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Now it's time for you, like the serpent you so admire, to shed your skin.

Jafar to Amara

"The Serpent" is the fourth episode of ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It was written by Jan Nash and directed by Ralph Hemecker. It premiered on November 7, 2013.


When the Knave’s life is in danger, Alice has to make the tough decision on whether to use one of her three precious wishes and what that would mean for her and Cyrus. Her new friendship with Lizard reveals some of the Knave's backstory and Cyrus plots to escape. Meanwhile, Jafar’s plan to kill the Knave puts the Red Queen in a difficult position as she grapples with her feelings for him and her desire to get what she wants. In flashback, we explore Jafar's origins and find out what he truly wants from Cyrus.[2]


Deleted Scenes

A scene or segment with Jafar's Servant was deleted from the episode. However, the actor is still listed in the episode's press release.[2]



Guest Starring




Production Notes

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: During Jafar's visit to the Wonderland castle in "Trust Me", the vase of roses sitting in the Red Queen's throne room is full.[7] By the time the Red Queen imprisons Will Scarlet in this episode, the roses have dwindled in size.[8]

Event Chronology

Episode Connections


Fairytales and Folklore

  • On the Red Queen's orders, Will is sentenced to be executed via beheading and is put on the chopping block, a reference to the way the Queen of Hearts repeatedly calls for the beheading of those who displease her in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The crowd shouts "Off with his head", a reference to the Queen of Hearts iconic lines from the novel.
  • In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the executioner serves the Queen of Hearts. In this version, he serves the Red Queen.
  • The Red Queen sits in her throne room, playing chess all by herself,[10] a reference to the novel Through the Looking-Glass, where chess is the most important theme of the story.

Popular Culture

  • Cyrus breaks a wishbone[11] and says that people believe that when you break them the one who has the larger half gets a wish, a reference to the American tradition of breaking the wishbone of a turkey during Thanksgiving.

Props Notes

  • REUSED PROPS: The genie bottle in Jafar's collection, the one which used to belong to Gerard,[20] was reused for the tea party in the Once Upon a Time episode "Pretty in Blue", where it is lying on the table.[21]

Set Dressing

Costumes Notes

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: A part of Lizard's attire bares resemblance to lizard skin;[23] a reference to her nickname.

Filming Locations


  • In the wide shot of the crowd preparing for Will's execution at the Wonderland castle, Alice and Lizard can be seen at the back of the crowd.[31] In the wide shot of the watermelon flying in the air, the pair have disappeared,[32] before reappearing in the following shot.[33]
  • During Will's execution, Jafar, the Red Queen, Tweedledee and Tweedledum can be seen looking down to the execution stage.[34] However, during certain angles in the same scene, the four of them have disappeared.[35]

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