• Which villain do you think suit each of the seven deadly sins?

    My list:

    -Wrath - Regina

    -Gluttony - Rumpelstiltskin (for power)

    -Greed - Peter Pan

    -Envy - Zelena (obviously)

    -Sloth - Maleficent? i think?

    -Lust - Hook

    -Pride - Cora

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    • I like most of these, but for Sloth, I would have to put Arthur over Maleficent.

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    • Mine would be:

      • Envy - Zelena
      • Sloth - Isaac
      • Greed - Peter Pan
      • Wrath - Cora
      • Lust - The Snow Queen (not in a romantic sense)
      • Pride - Arthur
      • Gluttony - Rumpelstiltskin
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    • I think the blind witch is sloth because she lets her food come to her

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    • I agree with a lot of these, my list would be:

      Wrath - Regina

      Gluttony - Rumplestiltskin

      Greed - Hook (While he was a pirate, his trademark villain thing was selfishness)

      Envy - Zelena. Why would it not be Zelena? It's Zelena.

      Sloth - Arthur since even though he wasn't lazy per se he did abandon everything over a dagger and become a horrible king.

      Lust - Cruella maybe? Cruella always wanted more stuff. The first time we saw her in the LWM was when the police were confiscating her stuff and Gold asked her where she was going with these paltry material possessions, to which she responded, "To get myself some less paltry possessions!" Plus Cruella fits somewhat in the romantic sense here. Think her in the Underworld with James.

      Pride - Cora

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    • I agree with pretty much everyone else’s:

      Wrath- Regina: And who can stay mad at her?

      Gluttony- Rumple

      Greed- Malcolm/Pan: He literally gave up his only son for his own youth, how more greedy can you get?

      Envy: Zelena. Duh.

      Sloth- Isaac, he broke all the rules for his own pleasure, so basically he broke the rules so that he could slack off.

      Lust- Cruella for sure, when she was in the Underworld, that was... awkward...

      Pride: Cora. Hands down.

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    • Wrath - Regina

      Envy - Zelena

      Sloth - Blind Witch/Issac

      Lust- Hook

      Gluttony - Rumplestiltskin

      Greed - Malcolm/Peter Pan

      Pride - Cora

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    • Wrath - Regina Envy - Regina Sloth - Peter Pan. Think about it Lust - Hook/Cruella Gluttony - Blind Witch Greed - Rumple Pride - Cora

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    • Wicked Wizard of the West, why would you choos Regina for envy? No judgement at all, just keen to hear the reasoning.

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    • It's Regina for Wrath. I type on the phone, so all my linebreak disappeared, it's Wrath for Regina and Envy for Zelena, etc

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    • Wrath - Zelena

      Gluttony - Hook

      Greed - Cora

      Envy - Regina

      Sloth - Peter Pan

      Lust - Milah

      Pride - Rumple

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    • Wrath - Rumple

      Gluttony - Hook

      Greed - Cora

      Envy - Zelena

      Sloth - Arthur

      Lust - Cruella

      Pride - Regina

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    • I might be tempted to say Hook is pride. He has shown that his pride and reputation were important to him (3x17 and 7x13 flashbacks-omg look it's teh same numbers but rearranged!)

      Wrath- Gothel, Hansel and Regina



      Envy-Zelena, and maybe Drizella?

      Sloth- Arthur

      Lust- Cruella

      Pride- Hook

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    • I would put Ingrid as a sloth because of her patience and how slow her plans are.

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    • Nick Branson wrote:
      I would put Ingrid as a sloth because of her patience and how slow her plans are.

      A willingness to wait is not the same as being lazy

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    • Wrath - Regina

      Gluttony - Blind Witch (Emma Caulfield's)

      Greed - Peter Pan and Cora

      Envy - Zelena definitely. Followed by a mile by both L. Tremaine (Rapunzel for Cecelia and the original lady for Ashley)

      Sloth - I'm not sure here. Arthur maybe?

      Lust - Cruella

      Pride - Rumple, Cora

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    • I can't tell which goes to who, but can guess and imagine. Of course some of the villains relate to more than one sin too.

      Wrath - Regina, Ursula, Mother Gothel, and King George

      Gluttony - Rumpelstiltskin, Jafar, Nimue, Dr. Facilier, and Blind Witch (Emma Caulfield)

      Greed - Cora, Hades, Malcolm, Prince Hans, Lady Tremaine (s6), and Black Fairy

      Envy - Zelena and Snow Queen

      Sloth - Isaac Heller

      Lust - Hook, Milah, Prince James, Cruella de Vil and Jacqueline

      Pride - Maleficent, Duke of Westleton, Gaston, and Mr. Hyde

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    • Obviously for the sins, many characters can fall into multiple, but I tried to choose the most major characters that clearly exhibit one of the sins as their main thing. So here they are, with reasoning:

      Lust - Hook - Lust is all about desire for pleasure, and Hook looked for pleasure in almost everything he did, from seeking revenge on Rumple (the pleasure of killing Rumple), to his romantic interests (the pleasure of the love of Milah and later Emma).

      Gluttony - Cruella - Gluttony is all about consumption, and no one consumes more than Cruella. From fancy food and drink (the gin!), to jazz music, to the pelts of animals, Cruella consumed it all with ruthless abandon. She even consumed (ie killed) her mother's husbands.

      Greed - Rumple - Greed is all about hoarding wealth, power, etc., and Rumple was great at that. His many deals always got him exactly who or what he wanted, although looking at his castle filled with things, it seems many things weren't even gotten for any other purpose, other than so Rumple could have it, and someone else couldn't, which is about as greedy as you can get.

      Sloth - Maleficent - Sloth is all about not doing things, and Mal basically gave up on living after Briar Rose bested her, being in a drugged out state, until Regina came along and convinced her to take action against Aurora, many years later. Once that was accomplished Mal was content with once again staying in her castle, as she didn't even want to fight Regina for the Dark Curse ("Must we?"). Plus, Mal's great evil plan to best her enemies is to put them in a coma like sleep. Even her evilness is lazy!

      Wrath - Regina - Wrath is all about getting way too angry, and boy, does Regina ever get angry. One wrong move and she'll snap your neck or order a whole villiage destroyed. Her go to spell is a fireball, for goodness sake! And let's not forget that Regina spent years trying to get back at Snow for spilling a secret, when Snow was like 10 at the time in question. If that isn't misplaced anger, I don't know what is.

      Envy - Zelena - Envy is all about being jealous of others. Zelena is certainly jealous of her sister, Regina, who she things got everything that Zelena herself deserves. Not a one trick pony, however, Zelena often gets jealous of others. Glinda had inducted Zelena into the witches coven, and yet Zelena was still jealous when Dorothy showed up. This is probably the most obvious of all the sins, as Rumple confirms Zelena literally turned green with envy.

      Pride - Cora - Pride is all about feeling you are above others, either in brains, looks, or both. Cora certainly feels she is both smarter and prettier than even a princess, despite being the daughter of a miller. She almost gets one prince to marry her, but when that plan falls through, Cora finds another man who will fit the bill. Cora will make people kneel to her one way or the other. Even an unplanned trip to a strange world is no problem to Cora, she simply becomes Queen there. Cora hates when people see her as just a miller's daughter, because she is "so much more".

      Let me know what you think!

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    • I pretty much agree with the above post.  The sins embody those characters.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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