotw to benefir myself Alone) and I wouldn't write anymore comments plus People are open to arguw with me, I am not try to pushy or Bossy.

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    • Okay so here's my favourites

      (In no particular order)

      1. Emma Swan 

      2. Regina the Evil Queen

      3. Zelena the Wicked Witch

      4. Rumplestiltskin 

      5. Captain Hook

      6. Henry Mills Young 

      7. Cora the Queen of Hearts

      8. Blue Fairy

      9. 1st Blind Witch (Not the Miss Ginger one)

      10. August Booth

      11. Grumpy/Dreamy

      12. Red Riding Hood

      13. Both Lady Tremaines

      14. Both Fairy Godmothers

      15. Hades

      16. Snow White

      17. Maleficent

      18. Cruella

      19. Goddess Ursula

      20. Prince Charming

      21. Prince James

      22. Ashley Boyd/Cinderella

      23. Drizella

      24. Alice/Tilly

      25. Black Fairy

      26. Mr Hyde

      27. Apprentice

      28. Madame Leota

      29. King Midas 

      30. Margot

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    • My favorites are Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, Zelena, Regina, and Belle. My least favorite characters were David and Mary Margaret, due to them being at least somewhat hypocritical, especially after they kidnapped Maleficent's child. I know that they were being manipulated and all, but they didn't know that at the time and still really hated Regina.

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    • Favourite:

      • Belle (underrated)
      • Lily (so much potential)
      • Neal (😢 R.I.P.)
      • Rapunzel/Lady T (one of the best backstory episodes in my opinion)
      • OG Blind Witch
      • S7 Cinderella
      • Drizella

      Least Favourite:

      • Tamara (backstory would've been nice)
      • Duke of Weselton (along with most 4A cast, felt very cartoony)
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    • Agreed on Lady T, Lola. Her backstory episode was my favourite from s7 and I wish her story was expanded more.

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      1) Favorite character of all time is hands-down Rumplestiltskin. The show handled him the best of all the villains, making him into a complex and interesting guy who drives the whole plot. Robert Carlyle's acting for both "beast"-Rumple and Mr. Gold also just works.

      2) Tie between the Wicked Witch and the Evil Queen 2a) I love Zelena's arc of trying to prove herself while overcoming abandonment issues -- something that seems very toned-down for other orphans like Henry, Gideon, and even Emma. In S3 in particular, when Zelean's at her most desperate & power-hungry, Mader's acting is (probably deliberately) slightly over the edge, making you question the character's mental stability. 2b) On the other hand...Regina's sass and Lana Parilla's acting is amazing. And their sisterly bond onscreen (after they stop trying to kill each other) is perfection.

      3) Belle. My favorite Disney princess, and originally my favorite character in Once, too. Considering she was pretty far-removed from the main action (Snow and Charming) in the Enchanted Forest, she made quite a few friends who helped her out later (Ariel, Robin Hood, and Grumpy/Dreamy, to name a few). I also love her reluctant alliances with Zelena and Regina -- and her friendship with Hook, which totally paid off when he saved her life in S6.

      But her relationship with Rumple is too wishy-washy and detracts from the character. I'm not saying she should be a doormat when Rumple screws up (it's her anti-doormatness that makes her a good match for Rumple), but she should've stood by him and helped him work through stuff, instead of just walking out on him. (FYI: I'm still a Rumbelle shipper).

      4) Cora. Love that woman. While I do think the leap from "kill the king" to "tear out my own heart so it doesn't interfere with my power-hungriness" was a bit forced, I just love the ambition she shows, and ultimately realizing as she dies that, "Wow, I really didn't have to do all that to find happiness." It's bittersweet. (Disclaimer: Haven't watched OUAT in Wonderland).


      1) King Arthur. I loved the King Arthur legends as a kid and was excited to see what they'd do in Camelot during the Dark Swan arc. But there was so much potential, and instead they made the guy a villain who worked with the fricking Wicked Witch of the West. I think they were trying to do the inverse of what they did with the villains -- villainizing a hero instead of humanizing a villain -- but...nope.

      2) Henry. *sobs* I know he was vital to the first two seasons even happening but...but...aaahh.

      3) Maleficent. Howhowhow do you manage to ruin the character of arguably the most interesting villain in Disney history? She's so...not evil.

      4) Prince Charming. Except for the scenes that establish his relationship with Snow White (mainly in S1), I really can't with this guy.

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      REGINA - Obviously. She's undoubtedly one of the best TV characters ever made, the writers never messed up with her character, she's had the best evolution in the whole show. And they couldn't have chosen a better actress to portray her. 

      EMMA - She used to be my favourite but something happened with the last seasons and Morrison's acting seemed off and this heavily affected her character to me. She's still one of the best tho. 

      NEAL - Great character, I love his story and his ending gets me everytime. 

      ROBIN HOOD - I've always loved him and I've always hoped the writers could have brought him back. 

      ZELENA - Season 7 was necessary for her, she faced her demons of the past and redeemed completely. Beautifully written and amazingly portrayed by Mader. 

      CORA - One of the best villains the show had, I loved her evolution and Barbara was SO good playing her. 

      GOTHEL - Amazing backstory, I loved the actress. 


      MERLIN - I guess it was the actor's fault, I never liked the character. And the writing did not help. 

      URSULA - Wrong actress, bad evolution. One of the worst villains the show offered. 

      BLUE FAIRY - We never actually knew much of her backstory and she often seemed like she was hiding something. Why?

      Also I don't like Hook's brother, Dorothy, S3 Rapunzel. 

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    • My favourite character by far is Hook

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    • uulG

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    • Favourites: Emma she had her bad moments but I thought she really embodied the two sides for every main character/savior and because I think she was also a very good role model in the sense of how it;s alright to have contrasting qualities and she was always shown as a strong character but being vulnerable is alright, Regina, she really had a great character development and proved that everyone has their limits, Hook he also had a very good development and although sometimes he was a bit of an arse to Emma especially in season 6 but he was also really loving and he and Emma really complimented each other and Rumplestiltskin rumple just embodied a classic villian, especially with the constant good to evil transitions.

      Least Favourites: The Charmings they just really annoyed me throughout the entire show especially after what they did to Maleficent they were constantly putting others in danger because of their desicions, Henry he was quite a bit of a pointless character between pilot and when he  became the author Henry was literally just a messenger between everyone and Belle annoyed me so much especially with her constant indesicivness about her and rumple's relationship and she was quite pointless other than her linguistic skills.

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    • Emma Swan is the best

        Preparing Editor Spell

      Emma: She's an amazing contrast to the stereotypical fairy-tale princess and I love all her character development, backstory, and damage.

      Regina: Also loved her character development and damage and I loved the relationship she had with Henry (NOTE: I said loved. Not love, loved).

      Lily: Amazing character. I really wish they did more with her.

      Ruby. Loved her relationship with Snow.

      Hook: His scenes were great and even better with Emma.

      Jefferson: Amazing character. Lots of drama, a great antagonist when he needs to be one and also a really good protagonist when it's required.

      Zelena: I love to hate her, and I love to love her. Standing ovation just for her. My one dislike about her is that we don't see much of her with green skin or flying monkeys, but she's still awesome.

      Fiona: My favorite villain of all time. Perfectly evil, with a tragic backstory, and kinda scary, espiacally in the mines and as the mayor of Storybrooke.

      Alice: Great character, great personality, great goals, great relationship with Cyrus, great everything.

      White Rabbit: My favorite incarnation of the clock-watching Wonderland rabbit.

      Jafar: My second favorite OUaT villain, after Fiona.

      Jabberwocky: Ominous and menacing. Great villain.

      LEAST FAVORITES: Snow and Charming: They're so one-dimensional, plus, Charming's a jerk and Snow's just annoying. Plus, after S4b I could never watch a scene with them in it without thinking of what they did to Lily and Maleficent.

      Henry: This is kinda sad, because I named my Username after him. But from S3b to S5b, he was either not there at all or he was annoying. In S6, he was okay, great in e21 and e22, but that's just that little bit up against all the other annoying things.

      Rumplestiltskin: He could be a hero. He could be a mostly neutral character like Zelena. He could go back and forth. But nooo, he CHOOSES TO BE EVIL!!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! EVEN AFTER MARRYING THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE!!!! Jerk.

      Every single new character in S7, ESPECIALLY Cinderella: That season... sorry if you liked it, but I thought it was a repeat of S1 sprinkled with the Wish Realm, Cinderella, and Gothel. I did like Robin and the characters from The Princess and the Frog, but everyone else... they just ruined OUaT for me. And Henry has so much chemistry with Violet, so why'd they have to throw it all away and replace it with dumb Ella?

      Robin Senior: Absolutely no point to the character besides Regina's love monkey, and he barely had an appearance except when making out with Regina. Do they ever do something like talk to each other?

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    • Favourites: 

      1. Regina

      2. Emma

      3. Rumple

      4. Snow

      5. Henry

      6. Hook

      7. August

      8. Zelena

      9. Maleficent

      10. Blue Fairy

      Least Favourites:

      1. Elsa

      2. Anna

      3. Kristoff

      4. King Arthur

      5. Guinevere 

      6. Merida

      7. Ursula (Witch)

      8. Aurora

      9. Dr. Jekyll

      10. Isaac Heller

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    • I'm currently rewatching the show (I'm on season 5) and I had forgotten how much I love some of the characters: 1. Belle. She is so criminally underrated it pains me. Yes, she is sometimes written poorly. Yes, her character arc is recycled quite a lot. And yes, her relationship with Rumple is so back and forth you get whiplash (don't get me wrong though, they're still my favourite relationship on the show by leaps and bounds). But in the end, I find her so endearing and charming (more so than Charming himself, which is a testiment to how much I disklike him). Her intelligence is too often downplayed, and although I do think they could have given her a more useful role in a lot of the arcs, I never seem to get bored when she is on screen. She's just the sweetest, but without being as annoying as the Charmings. Plus, I love Emilie De Ravin with muy heart and soul.

      2. Regina. I mean, how could you not root for her. She is interesting, and powerful, and dark, yet good, and so very hot. And she cares about her son more than anything else in the world. I love Lana, and I love Regina. Although the 'will they won't they' with her being a villan/hero is tedious, Parrilla plays it so well that I can't hate it. She makes me feels all the emotions. Her and Emilie are the only two that can have me in tears just by looking sad, and I have no idea why. In the end, you can see why Regina/Lana is the fan favourite. She is the Katie McGrath/Lena Luthor of OUAT (whom I also adore with my entire being and could punch me and I'd thank her).

      3. Rumple. Robert Carlyle is a mastermind, I've decided. He is fantastic, and is capable of making me forgive Rumple no matter what he does (although, when he hurts Belle I'm very capable of holding a grudge). His character, much like Regina, is so interesting, and that comes from their moral ambiguity. Yes, he may be the Dark One, but watching him go to the ends of the earth for Belle is so wholesome. He genuinely loves her, and watching that in one scene and then watching him toy around with dark magic in the next is intriguing to say the least. And to say the most, it's one of the best parts of the show.

      4. Emma. Whether she is the worst or actually a great character seems to be a popular topic of discussion within the fandom. I, for one, will always root for Emma. She's great, and her story throughout the seasons has been great to watch. I love her heart, and her resolve, and her love for her family and friends. Her relationships with the characters is likely one of the best things in the show; with the Charmings and her story as an orphan; with Henry and her evolution as a mother; with Hook and their growth; with Regina and their development from rivals to co-parents to one of the most important people in each other's lives (Yes, I ship both CaptainSwan and SwanQueen, one thing this show got right was the cast and their chemistry). She has her moments, but in the end I find her to be a vital part of the show: as much as I love the others, I don't think I would have enjoyed the show as much as I did if it weren't for JMo. Plus, she seems so sweet in real life, and I'm obsessed with her hair.

      5. Zelena. A queen. How can you not love her. She is the funniest on the show. Rebecca Mader is who I wish I was. That's it. She's amazing. Fantastic. Needed a spin-off.

      6. Hook. He is so loveable.

      7. Ruby.

      8. Blue. I have no idea why, but I love her so much. I think it's derived from mylove for Teegan Connor Tracy. She is incredible.

      9. Tinkerbelle. She was a great character.

      Least Favourites (please don't attack me this is an OPINION)

      1. Neal. He just annoyed me with everything he did. Genuinely.

      2. The Charmings. Both of them, annoying. It was cheesy to say the least. I know they opitimised hope and optimism on purpose, but sometimes my pessimistic brain just could it handle it. I see where Regina came from, with the whole vendetta thing. They're boring. I love Gin and Josh though, they're so sweet

      3. Henry. He was the most annoying child on a television show EVER for me. I promise, everytime he came on screen I visibly mellowed out. The amount of story time wasted on him was unreal. Also, the amount of times Regina was so entirely crushed by him was not acceptable. He was un grateful. Yes, she did awful things. but there were times when she deserved to be heard to. I just really cannot stand him.

      4. Peter Pan. Interesting character, but the arc was somewhat tiresome. I'm much more interested in Regina's arc that season with Zelena, and Belle's with Rumple.

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    • Favourites, Top 10: 1. Zelena (OMG she slay)

      2. Belle (Very interesting story and fits the original movie personality)

      3. Tilly/Alice (Most underrated character, mostly because most people dont like season 7)

      4. Ingrid (I loved that they added another one with ice powers but 'evil')

      5. Regina (I loved her sass in season 3 and a very interesting character trough out the series)

      6. Emma Swan (Not a typical man hero which I like)

      7. Anna (Idk why I liked her so much lol)

      8. Rumplestiltskin (Very interesting, nothing more to say)

      9. Tinker Bell (Tinkerbell best fairy :))

      10. Drizella (I ship with Henry)

      Least Favourites, worst to bad:

      1. Felix (So stubborn and had no reason to stay loyal to Peter Pan, his heart crushed was the best thing)

      2. Mr. Hyde (Evil to everyone without reason)

      3. Older Dorothy (Awfully 'good')

      4. August Booth/ Pinocchio (Uninteresting character and I was angry that he took a place in the wardrobe and didn't do what he should've been doing)

      5. Isaac (He had weird motives)

      6. Greg (Taser my queen Regina again!)

      7.Guinevere (I liked her first but then she was dumb enough to let herself be cursed and we never saw her again after King Arthur was defeated)

      8.Jack/Hansel (What you got against witches >:()

      9. King Arthur (He did everything because he wanted to be the best king ever when he already had half the sword. He didn't have to show the whole sword to be a good king)

      10.Henry Mills (First season I kinda liked him, but I thought it was odd how he hated Regina even when she raised him for 10 years. After the first reason he was nothing more than object to use against Regina or Emma or Neal. He was also stupid enough to give his own heart away to Pan. Last of all, in season 7 he was just a weirdo who should've believed the story from the beginning) (Based on personality, not how they good/bad they were written)

        Preparing Editor Spell
    • I looooove Hook. I think that Colin O’donoghue portrayed him very well. He has some of the best lines and I’ve always found him super funny. Regina and Rumple are also a part of my top 3. They’re tied for 2nd/3rd. I loved watching the Evil Queen evolve into the Good Queen and I think Lana did a great job of playing both parts, especially in season 6 when she had to do both in the same scenes. Robert Carlyle did so well with Rumple’s personality and voice. It was great to see him evolve as well. I think it was really cool of the writers to make him the center of almost every story. My least favorites have to be Hades because he’s the one that took away Robin from Regina and Mary Margaret (just in Storybrooke) because she’s just so annoying. I would also have to say King Arthur because I think that the whole season 5A storyline of what happened in Camelot got dragged on for way too long. I’m sorry to season 7 but I really didn’t like all the new characters. The writers did some amazing writing for the first 6 seasons, but it was pretty much impossible to write in Storybrooke when Jennifer Morrison left the show. They should have ended it at season 6 at the scene where the last page of the book is revealed and they live happily ever after.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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