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This article is about Mr. Samdi's hotel, a Seattle location.
For the Enchanted Forest location, see Vault of the Dark One.
For the Storybrooke location also known as Regina's Vault, see Mills Mausoleum.
For the Wonderland location, see Wonderland Vault.

Mr. Samdi: I just came to say I'm sorry our date got cut short. And to return this. Your granddaughter left it in my apartment.
Roni: Fine. You caught me. I had Lucy break into your apartment.
Roni to Mr. Samdi src

The Vault[1] is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twelfth episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

When Mr. Samdi returns to Seattle after previously being pushed out by Victoria Belfrey, he stays at The Vault, a luxury suite hotel[1] located in the neighborhood of Hyperion Heights. After realizing Samdi is awake from his cursed persona, Roni pays a visit to his doorstep, during which he invites her in. Roni declines his offer at first, but when he gives her leeway to do as she wishes, she enters before closing the door behind her. She spends the night with him there and leaves early the next morning. ("A Taste of the Heights", "Knightfall")

Later in an Operation Hyacinth mission, Roni lures Samdi out for a date with her but tampers with his door to ensure her granddaughter Lucy can sneak in to conduct an investigation. When Kelly interrupts Roni's date, Samdi decides to leave to go home so the sisters can work out their issues. While searching through Samdi's things, Lucy fails to notice her phone screen light up after Roni texts her with a warning that Samdi is coming back. She sees Samdi's tarot deck on the table, notably the death card that piques her interest, and reaches for her phone to take a picture. Only then, she notices Roni's text. After snapping a quick photo of the card, she grabs her bag and scurries under the table just as Samdi walks through the door to go upstairs, giving Lucy the spare time to flee the apartment. However, she forgets to take her hat, which Samdi later finds and brings it to Roni at her bar. ("The Girl in the Tower")


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