• Not a fan of this episode either :D

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    • Really love the opening scene with Snow White sweetly smiling while sweeping the floor and luring the bird to perch on her hand. :p They recreated a famous Disney scene and turned it around with an annoyed Snow White, hehe. I liked seeing Snow White's grumpy self and how unimpressed she was by Prince Charming (after tying him up to the tree).

      This episode seems to be an exploration about both Snow White and MM's dark sides. While Snow White's darkness was drawn out as a result of the forgetting potion helping to make her more susceptible to her darker emotions, Mary Margaret surprised me with her admission in the interrogation room. Maybe she didn't want Kathryn to be dead, but a part of her did want Kathryn to be out of the picture so she and David could finally be a real couple.  

      When David was undergoing hypnosis with Dr. Hopper and he spoke of his last conversation with Kathryn (in which Kathryn told David to be with Mary Margaret if it meant he'd be happy with her?), I wondered if what he was remembering was a false or implanted memory.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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