• Don't worry people I am also making a favorite episode thread after Heroes and Villains airs. I am not a complete episode and OUAT hater, but there is a line between what I can deal wind what I can't deal with. But still, my least favorite of each season so far are:

    Season 1: Dreamy: Very much useless. Yes MM was a pariah and town-known harlot but to me, had it lasted longer, it would be much more interesting. Even though the whole Kathryn disappearing storyline was involved, that quickly got boring for me. You can argue, that it gave insight about who Grumpy or should I say Dreamy, is. But still, it was kind of just random and not too intriguing. I did however find it interesting and ironic, how Blue's words over what would happen to Nova, would eventually be shown when Tinkerbell lost her wings for disobeying Blue. Overall, boring.

    Season 2: The Cricket Game: I waited 4 weeks for this (in Regina's tone/voice) XD. It was a Regina-bashing episode. Basically saying she would never change and her being the main target. Getting mistreated by the townspeople, the Charmings, and her own Mom, everyone was out to get her that episode. I disliked Cora heavily in this episode, but the Charmings even more. Though Regina had really redeemed herself, she was trying so hard, yet no one believed in her. This episode was depressing. I give it points though for the first scene after the titled card. It was a bit interesting and funny.

    Season 3: Nasty Habits: Too damn emotional. Seriously, does everyone got to be dramatic? Emma starts crying, Neal freaks out, Gold freaks out, even MM cries. Pan gets away with planting seeds of doubt in Henry's mind by playing on the loss of his Dad. It also revealed later Pan was Gold's father (Not in this episode) which meant that Pan basically came back into his son's life to mess up Rumple's relationship with Bae. Making me hate Pan even more. All the dancing though, was funny and interesting though.

    Season 4: The Apprentice: I got nothing against CaptainSwan or Fantasia, but could care less about either one. This episode was basically that. There was a lack of Elsa, and Gold really turned into a bitch in this episode.He was awful to Anna in the past, and was awful to Hook even though Hook blackmailed him, Gold only descended from there. Now he is willing to kill his grandson's Mom to get what he wants. The walking broomstick, was okay. MM taking a picture of Emma was fine, but otherwise this episode did not appeal to me. Kristoff and Anna's reunion though was nice. But her basically getting emotionally tortured by Rumple, I had no tolerance for.

    Ah.... Now I'm finished. Do any of you guys have a least favorite episode or episodes that don't appeal to you?

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    • I would not describe as useless/boring. But the ones I enjoyed the least.

      In Season One, it's difficult. I can't think of one episode I was not excited as I watched. Even Dreamy, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree and That Still Small Voice (that are said to be the least good), I loved them. I believe if I had to pick one episode, it would be The Stranger, however it's clearly very important.

      In Season Two, the worst episode (also one of the worst in the whole show) Lacey. I love Belle, but I have to admit that they mess up with the story when they force her into some random plot. It was a filler and did not please me at all.

      In Season Three, the whole Zelena-arc was quite bad in my opinion. However, if I had to pick one, I would say either The Tower or The Joly Roger (remarking that, aside from New York City Serenade, Quiet Minds, Kansas and the Finale, every epsode with the WW was horrible for me).

      In Season Four, with no doubt, the worst is Family Business. I LOVE this season. A lot. And that episode seemed completely WTF? Perhaps just the flashbacks, but it did not make me want to watch it till the end.

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    • Least favorite is "Tallahassee", I'm not a fan of this show for their normal drama, I'm here for the fairytales hahahaha.

      However, I do love Jennifer Morrison so I don't mind that episode that much. 

      Season 3 feels a bit underwhelming to me even if the stories were solid. I loved Pan and the twist in the end but I don't know, it feels weird when I think about it. 

      Zelena, oh I loved her. She wasn't "insane" per se, she was blinded by jealousy and envy. She was interesting.

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      • Season 1: Dreamy 
      • Season 2: Tiny
      • Season 4: A Tale of Two Sisters, Smash the Mirror 
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    • Worse and most useless episodes:

      Season 1: The Price of Gold and Dreamy

      Season 2: Tiny and Selfless, Brave, and True

      Season 3: The New Neverland and The Tower

      Season 4: The Tale of Two Sisters and Family Business.... as a whole, all the Arendelle flashbacks were pretty terrible.

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    • The New Neverland was probably the worst/useless episode Once has ever had. Besides the whole Peter/Henry thing which was actually needed for the plot, the Snow/Charming flashback wasn't really needed.

      Plus, what happened in the 3x10 flashback was meant to have taken place right after their wedding (1x01) but whoever was doing Ginnifer's hair that day did not get the hairstyle right. 

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    • Season 4: Apprentice-Captain Swan date was boring and I wanted this episode more Ingrid.

      Breaking Glass-useless emma past's flashbacks I only like this video in ending.

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    • Okay, I don't remember all the present-day events, so I'm just talking about the worst / most useless flashback-episodes:

      Season 1: The one where Snow was under a memory potion and acting like a bitch, and What Happened to Frederick.

      Season 2: In the Name of the Brother and Selfless, Brave and True

      Season 3: The New Neverland (it's the most useless backstory ever, they should've done something with Hook and Pan and young Bae in Neverland of the past, they would've been relevant). and Kansas, it didn't really add something to the story.

      Season 4: Tough... I didn't like that they did a Frozen flashback in every single episode. At the start I liked the idea that Anna went missing during her journey, it was so interesting, but when she returned to Arendelle it made that entire storyline so useless. I liked the Belle-flashbacks however. The most useless ones were White Out and Fall (although I liked the last scenes in Fall where we found out Blackbeard had the ship and the bottom-of-the-ocean scene with the wreckage)

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    • Season 1: Agreed, the one with Crazy Snow Season 2: Lacey/The Evil Queen Season 3: The New Neverland Season 4: White Out.

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    • 1. Dreamy: A boring and purely filler ep that couldn't even have an interesting subplot.

      2. Jolly Roger: Blackbead in the EF makess no sense and Hook's obsession with Emma annoys

      3. Heroes and Villans: Rather bleh conclusion to an otherwise great arc.  

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    • after having a Once marathon and after 4A is done, I've made the list. I don't hate any of the episodes but I like them least.

      season 1: Price of Gold- I love Cinderella and this episode was really bad. Dreamy- boring and not really important. 7:15- I really find this episode kind of boring.

      Season 2: Tiny- really boring. season 2 didn't have really bad episodes just meh episodes

      Season 3: Lost Girl- mostly the EF flashback towards Camelot. The New Neverland- Same reason but with Medusa. The Tower- total butchering of the Rapunzel fairytale (no different prince, no witch)probably my least favourite overall.

      Season 4: The Apprentice- good setting up for the sorcerer hat but it was mostly CS fan service (which I'm not a huge fan of). Family Business- really useless except for explaining the Trodlen Glass.

      hope 4B has lots of good ones :)

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    • Season 1: I like every single episode, even Dreamy! I love s1 as a complete story which each episode builds up for the next and they tell a solid story

      Season 2: Lacey and the flashback of In the Name of the Brother. The flashback of Frankenstein would have been better if there wasn't that annoying father - he destroyed my feeling for that episode, even though the present storyline is really good.

      Season 3: Nasty Habits, and ESPECIALLY The New Neverland. Gosh it's the episode I hate the most, really really redundant and irrelevant with the present storyline. I wish they had done the past of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, but no, they did an irrelevant and random Snowing episode.

      Season 4: Rocky Road. The directing was really bad, especially the scene in the cave. And Snow Queen wandered around with no purpose

      I don't know why you hate The Apprentice and Family Business so much. They're my favorite just behind Heroes & Villains. The twists and the dark storylines made season 4A... brighter. Especially I feel very nostalgic while watching The Apprentice - it's like a seaon one episode, in which they used a story/poem/Disney film and twist it in their own way. I'll give it an A+

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    • I thought the New Neverland would initially have been about Wendy's first time there. Then I thought it would show when Snow found out she was pregnant the first time. That didn't happen either. But I wouldn't say it was the worst. But yeah it was a little boring.

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    • Since the prime storyline is usually very important, here are my least favourite backstories:

      Season 1: What Happened to Frederick, and Heart of Darkness

      Season 2: In the Name of the Brother, Tiny and The Evil Queen

      Season 3: The Heart of the Truest Believer, Lost Girl , The New Neverland, Going Home, The Tower

      Season 4: A Tale of Two Sisters, Family Buissness, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Unforgiven, Enter the Dragon.

      The Season one episodes I didn't like because they were simply filler episodes, the season two ones were too focussed on irrelevant characters, or in the case of The Evil Queen, filler. The Heart of the Truest Believer and Going Home didn't have proper backstories which annoyed me. And I did not give one shit about Snow and Charming in the forest. Those stories just pissed me off because they were so irrelevant. I mean we had a whole arc in Neverland and not one backstory was exclusively set in Neverland. In my opinion, The Tower just completely butchered Rapunzel and told her story terribly. The whole Frozen backstory arc in my opinion was annoying, but specifically A Tale of Two Sisters and Family Buissness were mediocre as they either had very little action, or the stories didn't actually make sense. Now I liked the premise for Darkness, Unforgiven and Enter the Dragon however they weren't executed well. I feel like the whole of Unforgiven could have been woven into the backstory in Best Laid Plans, and Darkness on the Edge of Town logistically, really didn't make sense with the weird "Defeat" of the Chernabog in the past. Enter the Dragon was a story we've been waiting for since season one and Sleeping Beauty wasn't even in it, and Aurora and Stefan were there for one second each.

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    • I love the show Once Upon a Time, it is my absolute favorite show.  However, if I had to choose a least favorite from each season...

      Season 1: What Happened to Fredrick (It was interesting to learn about Abigail's true love, but I did not enjoy the present-day events, but maybe that's just the Snowing in me...)

      Season 2: Lacey (Pretty useless overall IMO)

      Season 3: The Jolly Roger (The only important thing that came from this episode is the curse on Hook's lips, everything else was basically throwing Hook's entire character development over the past season down the drain)

      Season 4: The Snow Queen (Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing Ingrid's past.  However, the present-day scenes bored me so much that it canceled out)

      I enjoyed watching all of these episodes, but these were simply the ones I found the least enjoyable.  Some because of the flashbacks (The Jolly Roger), some because of the present-day events (What Happened to Fredrick, The Snow Queen), and some because of both (Lacey).

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    • Wow.  I'm in the middle of bingerewatching (is that even a word?) from Season One.  First, let me just say that the events of 4B, particularly the finale, really recolor the events of season 1.

      But as this is for least favorite (There are not any that I would truly horrible) here goes:

      Season 1 - really hard to pick one, as they are all really good, and all, but I guess they least favorite would be Heart of Darkness.

      Season 2 - Hands down least favorite - Lacey.

      Season 3 - A - The New Neverland    B - The Tower

      Season 4 - A - White Out  B - Heart of Gold (Not really least favorite as much as most disappointing)

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    • My overall least favorite was The Tower. Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess, and Tangled is my favorite Disney movie, and I also really love the original tale. I felt like they ruined the essence of Rapunzel, both fairytale and Disney. I did like that they filled in the blanks with the Tangled references in Operation Mongoose. But they still can't fix Rapunzel.

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    • For every episode, there were definitely parts of the episodes I liked, even if the episode itself was not to my 100% liking. 

      Season One ... True North was my least favorite. I always like the introduction of new characters, no matter if they only stick around for one episode, but I found the SB present day scenes didn't click with me as well. 

      Season Two - Welcome to Storybrooke. The flashbacks were useful to help explain Greg's backstory and why he disliked Regina and his true reason for coming back to SB, but it wasn't compelling to me. The way Greg (and Tamara) were used for Season Two was a bit weak in storytelling wise. Maybe I feel that way because I felt Greg and Tamara weren't very interesting characters to watch, and every time there was a flashback with them, I only thought up more unanswered questions about those two.

      Season Three - Lost Girl. I understand for plot purposes why the EF flashback was necessary to compare/contrast Snow's insecurities with Emma's, but the fake Excalibur bit felt cheesy to me. The showdown at the end when Snow cut Regina with the sword was too overdramatic. 

      Season Four - Breaking Glass was not my favorite. There was a lot of different things packed into this episode and it was really crammed, so things felt rushed to me. Great to see Sidney again, but not even a mention of him in SB after this episode.

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    • Season 1. What Happened to Frederick. Not even Dora the Explorer can find something interesting in this episode.

      Season 2. Tiny, Selfless, Brave and True, Lacy and the Evil Queen. Nothing to see here. Pure fillers. 

      Season 3. The New Neverland. The flashback has to be one of the worst flashbacks in the show so far.

      Season 4. Family Business. Everything was wrong with this episode. Anna seemed to have like a horcrux or something because she fell from that cliff and didn't die. And Belle's outfit during the Arandelle scenes was hideous. She looked like a cosplayer or something

      Season 5. Swan Song, or how I call it: What the hell was that crap?

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    • Season 1: Tough choice as I did like pretty much every epiosde in this season but my least fav was probably Price of Gold (I love the Cinderella story and this episode ruined it for me. I really hated Cinderella as she was always moaning about going back to her horrible life and the fact she would lose her husband was only a second thought away, loved her more as Ashley Boyd)

      Season 2: Tiny I guess but even that was a good episode.

      Season 3 A (Hated any episode with Robbie Kay as Peter Pan): Think Lovely Thoughts though is my least fav. 3B: The Tower. I love Repunzel and this episode really did a major injustice to her and her storyline. 

      Season 4 A: I guess the Apprentice as it seemed a little bit of a filler. 4B: Lilly. This episode seemed really strange. It defo seemed rushed and it seemed at the end of the season they just seemed to have forgot about Mal and her daughter.

      Season 5 A: The Bear King. I loved the idea that Red and Mulan would be returning and I did enjoy the episode in general but I guess it felt like it came out of nowhere and did not really mesh well with the rest of the arc. 5B: The Brothers Jones. I disliked the way they tried to eplain more of Hooks backstory but it just seemed to make his character less likable for me personally. Pus I hated Liam so. That episode was horrible but not my least fav episode from that arc, and my least fav of the entire show. I actually hate this episode and have so so so many reasons for it. My least fav episode is Ruby Slippers. 

      I love the show still and can not wait for season 6 to start. :)

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    • Season 1: True North. I generally like new charaters but this was too boring and the flashbacks were all about Regina, not Hansel and Gretel.

      Season 2: Definetely Tiny. How do I say? Useless, worst, terrible...

      Season 3: The New Neverland. I mean what was the point by showing us how Snow and Charming decided to have a baby? It had nothing to do with the present day either. They could have done a "Hook and Pan flashback" instead of this. Maybe we could learn more about these two.

      Season 4: The 2-hour episode which showed us literally nothing. Yes I'm talking about Smash the Mirror. All we saw was that Anna put Elsa in the urn because of Ingrid. Then there's this firework...

      Season 5: Most of 5A earned this "terrible episodes" title but if I have to choose the most terrible, it'll probably Broken Heart. Seriously, they broke up, then kissed. Then they broke up and kissed again. Then they broke up again... Sometimes I wonder do they really act like 30-year-old persons do. It may also be the worst episode too.

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    • Agree. Broken Heart, just like most of 5A, sucks

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    • My updated list:

      Season One: Dreamy is still my least favorite of that season. Not much has changed since.

      Season Two: I see the importance of The Cricket Game, but it still is not anywhere near my favorite episodes. I also agree on Tiny. Just felt like meh.

      3A: Nasty Habits is still beyond depressing to me.

      3B: The Jolly Roger. Though this season still remains my favorite, this was one of my least favorites. I don't loathe Hook, but do feel some of his backstory episodes and forced storylines/appearances are a big turnoff. Though on the bright side, they finally invited Regina to dinner. (Nod to Queen of Hearts).

      4A: The Apprentice is still meh to me. But it brings a smile to my face when Hook gets his comeuppance and Anna does the rumple.

      4B: Truthfully this entire arc was depressing. But if I had to choose, either Poor Unfortunate Soul or Best Laid Plans. The Ursula one finally shed light on her story, but it seriously made me dislike Hook even more when he flatout stole her voice. That was straight-up cold. I know Regina has done the same to Ariel, but she never promised not to steal her voice and returned it without getting all whiny and demanding. Best Laid Plans nearly killed Snow and Charming for me of any likability. Truly saddening episode.

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    • Season 5: The season of CaptainSwan and random side stories. Least favorite season tied with Season 4.

      5A: The third episode was definitely boring and not even the least bit memorable. The midseason finale also felt a bit muddled and cliché. It also destroyed Belle's credibility (rejecting the man she wanted Rumple to be in the previous episode and then sleeping with him in this one) and it seemed like Emma was basically dragging everyone to Hell for Hook. Compared to everyone actually wanting to save him, like with Henry.

      5B: The Brothers Jones was the most boring (except for the Cruella bit and Snow saying she thought it was Charming), Ruby Slippers was confusing (plus the rushed LGBT relationship where Mulan still gets nobody), and Last Rites. The way Robin (who wasn't treated as poorly as Will and Belle in character development and usage) was killed off randomly and then Hades was too per convenience (with no backstory of his life pre-Underworld), and that CaptainSwan reunion at his grave. I had never been so pissed.

      Season 6 so far: Dark Waters. Once again, I don't hate Hook. But his backstory episodes are just either boring, dreary, or really depressing. This one was not only boring, but brought up an issue that wasn't even a problem. Hook stepping up as new father for Henry. They never even had issues. It was forced, the timeline was so off, and Evil Queen with Rumple= No. Cringe-worthy. Wow. Plus she was pretty campy and it is so overrated by fans.

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    • I've commented here already, but it was a couple years ago and I gave no explanation.

      Season 1
      My least favorite episode, like most people's, is "Dreamy". It's not that I didn't like the episode, because I did; I loved every Season 1 episode. However, it lacked in comparison to all of the others. It was clearly filler and gave the backstory to a character I don't care much about. In the grand scheme of things though, I am glad this episode exists. I actually miss having filler episodes like this for recurring characters because we never get them anymore unless they're relevant to the current arc.

      Season 2
      "Tiny", no doubt. I said I like filler episodes, and while that remains true, this was just one of the more horrendous ones. There's a lot of Season 2 that I don't care for, but this is definitely the worst. It was an unnecessary backstory for a character who appeared about three times in the entirety of the show. I didn't even think it was all that good. The present day story was just annoying, Regina reverting to her evil ways, and they cut out the scene explaining what became of George. They also set up a story between Belle and Greg which was ultimately dropped.

      Season 3
      Like Season 1, I don't think there's an episode I downright hated. I guess my least favorite would be "Good Form". I'm not that much of a Hook or Captain Swan fan, and this episode was for both those things. If not this episode though, my least favorite could potentially be "Nasty Habits" or maybe even "Quiet Minds". "Nasty Habits" was ultimately pointless, the Rumple A-plot not making much of a difference and then the flashbacks being more of a redherring for what 3x08 would reveal. As for "Quiet Minds", I loved it until the act where Neal died. That writing and overall situation was beyond stupid.

      Season 4
      The worst season of the show, containing some of the worst episodes of the show. "A Tale of Two Sisters", "Rocky Road", "Family Business", "Unforgiven" and "Lily" are what I would consider the truly awful ones though. While this isn't my least favorite of the season, I would say "Family Business" was the worst written. Just what were they thinking when coming up with this? Belle's last memory is an ogre towering over her and her mother and then she wakes up and her mother's dead. But then she has to go to Arendelle for a stupid rock to remember what happened? Context clues. Isn't she supposed to be the smart one?? Also she tried to save a rock over Anna, who should've died from that fall. Then in the present day the whole dagger story was atrocious. Belle was telling Rumple to let go of her and he wasn't. She had the dagger. As far as she's concerned, he had to listen. The whole episode made Belle out to be a giant moron, which truly saddens me because she is my favorite character. I also didn't care much for the B-plot with the ice cream truck, as well as how casually revealed Ingrid's name was.

      Season 5
      "Swan Song", which I believe to be the worst of the series. There's another thread on this wiki where I go into better detail, but yeah, this was just wretched.

      Season 6
      So far I'd have to say "Street Rats". It wasn't awful, but it could've been much better. Too much of a ripoff from Disney and a slap in the face to those who watched Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

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    • It's like the Wonderland series never existed.

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    • S1: Dreamy probably. Not even a bad episode per se, but opposite to the amazing season 1, it feels flat.

      S2: Selfless, Brave and True: total nonsense, August deserved better and Tamara was so useless.

      S3: The Tower: I liked the message of defeating your fears but the Rapunzel story was completely wasted.

      S4: White Out: the flashbacks were ridicolous and nothing exciting in present day either. 

      S5: Broken Heart and Swan Song: completely ruined the Dark Swan's storyline, dedicated to CS, completely retconned flashbacks, Merlin's death... do I need to say more?

      S6 (so far): Dark Waters: Nemo's story wasted, too much Hook. 

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    • Season 1) That Still Small Voice Season 2) Tiny Season 3) The Tower Season 4) Best Laid Plans Season 5) Her Handsome Hero Season 6) Dark Waters

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    • Season One: Dreamy. Because Cinderella was obviously crucial to the plot. Geppetto's parents were puppets, I can roll with that. Jefferson appeared a bit more. But Grumpy? Why did we need his backstory? Some of the Oz episodes featuring scarecrow or tinman explanations, I'm fine with, but this one. This episode only would've worked had it been elaborated on. I guess it sorta worked in the sense that it introduced you to the Blue Fairy not being very nice

      Season Two: Child Of The Moon: I would like to skip this one. I know Ruby was now a main character and she needed some form of story arc but this felt like too much information. Gus is Billy. Her mother is evil. There's a werewolf tribe. If anything, this episode made me like Belle more.

      Season Three: don't shoot me but Bleeding Through. The acting in the flashbacks was dull and the present day storyline of the Cora summoning, I get that it was crucial, but really I'd want those flashbacks to have been better.

      Season Four: Mother. Don't know which was more pointless, the present events or the flashback events. I really couldn't stand Lily either, Neal and Ingrid being from EF was okay, but Lily, it was just all huge. I would've put Lily, had the ending not saved it for me

      Season Five: The Broken Kingdom. I'm not a fan of Arthurian legend at all, but I was fine with the OUAT avengers going there. The fact they took Zelena and not Mr Gold seemed to be a nice change. I was looking forward to meeting Merida. I really enjoyed The Price. But it was this episode which started a 5A trend of 'arcs we plan to abandon'. The return of Lancelot and expansion of Arthur and Guinevere's characters. There was so much promotion, but the season ended up so focused on the series mains. No one seemed to even remember Camelot was ever a thing by the beginning of Swan Song

      Season Six: so I haven't seen the finale yet, but I'd predict it wouldn't be my choice of worst episode. The Other Shoe. So I loved The Stable Boy. I loved Bitter Draught. I loved We Are Both. I loved Sisters. Now what I don't love is rewatching all of my favourite episodes again with other characters playing the same roles as other characters had. The one thing that would've made this episode worse is if someone had their memories wiped. This season dodges that trope so nicely (I can forgive Song Of The Heart, it was awesome)

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    • i dont think any epidode is bad/boring 

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    • Let's be honest here; Wish You Were Here was simultaneously the worst episode and biggest missed opportunity on the show

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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