• Just something I have been wondering for a while after watching New York City Serenade. Emma's apartment looked really posh, does a bail bondswoman really earn that much? I am assuming Regina's magic can't reach outside of Storybrooke.

    Some of my theories:

    - Regina left a secret (and very large) stash of cash outside Storybrooke for emergencies, and she modified Emma's memories so that she knew where it was and how to get it.

    - Along with the modified memories, Regina gave Emma uber-skills in stock investment and trading (she did give Archie a PhD after all).

    - Regina magicked all the valuables, cash etc that was in Storybrooke into Emma's car before she crossed the town line.

    Also wondering how did Emma obtain for Henry a birth certificate or other type of identification document for his school registration.

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    • I have a theory that when things are altered by magic, it basically has a domino effect of setting everything else in place. Like, when Emma and Henry's memories were altered, they remembered always being together. I think things like cash were simply set in place along with the altered memories in order to fit what they were remembering. For example, Emma would recall opening a bank account in year ____ and being able to access it after the move to New York.

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    • Or, like my husband, the actor, always says, "it's in the script." 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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