• The big thing that bothered me about her is that she walked incredibly slow, except in the episode Kansas and NYCS. I could say that her insane jealousy bothered me but it didn't because we all have been there before. Wanting something or someone we can't have. Wanting to feel special or loved/adored. Personally I am jealous of a guy who manages to attract the attention of all the girls I am mainly friends with. Yes, I want to frickin rip his hair off sometimes or beat the crap out of him, but what would that do to my image? However Zelena chose to act on those tendencies, but with the darkness in her life acting like a dark weight cloud hovering over her, the odds of her turning out well was kind of slim. I guess all she had to do, was give Dorothy the slippers and Zelena would have been spared of her own evil, but I guess what happened, happened. But seriously, sometimes we just have to roll with things. Unless you're Zelena and go insane trying to change the past. And btw, it's just the attention he gets from them, that causes me to struggle. It used be running ability and great body, but I naturally am a great runner. I got 65 on the Pacer test, without doing regular running routines and did the mile run in 9 minutes 11 seconds, so I am just sticking with that. But not everyone can be charismatic. Zelena could've, but- I'm getting off on a nonsensical tangent. Does anyone else have jealous tendencies or agrees with me that Zelena just happened to walk really slow? 

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    • Considering that a person's personality or emotions can come out in non verbal cues, Zelena walking slow might be something she does out of instinct or habit as part of her overall character.

      With Zelena, she couldn't see past her own perception of the life she could have had if Regina didn't exist. Everything she longed for and wanted was everything Regina had, and to further add insult to injury, this person is her own sister. There's being jealous of another woman for having things and living a luxurious life of title and esteem (Regina being queen and being Rumplestiltskin's favored pupil as well as the child Cora chose to keep and not abandon), but there's also Zelena feeling a deep sense of resentment because of the sibling rivalry. 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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