• Throughout the entire series, a certain body of water keeps appearing in various realms.

    1. The Enchanted Forest Lake Nostos

    2. The Land Without Magic

    Storybrooke Wishing Well

    3. Neverland

    Neverland Spring

    And after watching the whole season of OUATiW...

    4. Agrabah The well of wonders (Agrabah)

    Well of Wonders (Agrabah)

    5. Wonderland

    Well of Wonders (Wonderland)

    They seem to be a recurring theme throughout all the lands and despite the slight variations in their properties and how they are procured, they all seem to have the power of restoration and some form of gaurdian to protect it (Nyx, Siren etc.)

    I think like true love, it trancends all realms and appears to connect them all in some way. i remembered a while back there was a post where someone thought they could be related to Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree in norse mythology which connects the nine realms. Interestingly, these is achieved through its brunches and roots that extend to to WELLS and SPRINGS.

    (If this theory is correct,presumably Oz, LWC and the others all have them somewhere)

    Additionally, in "Ariel", Regina mentioned how mermaids can travel through world. I think mermaids are connected to this and travel through this waters to cross lands.

    The sea appears it have very powerful magic. Take the Squid ink for instance, i think its sort of a counter to the Waters. While the water create/multiply magic, the squid ink acts as an anti-magic substance, canceling/neutralising magic.

    What comes as odd is that the show has not address this and the connection appears to be subtle.

    I think that at one point in the show, we are gonna travel to the mer-lands and (presumably) Ursula being the big bad 'master of the squids'.

    i dkn. thoughts?

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    • Also, i found in the last OUATiW episode what appears to be a sixth well in Alice's Victorian England

      • 6. Victorian England (Possibly)

      (Of course it could very well be an ordinary pavilion but it looked a lot like the Well of Wonders)

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    • woa interesting! I never realized how water is such a recurring theme... You're right, this subtle connection might just come into play in a big way later.

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    • The Wishing Well is most likely to be the Storybrooke version of Lake Nostos (i.e. brought over by the curse), given that the waters have similar properties and that when Emma and Mary-Margaret dove through the portal in Las Nostos they came back up out of the well.

      It has been stated that the waters of the Well of Wonders flow through all realms and both Wonderland and Agrabah have one version of the Well, which Nyx guards. I doubt the gazebo in Victorian England is connected to the Well of Wonders though simply because I don't think Alice and Cyrus would bring their daughter on a picnic to a place where a creepy-looking creature like Nyx could be lurking around. It was probably just a re-used set piece by the production team.

      I don't think the Neverland waterfall, Lake Nostos and Well of Wonders have any relation. The waters from the Well of Waters are far more powerful than either the waters from Nostos or the Neverland waters - they have the ability to bring back the dead, And Nyx is a far more powerful guardian than the Siren.

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    • Anastasia mentioned in Dirty Little Secrets, that there are magical waters within or beneath ALL of the realms. So, in some way or form, there is magical water. Maybe there is special water in Oz, that can destroy the wicked witch. 

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    • August said in "What happened to Frederick" that water is considered magical, and other things like that.

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    • All the waters seen have been shown to have restorative/curing abilities but vary slightly.  I have a theory that each of the waters has variations in their properties as they are connections/extensions to the individual lands that they are in and therefore conform/adapt to that realm. 

      The waters from each realm vary in strength and that's why their Guardians/prices vary proportionately hence, a balance. The Well of wonders could bring back the dead and therefore its Guardian doubles as a judge to see if ones' fate is worthy/sealed to be brought back otherwise the consequences. The Neverland waterfall maintains youth and did not have a Guardian but its price was automatic. It could cure Dreamshade poisoning (which i suspect Lake Nostos cannot cure) but one had to stay in the island forever. Finally, the Siren was what kept the waters above ground in the enchanted forest.

      Also, i just thought of something else, the appearance of the Wishing Well is highly suspicious and enforces the idea that its the extension of a much bigger body of water.

      Firstly, why was it brought to Storybrooke? Regina clearly did not need it and no single location/item that large (The wells' source is an underground body) was brought over from the enchanted forest. Everything other than the vault and items in the pawn shop were created from scratch. It was obscure, secluded and far from the main town.

      Secondly, unlike other magical items, it did not turn up in Mr. Gold's Shop. If, supposedly, Rumple had foresaw his need for Lake Nostos waters to bring magic in Storybrooke and therefore integrated it into the curse, why not just procure a vial of it, put it in his shop and then use it with the True Love potion after the curse.

      I have a second theory in which is that the Bodies of Water only appears to realms with magic and are also the very SOURCE OF MAGIC ITSELF.

      I theorize that the wishing well is partially responsible for anchoring Storybrooke to the Land Without Magic. Remember in "Welcome to Storybrooke" when Henry tried blow up the well to stop magic? We didn't see if it could work but perhaps it's true. The Love Potion merely jumpstarted the magic in Storybrooke, the waters are what continues to supply it. A sample in which the factory can use to mass produce. The Neverland Spring was also said to be "rich with the power of Neverland".

      A previous tread was discussing about why Rumple had not simply turned himself to a mer-man or used one in order to cross to the LWM. Maybe it's because they couldn't. Not at that time anyway. Maybe, just maybe, it's because Storybrooke (and thus, the Well) was not present and therefore traveling there was impossible. Of course one could say that Ariel did not come out of the Well when she came to Storybrooke but she didn't need to. The Well simply made the Connection and she has only ever been shown to enter through Storybrooke's shores.

      Haha I on hindsight I agree with you on the 6th Well thing i was just really caught up by what i thought was a really plausible theory. If my theory was correct then maybe Alice's realm does not have a Well as it appears to be a technological realm/did not believe Alice's stories maybe their just stuck on an older timeline then us.

      Sorry for the long post. i just typed out my mind. I am not trying to diss anyone off or offend you. i was just really mind blown by my perceived connection with this waters.

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    • Dan Fox wrote:
      Anastasia mentioned in Dirty Little Secrets, that there are magical waters within or beneath ALL of the realms. So, in some way or form, there is magical water. Maybe there is special water in Oz, that can destroy the wicked witch. 

      Great theory. Maybe the magic water in Oz could be a holy water that could "melt" any dark magic user, not just the wicked witch (that would make the power of the water seem more generalized than just having the power to kill one green-skinned witch)

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    • I agree that all the waters in all the realms are magicaly linked and there may be a magic well that is outside of storybrooke.

      Also there is a well in oz where the book of prophecies is kept it is also where Zelena tricked Dorothy into thinking she was dead. This may or may not be the same well as the others, but it is possible.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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