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Sean: Where are you going?
Emma: To find her.
Sean: How?
Emma: The way you find Cinderella; with her shoe.

"The Other Shoe" is the third episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Jane Espenson & Jerome Schwartz, and directed by Steve Pearlman. It is the one hundred and fourteenth episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 9, 2016.


As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends and even long-lost enemies are reunited once again. When Ashley (Cinderella) searches for her step-family, intent on settling their unfinished business, Emma, Hook and Henry scramble to help her before it's too late. Meanwhile, Regina attempts to bribe Mr. Hyde for information about how to defeat the Evil Queen and Snow helps Dr. Jekyll find a suitable laboratory for his work. David makes a deal with Gold and delivers a message to Belle in exchange for new information about his father. In flashback, Cinderella attends a ball and meets her prince.[2]


Deleted Scenes

A scene/segment where Tisbe meets a duke at the ball, was cut from the episode, due to there being not enough time to dwell on this.[3]



Guest Starring



  • Navid Charkhi as Party Goer[4]
  • Serena Crouse as Party Goer[5]
  • Keilani Elizabeth-Rose as Party Goer[6]
  • Tristan Chad Ghostkeeper as Party Goer[7]
  • Nathaniel Gosselin as Party Goer[8]
  • Antoine Baby Harry as Castle Servant[9]
  • Scott Lockyer as Party Goer[10][11]
  • Billy Mustapha as Party Goer[12]
  • Emily Shuttleworth as Party Goer[10]
  • Morgan Tanner as Party Goer[13]
  • Liz Tookey as Party Goer[14]
  • Emma Willey as Party Goer[15]
  • Unknown twin sisters as Alexandra[16]
  • Unknown baby as Robin Hood
  • Unknown extra as Woman in Diner



Production Notes

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: Leroy says that, after they got Dopey out of the tree, Dopey went on to pursue a master's degree. The explanation for Dopey's absence is that, a few months before Season Six premiered, Jeffrey Kaiser announced that he was leaving the show.[23]
  • Mary Margaret's line, "Is this our life now... just defeat and repeat?" was written by Jerome Schwartz.[27]
  • The segment where Hook plays with Alexandra at Granny's Diner was an idea of Colin O'Donoghue, who is a father in real life and had a toddler at home at the time the episode was filmed.[21]
  • The scene where Jacob gives the invitation to the Tremaine family needed to be reshoot because of the surprising apparition of the sun, which spoiled the scene.[21]
  • During the scene at the crashed dirigible in the forest, the crew and the cast were attacked by mosquitoes. People would stop in the middle of a take and swat mosquitoes and spit them out of their mouth.[21] Clips from the attack are included in the Blu-ray/DVD blooper reel.
  • The scenes with Emma, Henry and Hook on the deserted road were filmed on a hot summer day and were tough to shoot, since Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue were both wearing leather jackets.[21]
  • The scene between David and Belle on the Jolly Roger is one of the favorite scenes of Jane Espenson, Jerome Schwartz and Steve Pearlman from this episode.[28]
  • HIDDEN DETAILS: When Emma, Henry and Hook are trying to remember the name of Cinderella's stepsisters, one of the suggested names is "Kalinda", a reference to show writer Kalinda Vazquez.[19]
  • The writers were not sure about using a pumpkin farm in this episode because they already used one on Season Five's "Dreamcatcher".[29]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: At the origin, Lady Tremaine was supposed to use her gun during the pumpkin's farm scene, but Steve Pearlman managed to convince the writers that the show does not need gun violence.[29]
  • Tim Phillipps had trouble delivering the line "Now, let's go to the palace. I'll wake the royal glass blower. You need new shoes.", which was a real tongue twister.[21]
    • This line was added because Lady Tremaine breaks one of Cinderella's glass slippers in this episode, but Cinderella was wearing both slippers at her wedding in "The Price of Gold".[29][30]
  • CUT CONTENT: Originally, Henry and Violet were also present in the lunch scene at the pumpkin's farm with Emma and Hook. They had to be cut from this scene as the crew did not have enough of time to do it.[21]
  • The scene where Mr. Gold is walking by the Jolly Roger was shot three weeks after the end of this episode's shooting, when the Lady Washington was present at Vancouver.[21]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: Originally, the episode was going to feature a voodoo mask similar to the transformation talisman used by Dr. Facilier in the Disney film The Princess and the Frog. The mask was created for the episode, but did not make it onto the screen.[31]

Event Chronology

Episode Connections


Fairytales and Folklore

  • When Sean asks Emma how she's going to find Ashley, Emma conjures up a shoe and replies, "The way you find Cinderella. Emma: With her shoe."; a reference to the classic fairytale, where the prince finds Cinderella by trying it on all the women in the kingdom.
  • STORYBOOK CONTENT: A micro-excerpt from the {Brothers Grimm's version of the "Cinderella" fairytale can be glimpsed in Once Upon a Time Volume II.[37] Very little is seen on-screen, but the text can be seen in its entirety on a prop page that was auctioned off online.[38] The text is directly copied from an online translation by Professor D. L. Ashliman of the University of Pittsburgh,[39] however, the name "Cinderella" has been replaced with "Ella", the character's real name on Once Upon a Time (unseen text is set in fuchsia):

Ella thanked him, went to her
mother's grave, and planted
the branch on it, and she wept
so much that her tears fell upon
it and watered it. It grew and
became a beautiful tree.
Ella went to this tree three times
every day, and beneath it she wept and prayed. A
white bird came to the tree every time, and whenever
she expressed a wish, the bird would throw down to
her what she had wished for.
Now it happened that the king proclaimed a festival
that was to last three days. All the beautiful young girls
in the land were invited, so that his son could select a
bride for himself. When the two stepsisters heard that
they too had been invited, they were in high spirits.
They called Ella, saying, "Comb our hair for us. Brush
our shoes and fasten our buckles. We are going to the
festival at the king's castle."
Ella obeyed, but wept, because she too would have
liked to go to the dance with them. She begged her
stepmother to allow her to go.
"You, Ella?" she said. "You, all covered with dust and
dirt, and you want to go to the festival?. You have

neither clothes nor shoes, and yet you want to dance!"
However, because Ella kept asking, the stepmother finally
said, "I have scattered a bowl of lentils into the ashes for
you. If you can pick them out again in two hours, then
you may go with us."
The girl went through the back door into the garden, and
called out, "You tame pigeons, you turtledoves, and all
you birds beneath the sky, come and help me to gather:

The good ones go into the pot,
The bad ones go into your crop."

Two white pigeons came in through the kitchen window,
and then the turtledoves, and finally all the birds beneath
the sky came whirring and swarming in, and lit around
the ashes. The pigeons nodded their heads and began to
pick, pick, pick, pick. And the others also began to
pick, pick, pick, pick. They gathered all the good grains
into the bowl. Hardly one hour had passed before they
were finished, and they all flew out again.
The girl took the bowl to her stepmother, and was
happy, thinking that now she would be allowed to go to
the festival with them.

Popular Culture

  • ABANDONED IDEAS: One of the stepsisters was considered to be named "Drizella" like in the Disney film. However, as many characters from the show have already a name finishing by "-ella" (Cinderella or Cruella), this idea was dropped.[40]
  • The poem Mr. Gold reads is a real poem called "Sleep Well", written by Scottish poet Murdoch Maclean.[42]
    • According to Jane Espenson, Robert Carlyle, who is Scottish, picked this poem out himself.[43] She looked at nursery rhymes and lullabies but couldn't find anything that would work, so Robert said he would find something. He e-mailed it to the writers, asking "will this work?", and the writers loved it.[19]

Props Notes

  • Mr. Hyde's handcuff were not long enough for the scene where he is dining in his cell, so they had to be lengthened.[19]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: The moment where Lady Tremaine picks up Cinderella's Glass Slipper with her cane was something they came up with on set and was not scripted.[19]

INV. ITEM 2027

DESCRIPTION: Antique round coin with
a center hole, cast in tin.

CONDITION: Well worn

PROVENANCE: The coin was taken off
the body of a dead man, a shepherd in
the wreckage of a cart. The man had
been stabbed, and was evidently dead
before the cart went off the cliff.

Set Dressing

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: When David visits Belle aboard the Jolly Roger, the captain's quarters are full of decorations added by her. One of them is a candle in a bottle[46] that is almost identical to the one conjured by Emma when she and Hook had lunch together aboard the ship in the Season Five episode "Siege Perilous".[47]

Costume Notes

Filming Locations

  • RECYCLED SET: The house also doubles as the home of Isla, Seraphina and their house sisters in the Season Seven episode "Flower Child".[79] A shed located on the farm was also used for the scene where Isla pours a bucket of mud onto Gothel[80]
  • Foxglove Farm has also doubled as locations for other productions:


  • This episode establishes that Ella was given the nickname Cinderella immediately before the King's ball, an event which takes place after Snow White and Prince Charming become an official couple. However, in the novel Red's Untold Tale (which takes place before Red Riding Hood meets Snow White in "Red-Handed" and therefore before Snow White and Prince Charming met), published one year before the episode was released, Red Riding Hood already refers to the character as Cinderella, when she says to Peter that animals adore her "every bit as as much as they do Snow White or Cinderella".[99]

International Titles



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