• I know this might not be a totally original point but I read somewhere about the concept of a character with magic who was born to directly oppose Emma: an Anti-Saviour...and I think it might be Neal.

    Now I'm not just waffling about nonsense there is some evidence:

    1) Neal, as Emma's full brother, was born under the same circumstances as Emma in terms of parents and it is frequently said that Emma has powers because of her status as being a product of True Love and her role as "The Saviour". This in mind there's no reason why Neal couldn't develop the same powers as Emma, he is after all in Storybrooke which has magic. That covers the magical base but the evil...

    2) The Season Four page has written in Potential Storyline Information that we will find out some of the repercussions of Snow and Charming sharing a heart. Well I think one of them might be Neal. Guys, Neal was born to a mother with only half a heart! Now I'm willing to bet that this might have had some serious negative consequences on the unborn Neal, after all what happens to the mother can directly affect baby and Enchanted Hearts dictate how people feel emotions, especially love.

    If this is true Neal might be the one case where evil really is born...

    I might be grasping at straws but I think this is worth thinking about...

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    • If this is true then maybe it's Curella? Or maybe Belle has something rotten cooking in her oven.... Just have to see what 4B has in store darlin.... I've always wondered if there would be Gilgamesh type thing to go against Em. Maybe the Sorcerer?

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    • I had an idea that there is someone that is also born of true love like Emma, but turned evil and becomes her foil. Maybe Morgan le Fay or Cruella. 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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