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This article focuses on the special. For the Season One episode, see "The Price of Gold".
For the Season Five episode, see "The Price".

"The Price of Magic" is the second Season Two special for ABC's Once Upon a Time. It premiered on April 14, 2013, and is hosted by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and narrated by Alan Dale.


ABC invites new and avid Once Upon a Time viewers to take a look at one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed shows. "Once Upon a Time: The Price of Magic" will explore the series in a way that will bring new viewers up to date—but which current viewers will also find illuminating - in discovering the consequences the residents of Storybrooke have had to endure since magic was introduced into the town, and whether Mary Margaret's path has been tainted since learning that her heart has been darkened after she killed Regina's mother, Cora. Series creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will provide some inside scoop on the importance of family, the characters' journeys and the mythology of the show. They will also tease what's upcoming in the exciting final four episodes of the season.[2]


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