• May I ask you why my thread was moved to the Spoiler section ?

    I'm not complaining though. I'm just kinda curious :)

    I thought we usually posted theories in the General Discussion section !

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    • Though, I am not Hm, I can say that discussing casting call news (such as Rumple's mother) is a spoiler technically.

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    • And that is the exact reason I moved it.  Discussing Merlin (and to a lesser extent Arthur and Guinevere) border on Spoiler.  Merlin we are anticipating because of the FInale, and the other 2 are, while not a given, a logical leap, particularly since we have had Lancelot. Now, when they ever announce who is actually cast for these roles, that information will probably be limited to the spoilers board for a little while.

      Rumples Mom, on the other hand, is not something that anybody would expect, and for those that want to try to avoid spoilage, we try to limit that exposure by putting the threads in the Spoilers section.  In this case, just the fact that they are casting the role might be considered major spoilage.

      And there are just as many theories espoused on the Spoilers section, It's just the theories are based on such things as casting calls, episode titles, BTS pics, etc.  Things that are very much spoilery (if that is even a word).

      But keep up the good posts.  It is a very good discussion topic, and you've had some really good comments so far.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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