• Hey everybody, so in tonight's episodw when Merlin said that the woman standing there was ot the woman he loved sort of the same way Hook is about Emma and Belle with Rumple, so it got me thinking. Since Christmas is next month I had an idea for a fanfiction. In Alice's England there is a young man who has worked and slaved and been absued his whole life long. Then he comes upon a dagger and reads the name written on it. It summons a mysterious homeless man (not Rumple or Zoso) and he reveals he is from another land and someone there casted a spell that sent him away to this land and the dagger was seperated from him. The strange man starts threatening the young man for the dagger, frightened the young man kills the strange man with the dagger and his own name appears on it "EBENEZER SCROOOGE." Scrooge however would be slightly different from other Dark Ones, he would be mroe of a Victorian Dark One. He would use his powers to become rich and succesful and build an empire. That's all I have so far. I don't know about it though. I was also thinking he did something that somehow resulted in the death of Jacob Marley so he begins haunting him. I'm not sure what to do about the ghosts though. Maybe Marley could be trying to get him to give up the power of the Dark One so he acts as all three of the ghosts and takes him on a spirtual journey through the past, present, and future or he could somehow go to the Enchanted Forest and meet with Merlin in the tree who shows him vision of the past, present, and future or in his quest to rid himself of the darkness he meets with an ambious figure known as the Spirit of Christmas who is everything Christmas, past, present, future, and everything in between. Thoughts? 

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