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You don't know what you want. But I do. I didn't make the sacrifices I did in life to get you to the cusp of greatness so that you could end up the wife of a stable boy.

Cora to Regina

"The Stable Boy" is the eighteenth episode of Season One of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, and directed by Dean White. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 1, 2012.


Emma continues her exhaustive search for evidence that will prove Mary Margaret's innocence in the murder of David's wife, Kathryn. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was and before evil blackened her soul, Regina must choose between betraying her mother, Cora, and marrying for true love, or betrothing royalty and living a regal - but loveless - life; and the event that caused the Evil Queen to hate Snow White is revealed.[1]


This section is a detailed recap of this episode. There are major spoilers. Click to expand.

Regina is in her office in Storybrooke, when Mr. Gold comes to visit. He asks for her assistance in having the charges of assault, on Moe French, dropped. In return, he offers his help with Regina's problem with Mary Margaret and David Nolan. He suggests that if something was to happen to Kathryn, Mary Margaret would take the blame. He further tells Regina that she could leave a key in Mary Margaret's cell after she is arrested, as bad things happen to those who leave Storybrooke.

In the Enchanted Forest, the Evil Queen is riding her horse while her father Henry watches joyfully, cheering her on. Her mother Cora however, criticizes her "unladylike" performance, decries that she is getting too old not to be married, and suggests that she use a saddle. Henry tries to defend Regina with no luck. Daniel Colter offers her a saddle, but Regina snaps back, saying she is done riding for the day. She questions Cora's intentions, but her mother stops her from walking away by using magic to levitate her and choke her. Regina dislikes the use of magic by her mother, and promises to be good before she runs off. She meets Daniel in the stable where she apologizes for snapping at him when her parents were watching, and the two kiss.

In Storybrooke, Emma Swan is leaving Granny's Diner, and David wants to ask about Mary Margaret. He tries to explain why he had questioned her innocence. He asks to see Mary Margaret, but Emma says that she does not want to see him. At the sheriff's station, Mary Margaret is asleep, but wakes suddenly to find Regina there. Mary Margaret questions why no one will believe her, and Regina lists the evidence against her, telling her to confess and avoid a trial. Mary Margaret asks Regina why she hates her so much.

In the Enchanted Forest, Daniel and Regina meet; he wants to go riding, but she has to leave for tea. Daniel is confused as to why she is afraid to tell her mother of their relationship. She tells him that Cora wants her to be more ladylike and a social-climber, despite being the daughter of a miller herself; Regina also adds that Cora's magic is powerful and dangerous, but Daniel says that true love is the most powerful magic of all before kissing her. Suddenly, they hear a scream. A little girl holds on tightly as her horse runs out of control, and Regina goes after her on her own horse. She successfully rescues the girl, who thanks Regina for saving her life. The girl introduces herself as Snow White, and the two hug. Regina advises her to get over her fear by getting back on the horse, as soon as possible.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Mr. Gold discuss having Mary Margaret talk to the D.A. about the case. He says that the skeleton key is not sufficient proof of Regina being complicit. Mr. Gold says that her personality can help get the charges dropped, if she meets with the District Attorney. Sidney Glass drops off some flowers and says that he cannot find anything connecting Regina to the case: no damaging phone records nor evidence that she owed a hunting knife, but that he will keep looking. Mary Margaret agrees to being interviewed by the District Attorney, Albert Spencer, just as he arrives.

In the interview room, the D.A. talks about the case against her. He asks about the incident in the school when Kathryn slapped her, and he asks if she wanted Kathryn gone, since Kathryn was keeping her and David apart. Despite answering, "No," several times and Mr. Gold saying that she was done talking, Albert keeps pressing on. Mary Margaret snaps that she did want Kathryn gone, but is then horrified at having said that. Emma and Regina watch the interview outside, and Regina smiles at her outburst.

In the Enchanted Forest, Regina is in her dining room when Cora comes in and, using magic, gives her a gorgeous dress to wear. She explains that the king is coming, because it was his daughter who Regina rescued. King Leopold arrives to thank Regina for saving his daughter. He explains that Snow White lost her mother years ago, and that he has been looking for a wife worthy of Snow White ever since. He proposes to Regina, which Cora accepts for her. Regina runs into the stable to meet with Daniel. She explains what has happened with the king and says that they should run, because she only cares about him, and she would rather be poor with him than Queen without him. Daniel then slips a ring on her finger, much to Regina's excitement, and the two kiss. Snow White stumbles upon the couple and runs off with Regina chasing after her.

Regina and Snow White talk about why Regina was kissing Daniel. She explains that she does not love Snow White's father, and Snow White questions this as she had wanted Regina to be her mother. Regina tells her that true love is the most power magic of all and that it creates happiness. Snow agrees that Regina should marry Daniel. Regina says Cora will stand in her way, and asks Snow White to keep their love a secret, which Snow White agrees to do.

In Storybrooke, Emma is reading Henry's storybook when August Booth shows up. She questions her super power of good instincts. August says that his perspective changes as he writes and starts his book over once it does. He tells her to examine what she knows now that she did not in the beginning of the investigation, and, knowing those things, how she would she have done things differently. Emma decides to go back to the crime scene with August, where Ruby found the heart. When they arrive as the Toll Bridge, the sign now has an "R" written in, changing it to Troll. August has some trouble walking, due to shin splints, but insists it is nothing. Emma looks into the hole Ruby dug up and finds a shard from a shovel. Emma realizes that if she can find out who owns that shovel, they can clear Mary Margaret. August asks if she knows whose shovel it belongs to, and Emma responds with a knowing smile. August and Emma go to Regina's house where Henry has left them a key to get in. While Regina is in the shower, Henry signals her on his walkie-talkie that the coast is clear. In the shed, Emma finds the shovel with the complimentary broken piece, and she and August smile.

In the Enchanted Forest, Cora and Snow White talk about the wedding, and being a flower girl. Cora mentions how close Snow White and Regina have become. Cora asks Snow White why Regina has pulled away from her and says she would do anything to make her happy. Cora plays on how terrible it is to lose a mother as Snow White herself knows. Snow White tells Cora not to make Regina marry the king, as it would drive Cora and Regina apart. Snow tells Cora that Regina loves someone else, thinking it will help. Cora insists that nothing will take her daughter away from her and says that Snow must tell her everything.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma shows up at Regina's and shows her a warrant to look in her garage. She tells Regina about the broken shovel fragment and that and anonymous caller said that Regina was there digging. Emma looks in the garage but finds a different, and now intact, shovel. Emma says that Regina had been warned and that Mary Margaret is innocent. A furious Regina says that Mary Margaret is a liar and murderer, and that she will pay for what she has done; she has destroyed the last life she ever will destroy.

Emma goes to see August and accuses him of involvement in warning Regina about the shovel. She questions whether or not he is lying. He says that he is not, but Emma walks away unconvinced. Regina visits Mary Margaret and taunts her about her having to suffer. Mary Margaret tries to apologize for whatever it was that she did that Regina blames her for, but Regina refuses to accept her apology. She admits that she knows Mary Margaret did not kill Kathryn, but that she still deserves this anyway.

In the Enchanted Forest, Regina and Daniel try to run away, but Cora stops them. She laughs and says Regina's life is hers because of the deals she had to make to get them out of poverty. Regina says that Daniel makes her happy, and Cora seems to understand. She says that a parent always does what is best for their children, then she rips out Daniel's heart and crushes it. Cora tells a distraught Regina that this is her happy ending and tells her that love is a weakness, as it fades. However, giving up love gives one true power, Cora has saved her, and that she will be queen.

Regina is fitted for her wedding gown, and Snow White comes in to says how beautiful she will be when she marries Daniel. Snow tells her about the talk she had with Cora. Regina is confused as to why Snow White told her despite Regina asking her not to, and Snow White says that she did not want Regina to lose her mother, like Snow White lost hers. Regina is momentarily devastated, but composes herself. When she turns away from Snow White, her pink lips momentarily turn crimson red, then fade back when she faces Snow White. She says that she is not mad and that she was not in love with Daniel, it was infatuation. She tells Snow White that she will marry Snow's father, and she is happy to be her stepmother. The two of them hug. Cora shows up and tells Regina that she is proud of her. Regina realizes that Cora set up her rescue of Snow White and growls that she should have let Snow White die instead.

In Storybrooke, Regina holds the ring Daniel gave her and says, "We've got her." Mary Margaret is being taken away by police, and Emma questions Mr. Gold's assistance. Mr. Gold insists that Regina hasn't won yet, and there is still time for him to work some magic. In a fit of anger, Emma throws the vase of flowers from Sidney at the wall and finds an audio chip hidden. Emma approaches August, apologizing for doubting him and shows him the bug. They hear a scream and run toward it. They find Ruby, who says that "she" is in the alley. Emma runs to the alley and finds Kathryn lying on the ground, alive.

Deleted Scenes

"I'm Your Friend Too" (Scene 28-29)

This scene is included on Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season.

David is sitting alone at Granny's when Regina comes in. She sits down next to him and he tells her that he is wanted to testify against Mary Margaret for the murder of Kathryn. David blames himself for what happened to Kathryn, but Regina reminds him that the car crash didn't kill her a person did (implying Mary Margaret). He wonders why Regina doesn't hate him, to which she claims that she is his friend. She then places her hand on top of his and says that she is here for him at anytime. He leaves and Regina thanks Sidney for letting her know David was there.

Mary Margaret is fixing up her bed in her cell when Emma enters. Emma tells her that Regina was one step ahead and the shovel was missing. Mary Margaret gets angry at Emma for this knowing that she could have run, but stayed because she trusted that Emma would be able to help her. Mary Margaret screams at Emma telling her to leave. Emma departs, but then, Mary Margaret hears footsteps and thinks it's Emma but it's Regina, much to her surprise.



Guest Starring




Production Notes

  • ABANDONED IDEAS: This episode's flashbacks were originally planned to be in the second episode of the first season.[6]
  • Regina grabbing Mary Margaret's face through the cell bars, was Lana Parrilla's idea.[12]
  • During the shooting of the scene where Cora kills Daniel, when Lana Parilla screamed "no!", Jerry the horse, who plays Rocinante, would constantly make sounds and kick the door in his stall, and had to be walked out.[3]

Event Chronology

Episode Connections

  • The manner in which Queen Eva died is explored in "The Queen Is Dead".
  • The revelation of how Cora learned to rip out hearts is shown in "The Miller's Daughter".
  • The origin of Cora's catchphrase, "Love is weakness" is revealed in "The Miller's Daughter".


Fairytales and Folklore

  • The excerpt from "The Golden Bird" appears in dozens of episodes; read the trivia section in the article for Henry's storybook for more information and a transcript.
  • At the Toll Bridge, the "Toll Bridge" sign has a little 'r' graffitied on the sign,[20] which makes the word "Troll Bridge", a reference to the bridge trolls from "Three Billy Goats Gruff".
  • Snow White calls Regina "the fairiest of them all", which is a reference to the iconic line from the "Snow White" fairytale: "Mirror mirror on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?"

Popular Culture

Props Notes

  • STORYBROOKE DAILY MIRROR: The main article on the cover of Emma's newspaper[23] (half the newspaper can be seen in the episode, while the rest of it can be seen on a newspaper prop which was auctioned off online)[24] says:

Note: The missing text is set in fuchsia:



Storybrooke Daily Mirror
News staff

Storybrooke Elementary school teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard was arrested in connection to the
mysterious disappearance of Kathryn Nolan.
Please see ➤ Mary Margaret behind bars – A5

A Storybrooke Elementary School teacher, Mary
Margaret Blanchard, was arrested yesterday and
charged with the murder of Storybrooke resident
Katherine [sic] Nolan, according to local law enforce-
Although the Sheriff's office will not release the
details of the incident, Sheriff Emma Swan says
that they have evidence linking Blanchard to a
violent struggle with Nolan on the night of
Nolan's disappearance. Blanchard is being held at
the Storybrooke Sheriff's and will await trial in
the upcoming weeks.
Blanchard was charged with felony counts of
murder, attempted murder and assault and a
misdemeanor count of criminal possession of a
weapon, Swan said.
She was arraigned in Story-
brooke City Court and processed for holding in
lieu of $500,000 bail.
Although Blanchard's motives remain unclear,
one Storybrooke resident who wishes to remain
anonymous claims that he recently saw
Blanchard and Nolan's husband David kissing
outside of a local diner. David Nolan has been
cooperative with the local law enforcement and while
he has been questioned, Swan insists that he is not
a suspect.
  • Another article reads:
Storybrooke Elementary
Girl is Crowned New
Champion at Regional
Spelling Bee

Neil Westlake

Storybrooke's own Tenaya Wilkins regional win is a pay off for
many evenings spent pouring through the dictionary and
memorizing entries while the rest of her friends would play at
the local park.

Storybrooke Daily Mirror
News staff

STORYBROOKE, MAINE – As it often does, it
came down to just one word for Storybrooke
Elementary's 10 year old "logophile" Tenaya
Wilkins. The word that ultimately got her
through to the sectionals, however, was a
veritable delay chain of letters: antidesptab-
. She aced it, however,
without breaking a sweat. Accepting her
trophy on the dais, she gave a glowing accolade
to her late grandfather, Stanley, who set her on
course towards a passion for words and the
spelling thereof.
"Words are more than just descriptors -adjec- [sic]
tives, nouns and verbs," Tenaya pointed out. "It
is almost as if they have their own colors and
music; they contain powerful ideas; they
contain emotions and feelings.
Tenaya's teacher, M. Tomlinson, is justifiably
proud of her student's well-earned victory on
Saturday afternoon. "Tenaya is a diligent
young student," she said after the event. "She is
a valuable asset to Storybrooke Elementary
and her classmates. she is a kind and helpful
child and has many friends.

  • Antidisestablishmentarianism is a political position that developed in 19th-century Britain in opposition to Liberal proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England.
  • CREW NAMES ON PROPS: Neil Westlake is a graphic designer and production staff member on the show. His name appears on several props throughout the series:
(click "show" to read)
  • The third article, which can only be seen on the prop newspaper which was auctioned off, reads:

Town Hall behind proposed legislation to
place new user fee on land fill waste

STORYBROOKE, MAINE -- As state regula-
tors decide if an Old Town landfill can more
than triple waste capacity. Mayor Regina
is recommending passage of a bill that
would levy a per-ton fee on waste the landfill
was established to hold
In a Jan 10 letter to the Maine Legislature's
Standing Committee on Environment and
Natural Resources, City adviser D. McLean
said the Mayor recommends a new $4-per-ton
fee of construction and demolition debris
(CDD) put into Storybrooke landfills, along
with a new $3-per-ton fee for any CDD
processing residues. Some landfills less than 6
acres in size would be exempt from fees under
Mills' plan.
The fees have two aims, McLean said; to regu-
late a long unregulated waste type often origi-
nating out-of-state to help Maine fund
approximately $5 million in landfill-related
"The Mayor gets it," Duchesne [sic] said. She has
made a policy statement saying that our
landfill resources are for the use of Mainers.

  • The fourth article, which can only be seen on the prop newspaper which was auctioned off, reads:

Storybrooke students to milk cows before sunrise

Storybrooke Daily Mirror
News staff

STORYBROOKE, MAINE -- It's pitch-black early on a Thursday morn-
ing and two Storybrooke Elementary students are waking up to start
their day.
Jeanne and Pamela are awake before 4 a.m. They'll get dressed and go to
get to the Storybrooke Farm in time to milk the cows, as part of their
work experience program.
My alarm goes off at 3.25 a.m., a time where many students are tucked
up in bed," Jeanne said. "It gives me just enough time to get dressed,
pack my backpack and be at the barn."
"I often don't get started with my homework until after 4 p.m. and by
then I am exhausted. We barely have time to eat, let alone come home
and take a shower after milking," Pamela said. Jeanne added that on
many occasions they had to skip their 8 a.m. class so that they could
come home and shower. "If you've never been around someone who has
been milking cows and playing in manure all day, they aren't the person
you want to sit next to in classes all day. We stink," Jeanne said
as Pamela laughed and nodded her head in agreement.
"We don't have a lot of leeway or freedom in our schedule."

  • Storybrooke Farm also appears in a newspaper article on the front page of the Storybrooke Daily Mirror in "Desperate Souls".[33]
  • The prop newspaper which was auctioned off also reveals the fifth article, which was adapted from a real life article published by the Grand Junction-based television station KKCO in January 2012[34] (note that one line of the transcript has been shrunken down to fit within the table):

Merit and bravery;
Grand Junction
Storybrooke Fire Depart-
ment Honors Volunteer
Firefighter K. Manning
for Outstanding Bravery
By Brian Shlonsky
Storybrooke Daily Mirror
News staff
We often look to firefighters, police and
paramedics to save our lives. But sometimes
t hey [sic] are called on to save each other.
Monday, two heroes from right here in
the Grand Valley were recognized for their service.
We often look to firefighters, police and
paramedics to save our lives. But sometimes
they are called on to save each other.Last
Monday, a hero from right here in Storybrooke
were [sic] recognized for their [sic] service.
Captain Clark Thompson and firefighter Jerome Gardner were each presented with a
medal of merit. The men were honored for their roles in
saving a member of their crew during the White
Hall fire back in September.
Captain K. Manning was presented with a
medal of merit. He was honored for his role in
saving a member of his crew during the Story-
brooke Forest
fire back in September.
They say actions taken during the fire
have been a learning experience for the
entire department. "This being a large scale
fire we definitely learned something, and
over the last several months we've talked
about the event and what we're going
to do in the future so this doesn't
happen again," Thompson said. During the
fire, Thompson and Gardner were putting out
flames when another member of their crew,
Cory Black fell through the floor. He
landed on his back in the basement.
Thompson called a "mayday," alerting
that there was a firefighter in trouble.
Thompson and Gardner then planned a
rescue, and were able to save Black's life.
[not used]
The men say although they are honored, but
they were simply doing their jobs.
K. Manning said although his [sic] honored, he
maintains he was simply doing his job.
"It's an absolute honor to receive this award,
and we're receiving it for doing our job.
It's what we signed up for," Gardner said.
[not used]
  • There is an internal feature called "the science of memory";[21] a subtle reference to the haze the Storybrooke residents live in, with their true identities completely wiped.
  • The newspaper contains an article about probiotics,[21] which are microorganisms that are believed to provide health benefits when consumed.
  • The back of the newspaper can be seen on the newspaper prop that was auctioned off.ref name="iCollector"/> The first article on the back page reads:

By H. Eshraghi
Storybrooke Weather Center

STORYBROOKE, ME. – The same storm set to
bring a new round of severe weather to parts
of the South this week will bring mostly rain
to the mid-Atlantic, but some snow to north-
ern New England and neighboring Canada
late this week.
Cold air will offer little resistance as the next
storm comes calling later Thursday into
The storm will bring rain to the I-95 cities
from Richmond, Va., to Boston, Mass., and
along the Ohio River from Cairo, Ill., to
Pittsburgh, Pa.
At the onset of the storm, a mix of wet snow,
sleet and rain is possible with a coating in
spots from along the southern tier of New
and the northern tier of Pennsylvania
through central Massachusetts to coastal
From northeastern upstate New York to
northern Maine and interior New Bruns-
, there can be a few inches (up to 15 cm)
of snow. Snowfall will tend to taper off
moving northward over southern Quebec
away from the bulk of the storm's moisture.

  • The main content of the article is a word for word rendition of a real weather forecast published on a Persian forum in October 2011.[35]
  • CREW NAMES ON PROPS: H. Eshraghi is a reference to Houman Eshraghi, who worked as an art department coordinator on Season One.
  • The second article is adapted from a real article published by Ireland's largest-selling daily newspaper Irish Independent in April 2007[36] (note that a few sentences in the transcript have been shrunken down to fit within the table):
Molly the top scorer
at whist drive

Whist Drive

Storybrooke Daily Mirror
News Staff

Molly O'Toole was the top score winner at the
Leskinfare whist Drive on April
10 last. In the ladies section, Mike Doyle and Eilish Murphy shared
first prize. In second place was Nick Furlong, while Anne Roche
was third. The half time winner was Maureen
Molly was the top score winner at the
Storybrooke Seniors Whist Drive on January
17 last. In the ladies section, A. Fleming was
first; P. MacDonald was second; and S. Gahan
was third. The half-time winners were: A.
Roche; P. Nolan and E. Murphy.
In the gents section, George Stephen's was first,
while Maura Kirwan was second.
Third place went to Tony O'Dowd, while the half-
time winner was Geraldine Doran.
In the gents section, M. Tomkins was first.
M. Cushe was second; and D. Rapple and B.
Roche was third. M. Graham was the half-
time winner.
The ticket prizes were won by Violet Bailey, George
Stephens (2), Molloy O'Toole (2), Jenny O'Donnell, Valerie Copeland, Philomena
Lambert and Mina Walsh.
The ticket prizes were won by: S. Owen, I.
O'brien [sic]; E. Furlong; E. Hayes; E. Sinnoll; N.
Carter; and S. Gahan.
The SWD staff would like to take the oppor-
tunity to thank all those who attended.
  • The third article is adapted from an article published by the Clinton, Connecticut department of Patch Media, an independent news and information platform, in January 2012:[37]
Officials Get Thumbs Up On
Renovation Grant For Town Hall

Applying for the grant was a quick process - and so
was receiving an affirmative answer.

Storybrooke Tech. gets $720,000
grant for "New Makeover"

By Fay Abrahamsson,
Patch Staff

By N. Evans
Storybrooke Daily Mirror Lifestyle Editor

The new facade of the newly renovated Storybrooke
Technical Institute is rightly lauded for its Art Deco
Architecture style. A generous grant will also provide
funds for its continuing upkeep.

It was good news during the budget
formulation season when First Selectman
Willie Fritz announced that the town has
received a $200,000 grant for future
renovation work at. The money comes
from the state Commission on Historic
The Storybrooke Technical Institute was
reticently awarded a three-year grant
totaling $720,000 from The Storybrooke
Philanthropy Advisors Society. It was
awarded to improve the look of the build-
ing which has suffered from decades of
underfunding and neglect.
Last October, Fritz and administrative
assistant Mary Schettino. [sic]

Last October, D. Fearn and administrative
assistant M. Soparlo broke all speed
records assembling the grant application in
just days.
They found out about the possible grant
money through Mary Donohue of the Commission on
Historic Preservation just a week shy of its due
They found out about the possible grant
money through the Philanthropy Advisors
Society website – just a week shy of its due
Donohue is the Survey and Grants Direc-
tor for the state Historic Preserva-
tion Office, a division of the Department of
Economic and Community Development.
Donahue was at town
hall for a tour and mentioned to officials
that the building, built in 1938, might be
eligible for the money.
J. Donohue is the Survey and Grants Direc-
tor for the Storybrooke Historic Preserva-
tion Office, a division of the Department of
economic and Community Development.
Donahue was at the Storybrooke Technical
Institute for a tour and mention [sic] to officials
that the building, built in 1938, might be
eligible for the money.
Because of its size, use and age, Clinton
Town Hall needs continual
updating, said Fritz.
In just three short months, the town
was informed that it was the recipient of
$200,000 for town hall.
Because of its size, use and age, Storybrooke
Technical Institute needs continual
updating, said Donahue.
In just three short months, the college
was informed that it was the recipient of
$720,000 for the college coffers.
skilled workforce. [sic] This grant will bolster
our efforts as we continue this important
Soparlo was beside herself with excite-
ment. "It's unbelievable how far it's
come," she said. "It was just saved from
the wrecking ball, essentially.
The town's Historic District Commission also
received a grant for $30,000 from
the Commission on Historic Preservation. For a. [sic]

In addition to the funding from The
Storybrooke Philanthropy Advisors
Society, the project has been awarded
more than $165,000 in grants from
various organizations and foundations,
including the Storybrooke Department
of Economic and Community Develop-
ment (SECD).
  • CREW NAMES ON PROPS: N. Evans is a reference to Nigel Evans, co-art director on three episodes of Season One.
  • CREW NAMES ON PROPS: M. Soparlo is a reference to Mark Soparlo, a member of the production staff on the show.

Set Dressing

Costume Notes

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: The clasps on Cora's coat has hearts on them,[42] a subtle nod to her future role in Wonderland.

Filming Locations


  • In the stables, Regina's hands are touching the sides of Daniel's face and he pulls them down. As the camera pans for a close-up of her face when Daniel says, "Then if I am to marry you", her hands are once again back on his face. Then, the camera angle changes to show a side view of both of them with Regina's hands held by Daniel again.
  • At the dock, Emma reads the latest edition of the Daily Mirror with an article detailing Mary Margaret's involvement in Kathryn's disappearance. Kathryn's name is misspelled "Katherine" in the article.[23]
  • As Emma runs through the alleyway to investigate, the back camera view shows she is wearing bright red gloves.[47] When the camera angle switches to the front after Emma reaches past the alley, her gloves are gone.[48]

International Titles



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