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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. The Evil Queen's palace. A dove flies off a window sill. Prince Charming wanders through the palace. Entering Emma Swan’s proposed nursery room, Prince Charming looks around. There’s a cradle standing in the middle of the room. Toys are lying around everywhere.

Prince Charming: This... This is impossible. This shouldn't be here. (steps closer to the cradle) This is all wrong.
Emma: You're right. (Startled Prince Charming turns around. He notices his daughter standing behind him. Emma wears a ball grown.) A full-grown princess still living in her nursery? I don't even have a proper vanity.
Prince Charming: (confused) Emma, what... What are you doing here?
Emma: I was looking for a place to practice. I'm a little nervous about tonight.
Prince Charming: (confused) Tonight? What's tonight?
Emma: The ball. You know, I’ve never been to one before. I don't even know how to dance. (takes Prince Charming by the hand) Teach me. (Together they practice a few dance steps)
Prince Charming: You're a natural. Just like your mother. (Emma chuckles)
Emma: And you're the best teacher a daughter could hope for. (Prince Charming lifts Emma up.)
Prince Charming: Oh Emma, this is everything I ever hoped for you.
Emma: Me, too. It's a shame I never got it.
Prince Charming: What do you mean? (They proceed dancing around the room and finally stop in front of the magic wardrobe.)
Emma: I'm not really here. I was never here. I should be, but I'm not. All for one reason: (backs away from her father) You failed me. (Suddenly, the room darkens and thunder can be heard outside. Toys are falling off the shelves. Furthermore, the magic wardrobe’s doors fling open and spinning a portal opens. Prince Charming grabs Emma’s hand in order to prevent her from going through.) Good bye, daddy.
Prince Charming: (desperate) I'm sorry. I'll save you.
Emma: No, you can't save me. You failed me. (Prince Charming tries harder to pull Emma back into the room) There's nothing you can do.
Prince Charming: No, Emma!
Emma: Don't fail the next one. (Letting go of his hand Emma gets sucked into the portal.)
Prince Charming: Emma!

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Dark Palace. Waking up Prince Charming opens his eyes. Emma’s words echo in his ears.

Emma:Don't fail the next one. Don't fail the next one. (Panting Prince Charming sits up)
Prince Charming: Snow? (Snow White stands at the window looking over the landscape.)
Snow White: (cheerful) Look, who's awake. (Prince Charming gets out off the bed.) Come, look at this view, Charming. I’ve forgotten how beautiful it was here.
Prince Charming: Someone's in a good mood.
Snow White: I am. I have some pretty wonderful news. We’re pregnant.
Prince Charming: You are?
Snow White: Are you not happy?
Prince Charming: No. No, I'm not. I'm thrilled. (Chuckling Snow White hugs Prince Charming.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The Blanchard loft.

David Nolan: So, now that we know who we are dealing with, how do we find this Wicked Witch?
Hook: Might I suggest we start by asking, if anyone has seen a woman with green skin running around.
Regina Mills: We’re cursed in Storybrooke. She'll look like any one of us.
Emma: Then we start somewhere we know she's been. Regina's office.
Regina: I’ve been over it with a fine-toothed comb. She left no trace.
Emma: But you were combing for magic. Maybe there's physical evidence that you missed.
David: Good idea. We'll track her.
Regina: If you wanna waste your time playing Nancy Drew, be my guest, but we can't let Henry wander around alone with that witch and her flying monkeys out there.
Hook: Well, especially, since one of these flying monkeys could turn out to be his father.
Mary Margaret: Still no sign of Neal?
Emma: No.
Regina: Point being, someone needs to protect Henry. He doesn't even know what's going on.
Emma: I'm guessing you're volunteering?
Regina: If you find anything, call me.
Emma: Just remember, he thinks we’re here because I'm on a case.
Regina: Well, look who's gotten good at lying.
Emma: Just don't let anything slip up. As far as Henry knows, you're just Madame Mayor and that's it.
Regina: I'm well aware of how Henry sees me. (Regina exits.)
Hook: Time is wasting. There's something wicked in your town. What do you say we go find find it?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Zelena's Farmhouse. Zelena enters the storm cellar. Locked up in a cage Mr. Gold spins straw into gold.

Zelena: Enjoying your little toy?
Mr. Gold: Spinning. Cleans the mind. Soothes the soul. It cleans the mind. It soothes the soul. It cleans the mind. It soothes the soul.
Zelena: You look as awful as you sound. (Angrily, Mr. Gold hits the bars.) What? You're not enjoying your cage, hmm? Not appreciating your jailor? Oh no. You look like you want to hurt me. Go on, then. Give it a go. (opens the cage) I'd love to see you try. Especially, when we both know that you can't. (Mr. Gold stands up) Not, when I have this. (Zelena shows Mr. Gold the Dark One's dagger.) You're a slave to it and to me. Frustration can be so intoxicating. On others. (Hunched Mr. Gold crouches down in a corner of his cell.) The only one who can do the hurting here is me. So, why don't you be a good boy and sit back down? (Mr. Gold sits down.)
Mr. Gold: Well, what are you waiting for? Don't let me stop you. (singing) All the voices in my head will be quiet when I'm dead.
Zelena: (giggles) I'm not here to kill you, Rumple. But you really need to keep up appearances.
Mr. Gold: Appearances? Appearances? For what? For why? Let me spin. Spin the madness away. (resumes spinning) Spin the madness away.
Zelena: No. I think spinning is bringing the madness. Here. Come closer. Now, hold still. Unless you want me to nick that pretty face. (Using the dagger as razor Zelena starts to shave Mr. Gold.) You're probably wondering how I know how to do this. Did I ever tell you about my father? His hands used to shake from drink or worse. I didn't asked. He didn't tell me. But, he couldn't abide going a day without a shave. So, I had to learn how to shave him. He used to say that no matter what we were feeling on the inside, we had to put on our best face. In our land you and I never had that choice, did we? No matter what we did, our outside showed exactly what was rotting on the inside. But, we’re in a new land now, aren't we? A land filled with opportunity. The least of which is to look our best. (Zelena cuts Mr. Gold drawing blood. He winces a little.) Oh, I'm so sorry. Did that sting? (chuckles) There, handsome as ever.
Mr. Gold: Appearances? You don't care about appearances. If you cared about appearances you'd changed my shirt. Just exactly what is it you want?
Zelena: (shuts the cage’s door) What I'm after, Rumple, is something you've spent a lifetime seeking. (locks the door again) Something that goes against your very nature. Something that I can't afford to wait that long for. (chuckles) Luckily, I won't have to.

Storybrooke. Present day. Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer. Zelena enters the shop.

Belle: Uh, hi. Can I, uh... Can I help you?
Zelena: Oh, you must be Mrs. Gold.
Belle: No, I'm uh... not.
Zelena: Is Mr. Gold around?
Belle: Uh, he... No, he isn't. He... (clears throat) He died.
Zelena: Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. (gives Belle a questioning look)
Belle: Belle.
Zelena: Belle. It's such a pretty name. Oh, look, I'm... I'm so sorry to bother you, but I was hoping to buy a baby gift for a lovely woman that I met at Granny's Diner. Maybe you know her. She goes by Mary Margaret here. See, I'm helping her with her pregnancy and... Today's my first day on the job. You know, curse or no curse a girl's got to work.
Belle: Mary Margaret? Why didn't you say so? I think I may have just the thing.
Zelena: Bless you.
Belle: Just a second. (As soon as Belle turns around, Zelena magically stuns her. Then, Zelena quickly walks up to a safe hidden behind a painting. Opening the safe’s blood lock Zelena takes out a root.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Town Hall. Mayor’s Office. Hook, David and Emma are looking for evidence. David notices a red-colored partial footprint on the floor.

David: I think I have a partial footprint. You guys see anything?
Hook: Other than an austere sense of design? Nothing. (Crouching down David examines the partial footprint more closely. Emma joins him.)
Emma: Is that blood?
David: (sniffs) It's berry.
Emma: Like a fruit?
David: No, like holly berry. They grow on bushes.
Hook: Are you some sort of botanist in this life, mate?
David: I’ve worked in an animal shelter. Saw dogs track them all the time. The bushes grow in the woods.
Emma: You know where?
David: Yeah, in the north-west corner, not far from the toll bridge. (David’s cell phone vibrates. Reading the message David sighs.)
Emma: Everything okay?
David: Mary Margaret needs me to come back to the loft. We’re getting a midwife and she wants to meet the both of us.
Hook: A bit demanding, isn't she? I meant the midwife.
Emma: It's fine. Go.
David: No, we just got on track here.
Emma: And I’ve got it covered. She needs you. Just meet us when you get done.
David: (sighs) Alright. (exits)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Dark Palace. The stables. Prince Charming enters. Opening a saddle bag he takes out a flask and takes a sip. Robin Hood enters the stables.

Robin Hood: I used to keep a bottle hidden in my quiver. (Hood carries arrows with him. The arrows’ heads are gilded.)
Prince Charming: I... How is it gold-tipped arrows?
Robin Hood: Payment for helping the Queen break into her castle. Never thought I'd be paid to break in somewhere. It just feels wrong somehow. (puts the arrows in his quiver)
Prince Charming: It's very generous. The Queen must like you.
Robin Hood: It's a pity she wants me out of her castle as soon as possible, but for now, it's the best place for my boy. With that witch on the loose, my first priority is keeping my family safe. I'm sure you understand that.
Prince Charming: I do. (sighs)
Robin Hood: If you don't mind me saying, you, uh... you look like a man who needs some sleep more than a drink.
Prince Charming: I would, if I could.
Robin Hood: Mm. Yeah, I’ve been there. (Prince Charming offers Hood the bottle. Hood takes a sip.) Is there anything you want to talk about? (Prince Charming sighs) Or not talk about?
Prince Charming: It's just... I’ve always known everything would work out for the best. When I was last in the Enchanted Forest, I dueled a Black Knight to put my newborn in a magic wardrobe to flee a curse and never once did my confidence waver.
Robin Hood: Then, what's changed?
Prince Charming: That's just it. I don't know. I just can't seem to escape this feeling of dread. And I really need to be there for Snow, right now. And I can't be distracted by this... This fear.
Robin Hood: So, don't be.
Prince Charming: Easier said than done.
Robin Hood: After my wife died, Friar Tuck told me of a root, that if digested would help one overcome any and all fears. (Prince Charming prepares to leave.)
Prince Charming: Where do I find it?
Robin Hood: It's said to grow under the white moss at the edge of Sherwood Forest. Just south of here.
Prince Charming: White moss. Anything else?
Robin Hood: It has flakes of crystal within its flesh. It looks like stars.
Prince Charming: Stars?
Robin Hood: That's why they call it "night root“.
Prince Charming: Did it help you?
Robin Hood: I don't really dabble in magic unless I have to.
Prince Charming: Well, I may not have that luxury. (Carrying a saddle Prince Charming exits the stables)
Robin Hood: You should know they uh... say that that part of the forest is haunted.
Prince Charming: Haunted? (stops in the doorway)
Robin Hood: You may need the night root to handle the fear of your journey to stop your fear. Perhaps the flask was the right idea.
Prince Charming: I'm not afraid of a ghost story, not when my family is at stake. Thank you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment.

Zelena: (laughing) No, he caught you in a net?
Mary Margaret: Well, I had just robbed his carriage.
Zelena: (laughing) Oh, my God. You two got quite a love story. (David enters)
Mary Margaret: Well, speak of the handsome devil. Zelena, this is David. (Getting up Zelena greets David)
Zelena: Mr. Nolan, it's so lovely to meet you.
David: (sits down) Okay, so, I'm here. Shall we get this started?
Mary Margaret: Oh, it sounds like you mean 'shall we get this finished?‘
David: No, no. I'm here. Let's do this.
Mary Margaret: Before we begin, I'm gonna get us a cup of tea.
Zelena: No, no, no. Let me make you some tea. (stands up) After all, that's what I'm here for. (enters the kitchen) To make your life as easy as possible.
Mary Margaret: (quietly to David) I mean, isn't she wonderful?
David: Yeah, she seems perfect. But can we trust her? We don't even know her.
Mary Margaret: It's entirely possible we were all friends in our missing year.
David: And it's possible we weren't. Look, I just wish we'd knew more about her. It's not like we can ask for references from a missing year.
Mary Margaret: She knew Johanna.
David: You're nanny growing up?
Mary Margaret: (excited) Yes. They were friends. (Zelena brews tea for all three of them)
David: (sighs) Small world.
Mary Margaret: David, if any part of this feels wrong to you - to either one of us - we can always change our minds. Let's just hear her out, right? (Zelena adds a small amount of night root to one cup of tea. Then, she joins Mary Margaret and David again.)
Zelena: Here we go. I hope chamomile is okay. I’ve found it's excellent for the nerves. (placing the grey mug containing the night root before David, Zelena serves Mary Margaret and herself the remaining mugs)
Mary Margaret: Perfect.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Sherwood Forest. Searching for night root Prince Charming rides through the forest. Coming to a spot where white moss grows he dismounts and digs up a root. Chopping off one slice of the root he takes a closer look at it.

Prince Charming: Just like stars. Night root.
Woman: Help! Please, help. (Drawing his sword Prince Charming decides to follow the sound. Stepping through a gap in the undergrowth he finds himself on a clearing. At the edge of the clearing there’s standing a tower.)
Woman: Up here! Please. (Slowly, Prince Charming climbs up the tower’s wall using a queue of hair as a rope. Panting, he finally climbs through a window.) You're... you're the first person I’ve seen in such a long time.
Prince Charming: How long have you been up here?
Woman: I’ve lost count of the years. Are you a prince?
Prince Charming: Yes, you can call me David. A tiara? Are you a princess?
Woman: Yes, but you can call me Rapunzel. My parents are the king and queen of my realm. Great leaders. Adored by our people.
Prince Charming: Why did you leave your kingdom?
Rapunzel: For the same reason you did. I saw what you were digging up.
Prince Charming: You came for the night root?
Rapunzel: Yes. When I got older, I knew, I just knew I could never be a leader like my parents. But at least I had my older brother. He was next in line. But then, something happened. Something horrible.
Prince Charming: I'm sorry.
Rapunzel: It was a terrible, terrible accident. And after his death, this fear started to overwhelm me. When I closed my eyes...
Prince Charming: (nods) Then the nightmares would come.
Rapunzel: They crippled my sleep.
Prince Charming: Did you take the night root?
Rapunzel: Yes. It didn't work. Coming to get it was the greatest mistake in my life.
Prince Charming: Then, how are you still here?
Rapunzel: Before I could return home a witch appeared, her face hidden under a cloak. She attacked me and chased me to this tower.
Prince Charming: You don't have to worry about her anymore. I'm getting you out of here.
Rapunzel: (grabs Prince Charming’s arm) You don't understand. She won't let me. Whenever I try to leave, she... (Suddenly, the candles go out. Prince Charming looks out of the window. A hooded figure approaches the tower. The figure wears a violet grown with white pattern woven in. Draped in an earth-brown cloak the figure’s clothing matches the night root’s appeareance.) It's too late. She knows you are here. (The hooded figure climbs up the tower.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment.

Zelena: You've already gone through labor once, so at least you know what to expect.
Mary Margaret: Oh, yes. We both do. (To David) I don't think your hand has recovered from my squeezing it.
David: Well, it's been almost thirty years. I'm sure it'll heal.
Zelena: Keep in mind, the second birth can progress much faster than the first.
Mary Margaret: Well, that's putting it mildly. I seem to have gone from zero to due date in the blink of an eye.
Zelena: How's our father doing?
David: Oh. Me? I'm fine. I'm great.
Zelena: Look, Mary Margaret was telling me earlier about what happened during the first curse. Loosing your daughter is... It's tragic. Look, I don't mean to pry, but she did express anxieties about all of this.
David: You did?
Mary Margaret: David, we’re missing a year of memories in the Enchanted Forest. We suddenly find ourselves in Storybrooke about to have a baby. It's a bit disconcerting.
Zelena: I think it's best to just get these anxieties out in the open. Feelings, especially those we keep bottled up can effect a pregnancy just as much as diet and exercise. Look, I suppose what I'm trying to say is, that if you've got any fears at all about any of this, it's best to just get it out in the open.
David: I don't. Whatever is coming, we'll get through it. (puts an arm around Mary Margaret)
Zelena: Cheers to that, then. (They clink mugs and drink) You're so lucky to have such a brave husband. So fearless. Speaking of which, Mary Margaret alluded that we pulled you away from some important town business. You know, I think we’ve done enough for today. We should just let you get back to it. (shakes his hand) It was wonderful to meet you, Mister Nolan.
David: Uh... David. Nice to meet you, too, Zelena.
Zelena: The pleasure is all mine.

SCENE: Storybrooke Present day. David Nolan drives through the woods and stops the car. Getting out of the car he grabs his sword. He’s unaware that a hooded figure follows close behind him.

SCENE: Storybrooke Heritage Park. Present day. Henry and Regina Mills walk together. Henry enjoys ice-cream.

Regina: The ice-cream good?
Henry: Delicious. My mom used to take me for Gilato in Little Italy. But this is just as good.
Regina: Well, Storybrooke's got his own charm. Though, I know, it must seem quaint compared to the big city.
Henry: It's nice, actually. New York's great, but there's so many people - that can make you feel...
Regina: Alone?
Henry: Yeah.
Regina: Yeah. That's the best part of a small town. Everybody knows everybody. It's like... It's like a big family.
Henry: Can I tell you something?
Regina: Sure.
Henry: I don't think it was just the case, that brought my mom to Storybrooke.
Regina: What do you mean?
Henry: I think she wanted to get out of New York for a while.
Regina: What? Why do you think that?
Henry: My mom's boyfriend. His name is Walsh. He proposed to her.
Regina: (nods) Oh.
Henry: And two days later she's taking me out of school for some job in Maine. She wouldn't take a job in Queens, if it meant, I'd miss school.
Regina: What do you think happened?
Henry: I don't know. But I doubt, we'd be here, if she'd said yes.
Regina: And, how do you feel about it? Did you like him, this Walsh?
Henry: I liked how happy he'd made her. Plus, it might be nice having more than two place settings during holidays.
Regina: I think, one day you'll have more family than you'll know what to do with.
Henry: You think so?
Regina: I really do. (gives Henry a smile)

Storybrooke. Present day. The woods. Hook and Emma pass by a holly berry bush. Using his hook Hook shakes some berries off the bush.

Emma: (watches him) You'll look for any excuse to use that thing, won't you?
Hook: At least we know we’re in the right place. What now?
Emma: Now, we start searching.
Hook: You know something, Swan? Whenever you're around, I inevitably find myself trekking through some manner of woods or forest, courting danger.
Emma: Here I thought you weren't afraid of anything. Always looking for the next adventure.
Hook: Oh, is that, what this is?
Emma: Isn't it? What the hell were you doing the last year on that ship? I'm guessing it was one swashbuckling tale after another. Till you decided to come back and save me.
Hook: Exactly.
Emma: (turns around to face him) You're lying.
Hook: Excuse me?
Emma: What happened back there? What aren't you telling me?
Hook: Nothing. It's my tale. I'm sticking to it.
Emma: Still don't believe you.
Hook: Well, let's leave at that and you can just say thank you.
Emma: For my memories? I already did.
Hook: Well, from saving you from a loveless marriage.
Emma: You think that's what you were doing?
Hook: He was a flying monkey.
Emma: I didn't know that.
Hook: Were you considering it? His proposal?
Emma: Does it matter?
Hook: Humor me.
Emma: Yes. Okay? I was in love, so of course, I was considering it. As usual, he wasn't who he said he was and I got my heart broken. Enough humor for you?
Hook: Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad to hear that.
Emma: You're glad to hear I had my heart broken?
Hook: If it can be broken, it means it still works. (After a moment Emma turns around and walks on. Climbing up a hill they stop in front of the Zelena's Farmhouse.)
Emma: A farmhouse. You have to appreciate the irony.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. In the woods David examines a holly berry bush. Still, the hooded figure follows him. Feeling uneasy David looks around several times. Briefly, the hooded figure watches him giving up her cover behind a tree. David dials Emma’s number on his cell phone.

Emma: You’ve reached Emma Swan of Big Apple Bail Bonds. Leave a message and I’ll call you back.
David: Emma, it's David. I'm at the trail head. And, I think I’ve found her. The Wicked Witch. I'm going after her. (David ends the call and sneaks closer carefully approaching the hooded figure.)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Sherwood Forest. The Tower. The hooded figure climbs up the tower approaching Prince Charming and Rapunzel.

Rapunzel: I should never have called you. I'm the one she wants. (pulls Charming away from the window) If you leave now, maybe she'll spare you.
Prince Charming: No, that's not the way this works. I'm getting you back to your family.
Rapunzel: Please, she'll kill you. You can't save me. There's nothing you can do.
Prince Charming: No, I can save you and I will.
(Prince Charming leans out of the window lashing out with his sword. Hitting nothing he first looks down seeing no opponent. Carefully, Prince Charming looks upwards instead. The hooded figure attacks. Prince Charming crashes back first against the tower’s wall. Entering the tower the hooded figure now faces Rapunzel.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. In the woods. Wielding his sword David Nolan cuts a mark into a tree. Puzzled, he turns around facing his opponent. Taking David by surprise his opponent is able to knock David to the ground.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Zelena's Farmhouse. Hook and Emma carefully approach the house looking through the windows. In the kitchen there’s a teakettle standing on the table.

Emma: (whispering) There's definitely someone living here. Looks empty right now, though.
Hook: (whispering) Why are we whispering?
Emma: (whispering) Because good hideouts always look empty. Trust me. I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down people who don't want to be found. I know about hiding out. (Sneaking around the house Emma notices a bicycle standing there. Emma notices a storm cellar located in the garden.) A storm cellar. (Hook and Emma approach the cellar. The door is locked. Emma draws her pistole, but Hook stops her.)
Hook: Whoa, wait. Wait. It's one thing walking around a deserted farmhouse, it's quite another descending into a one-way cellar with no way out.
Emma: Scared?
Hook: (sighs) There's a difference between fear and strategy. We know she's got flying monstrosities. Who knows what's down there? If this witch is as powerful as we think, we could use some magical backup. Unless, you've been practicing in New York City.
Emma: Okay, I'll call Regina. Have her drop Henry at Granny's. I'd like to see those flying monstrosities trying to get past her crossbow.
Hook: And her lunch special. (Emma discovers she received a message from David.)
David: Emma, it’s David. I’m at the trail head. And, I think I’ve found her. The Wicked Witch. I’m going after her.

Storybrooke. Present day. The woods. The hooded figure approaches David, who lies on the ground. Sensing someone standing over him David grabs his sword. Swiftly, he gets up. Then, David turns around stabbing his opponent. Unimpressed, the hooded figure lifts David up strangling him in the process. Pulling back the figure’s hood David Nolan faces himself.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Sherwood Forest. The Tower. As Prince Charming tries to get up so he could assist Rapunzel, the hooded figure shackles him using a rope made of hair produced by magic. The hooded figure than approaches a scared Rapunzel.

Prince Charming: (shouting) Hey! Get away from her. (The hooded figure turns around to face Prince Charming.)
Night Root Rapunzel: I am her.

Storybrooke. Present day. In the woods.

David: (with a strained voice) What are you?
Night Root David: I'm you. (Chuckling, Night Root David pushes David back to the ground. David picks up his sword.)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Sherwood Forest. The Tower.

Prince Charming: Rapunzel, it's not a witch. It's you. You said she appeared after you had the night root. You thought, it didn't work, but it did. The root allows you to overcome your fears by facing them.
Rapunzel: I can't. Please help me.
Prince Charming: She's your fear. Only you can defeat her.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. In the woods.

Night Root David: You can't defeat me. I smell your fear. It's like a stench. The stench of a scared shepherd boy who strayed to far from his farm.
David: I'm not scared of anything. (He attacks Night Root David. Smoothly, Night Root David parries his strokes.)
Night Root David: (laughing) If that were true, I wouldn't be here. (David attacks his opponent once again. This time his sword tilts and Night Root David forces David down to his knees.)

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Sherwood Forest. The Tower.

Prince Charming: You have to face her, Rapunzel. You must.
Rapunzel: (scared) No, I can't. (Freeing himself Prince Charming launches himself at Night Root Rapunzel throwing her out of the window. Night Root Rapunzel climbs back up slowly approaching Rapunzel. Prince Charming remains behind.)
Prince Charming: (shouting) Listen to me. Your fear was you could never be leader like your parents. Like your brother. Own it and you can do this.
Rapunzel: No, I can't.
Prince Charming: Yes, you can. Cut it away. Let it go. If you do, you can finally have what you want. You can leave this tower.
Rapunzel: I don't want to leave.
Prince Charming: I understand. Believe me, I do. To be frightened of an uncertain future. It may feel safe here, but if you don't face that future, Rapunzel, you will die. Alone. Is that what you want?
Rapunzel: No.
Prince Charming: You know what you have to do. Do it! (Rapunzel cuts the rope.)
Rapunzel: I did it.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. The woods. With a single powerful stroke, Night Root David cuts David’s sword in a half.

Night Root David: Don't you see? Your fear makes you weak.
David: No, I'm not afraid.
Night Root David: Saying that doesn't make it so.
David: I'll die to protect my family.
Night Root David: That doesn't make you fearless. Even as the point is proven. (Night Root strangles David.) Give in. It's easier. (David gets a glimpse of Emma’s car approaching)
David: I am afraid. I am afraid I won't be a good father. But I won't let that stop me. Not now. (Using his broken sword’s hilt David stabs Night Root David. It crumbles to dust. Panting, David notices that the hilt lies beside him. However, before he can lift it off ground the hilt vanishes in a cloud of green smoke. Emma, Regina and Hook approach him.)
Emma: David, you okay? (David nods)
Regina: Well, where is she?
David: It wasn't her.
Hook: Then, who was it? You look whiter than a fresh sail.
David: Myself.
Hook: Come again?
Regina: It's the witch. She's toying with us.
David: Did you guys find where she might be hiding?
Hook: A farmhouse. We think it's hers.
David: Then let's end this. Let's send this witch back to Oz.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Sherwood Forest. Prince Charming and Rapunzel are leaving the clearing.

Rapunzel: I was swimming in the river, where I shouldn't have been. Where my parents had always warned us to avoid. I got caught in the rapids. My brother dove in after me. He saved me, but couldn't save himself.
Prince Charming: I'm sorry.
Rapunzel: The throne was his. I didn't know if I could be queen. And if I didn't know, how could my parents believe in me?
Prince Charming: That's who you are. You can't hide from it forever. From them.
Rapunzel: You really think they'll forgive me?
Prince Charming: You're their child. Of course, they'll forgive you.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Castle. Prince Charming returns Rapunzel to her parents.

Rapunzel: Mother? Father? (Crying, they hug their daughter.)
Snow White: Are you going to tell me, why you were out in the woods all night?
Prince Charming: I was there because I was afraid.
Snow White: Afraid? Because we lost Emma.
Prince Charming: Once as a baby and then again, when we were forced to return to the Enchanted Forest without her.
Snow White: No, neither time was our fault.
Prince Charming: I know. But, because we lost her, I was never a father.
Snow White: You have been a great father.
Prince Charming: To her now. I didn't raise her. And this child? This one? I don't know. I’ve never done this before and I don't know if I can.
Snow White: You don't have to. We’re going to do this the way we do everything. Together.
Prince Charming: How did I forget that? Now, come on. We have a nursery to build.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. In the woods.

Hook: Any particular reason she would send a demon who looks like you?
David: No idea. It was just there wearing my face, harping on my deepest fears.
Regina: It knew your deepest fears?
David: Yeah, things I never told anyone, even Mary Margaret. It wasn't until I'd admitted them that I was able to defeat it by stabbing it with the hilt of my sword.
Regina: Where is it? Your sword?
David: Well, that's the strange part. After I killed it, the hilt... it disappeared.
Hook: What's that mean, then?
Regina: When we face our deepest fears, our true courage comes out. When you used the hilt of your sword to vanquish your fears, your courage transferred into it.
David: Why did it disappear?
Regina: It didn't disappear. She took it.
Emma: Hang on. The Wicked Witch stole his courage?
Regina: Well, a symbol of it, at least. And symbols can be powerful totems.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Blanchard Apartment. Preparing to leave Zelena opens her handbag. The sword hilt is stored inside.

Zelena: Of course. I so loved getting to know you. And please, thank David again, for meeting with me. You know, I heard so many stories about your courageous prince, I just... I just feel so lucky to have met you both.
Mary Margaret: Oh, we’re the lucky ones. With this curse I had no time to prepare for the baby, and suddenly I feel like I can stop panicking.
Zelena: Of course, you can. There's no reason to be scared. That's what I'm here for. (Mary Margaret hugs Zelena)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Zelena's Farmhouse. David, Hook, Regina and Emma approach the storm cellar. Emma notices that the lock is now broken.

Emma: That lock. It wasn't busted before. (Emma reaches for her gun and Hook draws a sabber) Ready? (David opens the cellar’s door)
Hook: So far, so good.
Emma: Everyone, stay alert. Come on. (Carefully, Emma walks down the stairs. David, Regina and Hook enter the cellar, too)
Regina: There's definitely dark magic here. (to Emma) Can you feel it?
Emma: I don't know. Maybe. Whatever I feel, it's not good. (notices a cage standing in the room. The lock is broken, too) What would the Wicked Witch keep in a cage? Monkeys?
David: No, no monkeys. (David turns on the lights. A spinning wheel is standing inside the cage. Then David crouches down picking up straw from the ground) How many people do we know who can spin straw into gold?
Emma: Rumplestiltskin.

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