• My favorite characters from OUAT are definiltey Dr. Whale/Frankenstein and Red/Ruby. The last time we saw Whale was "Kansas", and the last time we saw Ruby was in the next episode, "Snow Drifts". Whale has been mentioned a few time this season, so he's still around somewhere but there hasn't been anything heard or said about Ruby. 

    Do you guys think theres any possibility that we'll see either of them again? I really hope so. I miss the days when the show was more of an ensemble show...ever since they went to Neverland I feel like the show dropped that quality and started focusing waaaay to much on guest characters. Whale and Ruby have been around since the beginning and they aren't part of a specific arc so it's sad to me that they've just dissapeared. Thoughts?

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    • I agree with everything you said. I love both Ruby and Whale and I miss them. I'd even be ok if we saw them 1-2 episodes per season. I know that David Anders is currently a regular in iZombie (and he's great in it), but Meghan isn't really doing anything. But I understand that she doesn't want to be on a show that doesn't give her anything to do.

      Also, this season had an extra dressed as a waitress in several episodes, I think she was meant to be Ruby. I just wish we'd get some kind of resolution for both Ruby and Whale. And they had great chemistry, I thought they will be in a relationship, but instead both just dissapeared.

      I also think the quality went down since the Neverland arc. Before that there were these guest stars who get 1-2 episodes and it was great, while all the main characters had storylines. Now they spend half of the season on the same guest stars without concetrating on the regular or recurring core characters. I'll still watch...but I'm not as enthusiastic as I was during season 1 and 2.

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    • Frakenwolf isn't a character. Ships aren't characters. People/ Chracters are not and should not be defined by their ship. So, the title is misleading.

      We'll see them when they are needed. Schedules are what they have to work around and seeing how the scenes work, they don't have spare time or money to be just throwing unnecessary things into the mix.

      The extra waitresI always say that part 1 of Once is 1-3a and part 2 is now. Part 2 is where they grow more plot-driven and shipping based character growth. They are thrown at a plot and just react to it. Most character growth is related to their ship or growth that inthe end supports their ship or something or another. Or their ship is in peril due to the plot.

      Example, Ursula tells only Hook that they are trying to make Emma dark. We see how he reacts, but they dfon't really care to show how Henry feels, how Snow and David feel, and when they do, it's minimalized for the angst. Same with most ships.

      As some people say, it's more like the showrunners have "shiny toy" syndrome where like a child they drop everything and play with the new toy until they get tireed of it and move on (i.e. end of season 2 shows that as well as Frozen which wasn't fully planned prior).

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    • "The Outsider" and "In the Name of the Brother" have to be two of my favorite episodes. 

      "Anyone else notice how he's drunk off his ass?" oh Snow, its lines like these that make me like you. 

      Anyway Whale, isn't that important to me. I'll be pissed when there's a big hospital scene and he's nowhere to be seen (or mentioned)  but right now, I don't mind. 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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