• Jefferson wanted to get back to EF so he could see Grace; but couldn't Jefferson just get the White Rabbit to portal him back home? So maybe they weren't on good terms. Or maybe the WR was in hiding b/c Cora would as also want to use him to get back to Regina.

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    • Hmm. 

      I would love to see Jefferson and the White Rabbit to have been enemies for some reason. I think that would make for an interesting backstory, if they managed to work it in somehow!

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    • Jefferson = Impostor Mad Hatter

      White Rabbit = One True White Rabbit

      Alice = ????

      Yes, Jefferson is an enemy of the White Rabbit, as all Impostors are. a conundrum. An enigma. A paradox. She is NOT the One True Alice, but she's not one of the Evil Alices, either. I don't know what she is.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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