• I know Neal died a hero, and I don't mean to sound awful when I am saying this, but I think that some of the characters made Neal's death sound a lot more honorable than it should be given credit for.

    1. Belle WARNED Neal about the consequences after learning Zelena's plan. They both know the price of magic and yet Neal was willing to suffer to bring his dad back from the dead.

    2. He ended up killing himself and also took himself out of the battle to stop Zelena. Emma and the others really could have used him.

    3. Not only did Neal bring his father back from the dead, but basically made him a slave to Zelena and undergo madness and suffering all over again. Not to mention, he took away his father's very honorable and heroic death and basically undid his sacrifice. Rumple would have been pissed, but since he made many mistakes towards his son, he never really chewed him out for that. 

    4. Making his father a slave, made it extra difficult to stop Zelena. It would have been a lot easier if she didn't have control over Rumple and Neal was fighting alongside Regina and the Charmings. 

    All in all, his death was still sad and honorable in some people's eyes. I know the creators did this, because SOMEONE had to die. Last year it was Cora, and so this year, they decided to go for someone even more heroic. But still, I don't think it was as honorable as people say it was. What are your guys' thoughts on Neal's death being honorable?

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    • Dan Fox wrote:

      But still, I don't think it was as honorable as people say it was. What are your guys' thoughts on Neal's death being honorable?

      Agreed.... Neal's death was not as heroic, as everyone made it seem. Sure, he redeemed himself in the end, but the did not dismiss as the stupid things he did in the past.

      I felt Neal's death was incredibly tragic.... it was peotic justice, in a way. Rumplestilskin thought, he would not have to pay the price of magic, by manipulating someone else into casting the Dark Curse. He ruined countless lives, in the name of his son. Which is something that dishonored his son, as Baelfire hated his father's dark side. Neal abandoned Emma, after he gave her hope for a home. He left her in prison, which caused her so much pain that she gave up her baby.

      What was heroic was that Neal's death was his second chance, at making everything right by Emma. He sent Hook the memory potion, with the message about the new curse. He also told Emma, that she needed to let him go.... finally giving her the closure, she desperately needed.

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    • Firstly i always felt Neal aka Bae was gonna die, it just felt like that in season 1. Season 2 again and even Season 3 it happened. 

      I didnt think Rumple was gonna get his son back for good, its his biggest price he had to pay for his magic and the devastation he caused to other ppl.  And again Neal used dark magic - he didnt really cares as along as it got to Henry and Emma, (for me Neal only started thinking of Emma and wanting to fight was coz she was the mother of his kid, nothing else - its only then he wanted to her in his life) 

      Neal did good, when he knew the one person who would NOT give up on Emma and find her, and a man who is willing to fight and that is Hook.  

      I dont really like the baby being named Neal to be honest. Like couldnt Snow and Charming choose what they wanted to call their child, who they always wanted a baby it seemed. 

      Neal who told Emma the concept of home and promised to set up a home with her, is the one who destroyed it and her, whilst Henry and Hook brought her home with their actions and never giving up on, and always coming back to her

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    • ThreeLions wrote:

      I dont really like the baby being named Neal to be honest. 

      I found that to be in very poor taste. Who in their right mind names their newborn, after their daughter's baby-daddy?

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    • Someone trying to pay respect to a recently fallen hero... and the people who cared about said hero.

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    • As much as I ship CS, I adore that Neal loves Emma (and Henry) so much that he's willing to use black magic to get back to them. He's hated it ever since his father became the Dark One and changed. And then his father chose it over him and abandoned him. It's a twist of fate that he dies at the hand of the very thing he swore he wanted no part of. But all magic comes with a price.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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