• Okay so when did the flashbacks between Lily and Emma in  "Lily" happen?

    Before shattered sight or after?

    Because the episode page, and Emma's page contradict eachother.

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    • I've updated the episode page. It now says that "Lily" takes place in the same year as "Shattered Sight". We do not know which one came first, since the episode offers no clues.

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    • Well in Lily the flashbacks would most likely be in Spring since its a sunny day when Emma was packing for the camping trip, and in Shattered Sight the flashbacks is most likely in the fall since it's cloudy whn Emma & Ingrid were in the carnival. The camera that Emma had, and Ingrid weren't mention in the flashbacks, and lastly when Emma ranway from Ingrid she didn't have her backpack with her.

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    • Emma's Timeline on polish wikipedia:
      "Pilot" - she was born.
      "The Stranger" - abandoned by Pinocchio.
      "Pilot" - Emma mentioned about her first adoption.
      "Snow Drifts" - when she saw how other girl was adopted.
      "Breaking Glass" - when she met Lily.
      "Shattered Sight" - Snow Queen
      "Lily - when she once again met Lily.
      "Tallahassee" - when she met adult Balefire.
      "There's No Place Like Home" - their date at toy cars.
      "Tallahassee" - Neal dumped Emma so she could break curse.
      "The Heart of the Truest Believer" - Henry was born and she gave up him to adoption.
      "Firebird" - she became balibonds person.
      "Pilot" - she met 10-years old Henry and enter to Storybrooke

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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