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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. At the town harbor, Belle is walking with Ariel.

Belle: So if the name Rumple gave you is correct, he works here. (She points ahead.)
(They stop near the harbor where a fisherman is busily working. He does not notice the two women standing nearby. Ariel smiles upon recognizing the man.)
Belle: Is that him? Is that Eric?
Ariel: Yes.
(The fisherman, Eric, hacks his cleaver into a fish; severing its head. Ariel looks downcast while Belle appears amused.)
Ariel: Wow. He must really hate me.
Belle: Go on, go to him. (Ariel sighs; smiling in nervousness. Belle physically pushes her towards him.) Go on.
(Ariel approaches Eric. He finally glances up and is stunned to see her.)
Eric: Ariel.
Ariel: (smiles) Eric.
(Eric takes off his work suit and walks up to her. They kiss passionately.)
(Belle looks on, pleased, when she hears a strange noise in the air. She looks up at the sky. In awe, she watches a flying ship poke out of the clouds. Ariel and Eric break apart to stare up at the ship as well.)
Ariel: What's that?
(The ship rapidly plunges down. It breaches past the barrier surrounding the town.)
Belle: He's back.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The town harbor. As the ship's walkway is pulled down to allow the passengers to descend down to the dock, the cheering voices from the townspeople is heard.

(Pan, in Henry's body, steps onto the walkway first, pausing as he takes in everything, and then proceeds to get off the ship. Behind him, Emma, Mary Margaret and David follow suit. Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Leroy, Mr. Clark, Walter, Mother Superior, Archie and Granny are some of the familiar faces who welcome their return. Granny gives Pan a hug. Leroy does the same as Granny takes Emma into her arms.)
Leroy: Yes! They're back! Emma! Oh! Snow! All right! (laughs and pats Granny on the back)
(Next to leave the ship is Regina, then Mr. Gold, who catches Belle's gaze. At the dock, Mary Margaret is pleasantly surprised to see Ariel. They share a hug. Mary Margaret beams at the sight of Eric. Nearby, Regina stands alone with a dejected expression on her face.)
Emma: (to Henry) How does it feel to finally be home?
Pan: (as Henry) Better than I ever imagined.
(Felix and the other Lost Boys descend the ship.)
(Belle and Mr. Gold have an affectionate embrace.)
Belle: I told you I'd see you again.
Mr. Gold: That's the last time I don't listen to you.
Neal: Hey.
Belle: Hey. (She pats his shoulder.) Welcome back.
Neal: Thank you. I, uh— (He shows them Mr. Gold's cane.) —I found this below deck. Thought you might need it.
Mr. Gold: Thank you, Bae, I do. (He takes the cane.) As a reminder of the man I was, which shall no longer be.
(The three of them huddle together happily. Regina, still alone, studies them.)
(The Lost Boys continue to leave the ship. In the crowd, John and Michael Darling anxiously await their sister. From the ship walkway, Wendy is the last to step off. Her eyes search the crowd, not seeing her brothers, though they spot her immediately.)
Michael: Wendy!
(The siblings rush to regroup.)
Wendy: Michael! (They hug.) John! (She and John hug.) Is it really you?
John: You have no idea how long we've been waiting to see you.
(Neal approaches them.)
Wendy: Do you remember Baelfire? (The foursome hug.)
Neal: So, now what?
John: I think it's time for the Darlings to go home. All of us.
(The scene turns to David and Mary Margaret. The rest of the townspeople surround them.)
Mary Margaret: (To David) How do you feel?
David: Pretty good, actually. I think the water must be working.
Hook: Aye, it is. Dreamshade overtook my brother the moment we left Neverland.
Mary Margaret: Gold will find a cure. You'll be okay.
Emma: I have to admit, there was a minute there I didn't believe we were all going to make it out of that place.
David: Well, we did.
(Mary Margaret notices Regina, eyes downcast, standing all by herself.)
Mary Margaret: (Loudly) And we owe a lot of it to her. Regina helped save us all.
(The townspeople murmur in astonishment. Regina looks equally surprised at Mary Margaret's open praise.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. In the Royal Castle, Evil Queen has just crashed Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding ceremony to make an ominous announcement.

Evil Queen: I shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do! (She flounces her skirt to turn and walk out of the room.)
Prince Charming: HEY!
(The Evil Queen halts and turns around. Prince Charming throws his sword at her, but she vanishes in a puff of black smoke before the weapon can penetrate her body.)
(The scene shifts to after the ceremony. Snow White storms into the castle's empty council room.)
Prince Charming: Snow, listen to me.
Snow White: What can you say? What can you possibly say to make me feel better?
Prince Charming: We just got married. That should be enough.
Snow White: Regina found a way to ruin it. She always does. We have to do something.
Prince Charming: Like what?
Snow White: I don't know! Storm her castle, seal her magic. There must be some way to fight back.
Prince Charming: She can't hurt us, you know that.
Snow White: I know that she is determined and so am I.
Prince Charming: Snow, she wants to take away our happiness. We can't win that fight on a battlefield.
Snow White: No, so how do you suggest we win it?
Prince Charming: By going on our honeymoon.
Snow White: What?
Prince Charming: That's the only way to show Regina that nothing she does can take away our happiness.
Snow White: How can you even think of leaving the kingdom now after the kind of threats she made?
Prince Charming: Threats. That's all they were. I mean, for all we know, that was just bluster, that--
Snow White: She finds a way. She always finds a way.
Prince Charming: And then we will be ready. But today, it's just a threat. (He sighs.) Let's not ruin this moment. Let's not ruin our honeymoon. We can go anywhere you want to go.
(While facing away from Prince Charming, Snow White strikes up an idea.)
Snow White: Anywhere?
Prince Charming: As long as it takes your mind off Regina for a few days.
(Snow White smiles and turns around.)
Snow White: The Summer Palace. It's where my parents spent their honeymoon. I always dreamt of going there with my husband.
Prince Charming: Well, now you can. (They kiss.) I'll make preparations for our journey. (He gives her another peck on the lips and laughs before darting out of the room.)
(Grumpy enters the room from a back entrance.)
Grumpy: Castle's secure. The Evil Queen's not gettin' past a single dwarf.
Snow White: Thank you, Grumpy.
Grumpy: You know, I couldn't help but overhear you and the prince. (She gives him a look.) Thin masonry. So, you're really going on a honeymoon now?
Snow White: He thinks it's the best way to send a message to Regina.
Grumpy: Yeah, I heard what he said. What do you think?
Snow White: I think... there's something at the Summer Palace that will help us defeat her once and for all. (Smiles)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. At the town harbor, Hook's ship is docked. The ship's sail remains black with Pan's Shadow trapped inside.

David: So what about that Shadow?
(Belle, David, Emma and Mr. Gold study the black sail.)
Mr. Gold: Don't worry, it's trapped. Just as it was in the candle. The only person that can free it is safely in here. (He glances down at Pandora's Box.)
(Pan walks over to Felix.)
Felix: What do you have in mind, Peter? (They observe Henry's family at a distance conversing in a group.) What if someone decides to open that box; let the real boy out?
Pan: That's not the problem, trust me.
Felix: What's the next step?
Pan: You need to be punished. (loudly, as Henry) Hey, Mom, Dad. What about Felix? He's still free.
Felix: (to Pan) What are you doing?
Pan: (aside, to Felix, as himself) They need to trust me.
(Henry's family members walk over.)
Regina: Henry's right. We can't just let Felix walk away free.
David: Don't worry, we got plenty of cell space for this guy. (He leads Felix away.)
Emma: You're safe now, Henry.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The pawnshop. As Belle, Emma, Pan, Neal and Regina look on, Mr. Gold places Pandora's box in a hiding spot in the floor.)

Mr. Gold: Once I seal the box in here, no one can break the spell but me. (He casts magic on the hiding spot. It gives off a golden shine.)
Pan: (as Henry) You're not going to do that?
Mr. Gold: Believe me, I want Pan trapped as much as you.
Emma: Don't worry, Henry.
Neal: He's not getting out of there.
Regina: We won't let anything happen to you again, I promise.
Mr. Gold: She's right. You needn't worry. As long as I'm alive, that boy will never see the light of day.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the pawnshop, Belle helps Mr. Gold put on a tie.

Belle: There. Perfect.
Mr. Gold: Thank you.
Belle: And you're welcome. So... what now?
Mr. Gold: (grasps her hands) Well, that's a question I haven't had to ask myself. I didn't think I had a future.
Belle: But you do. The boy wasn't your undoing. And neither was Pan. So now you can stop worrying about prophecies and start thinking about your future. There's endless possibilities; countless paths to take.
Mr. Gold: But there's only one of those paths I'm interested in.
Belle: Which one is that?
Mr. Gold: The one where you and I are together. (They kiss.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. At Granny's Diner, a town celebration is going on. Emma carries the Once Upon a Time storybook and sets it down on a diner table in front of Pan. He looks at it blankly.

Emma: Well, don't get too excited. Neal still had it in his room. We thought you'd want it. Especially since you just lived a fairytale of your own.
(He looks at her, unsure, and then smiles tentatively.)
Pan: (as Henry) Right. Thanks. (He flips it open. Emma looks confused by his reaction.)
Emma: You okay?
Pan: (as Henry) Yeah. Why?
(She doesn't answer, and then lets the subject drop.)
(At the counter, Hook is staring at Emma. Neal, with a drink in hand, plops down on the seat next to Hook.)
Neal: I don't think they serve rum at Granny's.
Hook: Don't worry, I'm not here to pursue the Lady Swan.
Neal: Yeah, you're just here to throw back a few with the dwarves.
Hook: I've made a decision when it comes to Emma. I'm gonna back off.
Neal: Back off?
Hook: For the sake of the boy. Let his parents have a fair shot without a... devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way. (He gulps down his drink.)
Neal: You're serious?
Hook: Yeah. I am devilishly handsome.
Neal: Thanks, man. (He drinks.)
Hook: Don't thank me yet. You see, I'm in this for the long haul. You've already walked out on Emma once. Not so sure she'll let you back in.
(Neal leaves the counter.)
(In another part of the diner, Mother Superior is happily chatting with Happy and Leroy. She glances to the side, her smile faltering, upon seeing Regina accompanied by Tinker Bell.)
Mother Superior: Green.
Regina: Her name is Tinker Bell.
Mother Superior: I know. I just didn't think I'd ever—
Tinker Bell: That you'd ever see me again? Likewise.
Regina: Give Tink her wings back.
Mother Superior: In case you forgot, I don't take orders from you.
Regina: She helped us. She's earned it. She even got pixie dust to work again.
Mother Superior: Really? Let's see.
Tinker Bell: Well, briefly. (She fiddles with the vial of pixie dust.) I mean, it sort of glowed for a moment. It's not something I can do at a drop of a hat.
Mother Superior: Well, then, there's your problem.
Tinker Bell: What?
Mother Superior: You don't believe in yourself anymore. How can I believe in you if you can't even do that? (She leaves.)
Tinker Bell: I need a drink. (She walks off as Regina follows.)
(At the diner table, Pan flips through the storybook. Emma and Neal watch him from the counter.)
Neal: How's he doing?
Emma: He's good as it can be expected.
Neal: So, uh, Emma, can we... make some time to... talk?
Emma: Isn't that what we are doing right now?
Neal: Yeah, uh... I just thought— (He pauses, looks over at Pan and then at her.) —maybe just the two of us.
Emma: Are you trying to ask me on a date?
Neal: You know, when you put it like that—
Emma: Neal, I don't know.
Neal: Listen, Henry's back and he's safe. We all are. Okay, look, I'll make it easier for you. Tomorrow I'm gonna be hungry just around lunchtime and so I'm gonna come here. (He points to a table.) I'm gonna sit in that booth and you're welcome to join me. And if not, I'll quit bugging you. (He walks away towards Pan.)
(Behind Emma, her parents give her knowing looks.)
Emma: Don't say it.
Mary Margaret: Say what?
Emma: That I owe it to Neal to go on a date with him.
Mary Margaret: You don't. You owe it to yourself.
Emma: I can't think about myself right now; not after what Henry just went through. (She leaves.)
David: Now who does she remind me of? (He looks at Mary Margaret.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. At the Summer Palace, Prince Charming carries Snow White, bridal-style, into the building, and sets her down.

Prince Charming: Snow, this is amazing.
Snow White: It's been so long since I've been here. Since anyone has. Oh, I miss this place. I'm so glad you talked me into doing this. (Prince Charming walks over to tug at her cloak ribbon.) Oh, not so fast. (Prince Charming makes an exasperated noise.)
Prince Charming: Between breaking the Sleeping Curse and taking back the kingdom and seven dwarves breathing down our necks, it's not like we've had a lot of time on our own.
Snow White: I know, but it's just I have something special planned for today.
Prince Charming: Well, what's wrong with right now?
Snow White: Trust me, what I have in mind is worth the wait.
Prince Charming: Ah, all right. (Snow White giggles.) I'll go stable the horses. (He departs from the building.)
(Once alone, Snow White pulls off her cloak; revealing her travelling clothes underneath. She uncovers a storage box and takes out a quill of arrows, a bowstring and Prince Charming's sword. She escapes the building by hopping out of a window and then hurries through a forest route. However, she halts when Prince Charming is standing in her way.)
Prince Charming: So, what exactly am I waiting for?
Snow White: How did you know?
Prince Charming: You had that look on your face.
Snow White: What look?
Prince Charming: The look you have when you are up to something. I'm guessing this little excursion has something to do with Regina's threat.
Snow White: When I was a little girl, the palace servants used to tell stories about a fearsome creature that lived in a nearby cave.
Prince Charming: What kind of creature?
Snow White: The kind, that if you were to look into her eyes, she would turn you into stone. They call her Medusa.
Prince Charming: And you thought what? That we could turn Regina into stone how? By capturing this Medusa?
Snow White: No, no. By cutting off her head.
Prince Charming: And what? Sending it in a box?
Snow White: I haven't gotten that far yet, but if I have the head, I just need to make Regina look at her for a moment to turn her into stone. And I can figure that part after I have the head.
Prince Charming: Absolutely not. I am not letting my wife venture into the woods to chase some monster. (She gives him an indignant look.) At least not alone.
Snow White: You mean—?
Prince Charming: Yes. I'm coming with you. You're obviously not going to relax until we find a weapon to use against Regina, but Snow, you have to promise one thing. If we find this Medusa and figure out how to use her against Regina, you have to at least try to enjoy what's left of our honeymoon.
Snow White: (Unsheathing Prince Charming's sword) Good thing I brought this. (He laughs and takes the sword.)
(The scene freezes into a storybook page and transitions into present-day Storybrooke where Pan is looking at the photo while sitting in Granny's Diner. He turns to the next storybook page, which depicts a photo of Hansel and Gretel. Emma approaches him.)
Emma: Sorry, kid. It's time for something you didn't have in Neverland—bedtime. (Pan closes the book and rises from his seat.) Oh, let's say goodnight to Regina. (They walk over to Regina.)
Regina: Goodnight? I didn't realize it was getting so late. It's going to be hard to let you out of my sight.
Pan: (as Henry) Maybe you don't have to. Maybe I could stay with you tonight.
Regina: Oh. Of course.
Emma: (to Henry) Yeah, uh, just call me tomorrow and let me know what time you want to pick you up.
(Nearby, Mary Margaret overhears the conversation.)
Regina: Come on, Henry. Let's go home. (They walk out of the diner together as Emma watches. Mary Margaret approaches.)
Mary Margaret: It's okay. He probably just wants to spend his first night back in his old room.
Emma: Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In Henry's bedroom, Pan touches a storybook page depicting the Dark Curse overtaking the Enchanted Forest. The page is flipped to show an image of the Evil Queen standing in front of her vault. Pan observes the various things in Henry's room. He picks up a comic book and puts it back down. The door creaks open.)

Regina: Lights out, young man.
Pan: (as Henry) Mom. Your vault. Did you bring that over with you? (He sits down on the bed.)
Regina: Yes, Henry, you know that.
Pan: (as Henry) With all your magic?
Regina: (Folding her arms) Why are you asking all these questions?
Pan: (as Henry) Because I might need that stuff to protect myself from Pan.
Regina: Oh, honey, he can't hurt you. He's locked up in Gold's shop.
Pan: (as Henry) But what if he gets out? What if... he finds a way to come after me?
Regina: (Sitting down) Magic isn't the answer. (She closes the storybook.) My vault is sealed shut for a reason. It's dangerous. I'll protect you. No matter what. (She smiles and sets aside the storybook.) Now, it's time for you to go bed. (She tucks him into bed and kisses him goodnight.) Goodnight. (She flicks off the light, closes the door and exits the room.)
(Pan hops out of bed, pulling aside the curtains and opens the window. He sticks his head out.)
Pan: She's wrong. Magic is the answer. It's time.
(At the town harbor, the Shadow is released from the sail by Pan. It flies off through the empty streets of Storybrooke.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. In the forest, Prince Charming hacks away at branches as he and Snow White venture towards Medusa's hideout.

Snow White: You aren't mad, are you?
Prince Charming: I fell in love with you on a Troll Bridge after you robbed me and hit me over the head with a rock. I knew what I was getting myself into. (Snow White smiles as he continues cutting down branches.)
Snow White: According to the legend, Medusa's cave shouldn't be much farther.
Prince Charming: Huh. If Medusa could turn her victims into stone, is there any way to lift the curse; turn them back into flesh and blood?
Snow White: The only way to free Medusa's victims is to kill Medusa.
Prince Charming: And no one's figured out how to do that.
Snow White: She's immortal.
Prince Charming: So cutting off her head won't—
Snow White: Well, it won't kill her. It'll just take it easier to turn Regina into stone.
Prince Charming: Snow, are you sure you want to condemn Regina to a fate like that?
Snow White: So you're on her side now?
Prince Charming: No, I'm on your side. You know that.
Snow White: It doesn't sound like that.
Prince Charming: It's just when we imprisoned Regina, you stopped her execution. You said killing her wasn't the answer, so how is turning her into stone any different?
Snow White: Last time she threatened us. This time she threatened the entire kingdom. (She walks off ahead.)
Prince Charming: We're protected the kingdom from her before without Gorgon's head. (Snow White doesn't respond.) There's something else, isn't there? Snow, why can't you put Regina out of your mind for one single moment?
Snow White: I don't know! Because I can't. (She turns to look at Medusa's cave.) So, you coming?
Prince Charming: What, and miss all the honeymoon fun?
Snow White: Well, come on. (Prince Charming sighs and trudges on.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Past. At Granny's Diner, David and Mary Margaret are having lunch.

David: I never thought Granny's lasagna could taste so good. (Mary Margaret chuckles.)
(Mr. Gold approaches.)
Mr. Gold: So how'd you like to wash it down with this? (He sets down a small bottle containing liquid.)
Mary Margaret: Is that—?
Mr. Gold: Yeah. An elixir. This will cure your Dreamshade poisoning once and for all.
David: You really found a cure already?
Mr. Gold: I am a man of my word.
David: And I owe you nothing? No price of magic, no...
Mr. Gold: On the house. But we are family now, so I'm sure should I ever need a favor, you'll be more than receptive.
David: (Nods) Thank you.
(Mr. Gold exits.)
Mary Margaret: What are you waiting for? Drink it. (David uncaps the bottle top and chugs down the entire elixir.) How do you feel? (David takes in a deep breath as the elixir takes effect. He pats the area where the Dreamshade wound existed, and then smiles before kissing Mary Margaret.) What are you thinking?
David: Well, I'm thinking maybe we could finally start on that baby. (Suddenly, Mary Margaret notices something behind David. She looks down; crestfallen.) Okay, I didn't mean right now.
Mary Margaret: Emma didn't listen to us.
(David glances behind. Two tables away, Neal is sipping his drink alone while staring out the window.)
David: I've got this. (He grabs his coat and heads out.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Near the ocean, Emma sits, typing on her mobile phone, with a distracted expression. David comes up to her.

David: Isn't Granny's that way?
Emma: Did Neal send you?
David: No, he has no idea I am here, but when I saw him sitting in that table alone, I wanted to make sure you were okay. Are you?
Emma: Yeah, I'm fine. (Resumes typing)
David: Emma. (He sits down next to her.)
Emma: It's not Neal, it's Henry. He doesn't seem like himself. He barely recognized his storybook last night.
David: He went through a lot in Neverland.
Emma: I know. And he asked to spend the night at Regina's.
David: Wow. Yeah. She did help us save him and she did raise him until you came into his life.
Emma: I know she did.
David: Look, he probably wants to stay with you tonight. I probably wouldn't worry about it. We're all recovering.
Emma: I know. I just can't shake the feeling something bad is still going to happen and I need to do everything I can to stop it.
David: Emma, you can't think like that.
Emma: But bad things do keep happening.
David: So do good things. But if you think like that, you'll miss out. There's more to life than living for the next fight. You know, you gotta look for the moments.
Emma: Moments?
David: Yes, life is made up of moments. Good ones, bad ones, but they're all worth living.
Emma: Well, I seem to be a magnet for the bad ones.
David: Well, all the more reason to look for the good moments in between the bad ones.
Emma: And you think having lunch with Neal is a good moment?
David: I don't know. Does he eat with his mouth open?
Emma: I'm not sure I'm ready.
David: Well, you can start by finding out. Come on, I'll give you a lift to Granny's. (They link arms while walking.)
Emma: Sure you don't have other reasons for pushing me toward Neal?
David: Like what?
Emma: I don't know, like, keeping me away from Hook?
David: You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man. (They laugh.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the hallway of Granny's Diner, Hook walks up some steps and runs straight into Tinker Bell, who is coming out of the ladies' room.)

Tinker Bell: Hook. Are you okay?
Hook: I'm fine, love. (She smiles and begins walking away, but he stops her by placing his hooked hand on her shoulder.) The question is, are you?
Tinker Bell: Why wouldn't I be?
Hook: Well, I know Storybrooke can be a disorienting place if you're not used to it. Perhaps a drink to help settle you in? (He holds up his rum bottle.)
Tinker Bell: We both know you want more than a drink. You want me to help take your mind off Emma.
Hook: Emma? Who's Emma? I only see you.
Tinker Bell: I may have lost my wings, but I haven't lost my dignity. That's never gonna hap—
(A scream emits from outside. They both rush out of the diner to investigate as David and Emma step out of a truck. Another scream is heard.)
Emma: The hell was that?
Hook: I have the same question.
Emma: (Looking from Hook to Tinker Bell) Wait, were you two...?
Tinker Bell: No.
Hook: Perhaps.
(The screaming occurs again; only louder.)
David: There. (He runs off towards the sound as Tinker Bell, Emma and Hook follow.)
(Near the steps of the nunnery, Mother Superior is fleeing from the Shadow. She attempts to head up into the convent, but the Shadow grabs and rips away her shadow. Mother Superior collapses lifelessly on the ground. David kneels down to test her pulse.)
David: She's gone.
Tinker Bell: Why would the Shadow kill her?
Hook: No idea, love. But I do know the Shadow only takes orders from one person.
Emma: Pan.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. At Regina's house, Pan is reading the storybook.

Regina: Henry. (She enters his room.) Come with me. Something's happened.
(Pan smiles.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. At the entrance of Medusa's cave, Prince Charming and Snow White cautiously descend down the lair steps.

Snow White: (whispers) Keep your eyes down.
Prince Charming: (whispers) How are we supposed to find her?
(A high-pitched screech comes from deep within the cave. Prince Charming pulls Snow White behind a pillar.)
Snow White: I doubt that will be a problem.
(Nearby, Medusa slithers past a corner as her tail drags behind.)
Prince Charming: Stay here. I'll draw her out. When she passes by...
Snow White: (draws the sword) I'll do the rest. Remember, whatever you do, don't look in her eyes.
Prince Charming: Yeah.
(They ready their positions. Snow White nods, to which Prince Charming rushes out to attract Medusa's attention.)
Prince Charming: HEY!
(Medusa turns around, letting out an angry screech, before being goaded into chasing Prince Charming as he runs down the hall.)
Prince Charming: NOW!
(As Medusa passes by, Snow White leaps out to severe her head, but the sword breaks instead.)
Prince Charming: No!
(Snow White flees and regroups with Prince Charming.)
Snow White: That wasn't part of the legend.
Prince Charming: Fantastic development.
Snow White: How are we gonna cut off her head now?
Prince Charming: Well, we're not.
Snow White: Maybe you were right. Maybe we should have stayed in the palace.
Prince Charming: It's fine. We just need to find a way out of here. (He picks up a helmet and throws it in another direction. Medusa draws towards the sound.) Go, go. (He and Snow White attempt to escape. Medusa uses a tentacle to grab Snow White's leg and trip her. As she is being dragged away, Prince Charming grabs a shield and throws it at Medusa, who deflects it. Snow White is let go, but before Prince Charming can flee as well, Medusa forces him to look into her eyes. He turns into a stone statue.)
Snow White: Charming!

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Outside the convent, Mary Margaret watches David and Emma cover up Mother Superior's body with a blanket. Neal is also present. Pan and Regina arrive.

Regina: What the hell happened?
David: The Shadow. It killed her.
Regina: Pan's shadow? I trapped it on the sail.
Emma: Yeah, well, it got free.
Neal: Look, let's go back to the ship and get the candle. If it strikes again, we need to be able to capture it. (He leaves as Hook and Tinker Bell follow.)
Emma: Pan's behind this, I know it.
Regina: He's trapped in a box under the floor of Gold's shop.
Emma: Who else would be doing this?
Pan: (as Henry) So, Pan can still hurt me.
Regina: We don't know that.
Mary Margaret: We have to assume he's still a threat.
Emma: And that he's after Henry.
Pan: (as Henry) Then what am I doing here?
David: He's right. He's not safe out in the open.
Pan: (as Henry, to Regina) You'll protect me, right?
Regina: Yes, of course. (She embraces him.)
Emma: Go. We'll take care of the Shadow. (Pan and Regina begin departing.) Regina, wait. (Pan continues walking while Regina stops.)
Regina: What?
Emma: Keep a close eye on him.
Regina: I already said I would.
Emma: I know. He just doesn't seem quite himself.
Regina: Really? You mean because he asked for me?
Emma: No, I didn't... I didn't mean—
Regina: That's exactly what you meant. You can't face the fact that I am his mother too. And maybe, just maybe, he wants me when he's frightened. You forget—I have ten years of soothing his nightmares under my belt. He's fine.
Emma: It's not about you, Regina. I just have a gut feeling.
Regina: Well, maybe you can use that gut feeling to find the Shadow instead of obsessing over who's going to comfort our son. (She exits and regroups with Pan.)
Pan: (as Henry) So where are you taking me?
Regina: One place in Storybrooke the Shadow can never get to. The place where I keep my magic.
(The scene shifts to Pan and Regina walking up to the vault in the cemetery. Regina unlocks the door. Inside, he uncovers the secret staircase under her father's tomb and they head downstairs to the vault area.)
Regina: Promise you won't touch anything?
Pan: (as Henry) I promise. (Smiles)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Behind a wall, Snow White peeks out at the frozen statue of Prince Charming.

Snow White: I won't leave you. And I won't let her scare me away, either. (As she draws her bowstring, a familiar voice speaks.)
Evil Queen: You're going to have to do better than that.
Snow White: No.
Evil Queen: Enjoying your honeymoon?
Snow White: (She glances down and sees the Evil Queen's reflection in the discarded shield.) I don't remember inviting you.
Evil Queen: What's the matter, Snow? Cranky now that your prince is a statue? (She chuckles.) I can barely tell the difference.
Snow White: You're really enjoying this.
Evil Queen: Immensely.
Snow White: This is all your fault.
Evil Queen: No, dear, it's yours. Oh, and I have to thank you because you saved me so much trouble. I didn't realize I could just sit back and let you destroy your own happiness. (She laughs, and then disappears from the shield.)
Snow White: She's right. I did this. I defeated myself. Wait. (She takes the shield and rips off the fabric on it. As Medusa spots her, Snow White raises the shield.) Come and get me! (Medusa charges and meets her own reflection in the shield; turning herself into stone. A crackling noise is heard in the background.)
Prince Charming: Snow. (She turns around to see he is no longer a statue, and they kiss.)
Snow White: Are you okay?
Prince Charming: Now I know what Frederick felt like.
Snow White: I thought I lost you forever.
Prince Charming: How did you do it? How did you defeat her? (They look at the statue of Medusa.)
Snow White: I didn't. I made her defeat herself. I'm sorry. I was so focused on finding a way to beat Regina that I almost lost the thing that could never live without—you.
Prince Charming: You damn well almost did. Almost.
Snow White: How could I ever make it up to you?
Prince Charming: Well, now that you mention it, I've got a few ideas. (He leads her towards the exit of the cave.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. On the streets, David, Emma and Mary Margaret run towards the pawnshop just as Belle and Mr. Gold are exiting the store.

Mr. Gold: No, I'm afraid we're closed. Whatever crisis you're dealing with, I'm done for the day.
Belle: Rumple.
Emma: Pandora's Box. Give it to me.
Mr. Gold: Why would I do that?
Emma: We need to open it.
Mr. Gold: And let Pan escape? What are you—crazy?
Mary Margaret: Somehow he's controlling the Shadow from inside the box. Henry's life is in danger.
Mr. Gold: And you think letting Pan out will change that?
Emma: Yes. Because we can stop finally and forever.
Mr. Gold: All due respect, Miss Swan, we barely succeeded in apprehending him the first time. If I've learned one thing, it's not to tempt fate.
Emma: I am not looking to apprehend him. Wouldn't you rather be sure he's gone?
Mr. Gold: Well, what do you have in mind?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Packed in two cars, Belle, David, Emma Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold step out of the vehicles near the town line.

Mr. Gold: There's no magic beyond the town line. If we release Pan outside Storybrooke, he'll be powerless to fight back. (With the box in hand, he attempts to cross the border.)
Emma: (Blocking Mr. Gold) Uh-uh. I'm doing this.
Mr. Gold: I can cross the line and retain my memory.
Emma: It's not about that. There's no magic over there. All due respect, the real world is my expertise. (She takes out her gun and steps over the line.) You're gonna deal with Pan on my terms.
Mr. Gold: He is my father.
Emma: It's my hunch. If I fail, you're more than welcome to pick up the pieces.
Mary Margaret: Emma, be careful.
(Mr. Gold unseals the box and places it over the town line as Henry, in Pan's body, is released out. Emma aims her gun at him as he stands up with a dazed look. He turns around to Emma.)
Henry: Mom?
Emma: What?
Mr. Gold: What are you waiting for? Shoot him.
Henry: Don't. Please. I'm Henry. Pan... he switched our bodies.
Emma: You expect me to believe that?
Mr. Gold: Don't listen to him. This is one of his tricks.
Henry: No, it's not. He did it right before Mr. Gold captured me in the box, I swear. (He takes a step towards Emma.)
Emma: (aims gun) Ah, don't come any closer.
Mr. Gold: Shoot him!
Emma: Maybe he's telling the truth. Maybe that's why I can't shake this feeling something is off about Henry.
Mr. Gold: Maybe that's what he wants you to believe. If he steps over this line, we're all dead.
Emma: All right, if you are really Henry, prove it. Tell me something only Henry would know.
Henry: I-I got trapped in the mines. I tried blowing up the well. I like hot cocoa with cinnamon.
Mr. Gold: This proves nothing.
Mary Margaret: He's right, Emma. Henry could've told Pan all this in Neverland.
Emma: Pan might know facts, but life is made up more than that—there are moments. He can't possibly know all of them. The first time you and I connected—you remember that? Not met, but connected.
Henry: Yeah.
Emma: Where was it?
Henry: My castle. Right after you came to Storybrooke.
Emma: And what did you tell me?
Henry: That I knew why you gave me up.
Emma: Why?
Henry: Because you wanted to give me my best chance.
Emma: (She lowers the gun and tucks it away.) Henry.
Henry: Mom. (They hug.)
Emma: It is Henry. (To Mr. Gold) Promise you're not going to incinerate us when we step over the line. (Mr. Gold shakes his head.) (Emma picks up the box and walks over the line with Henry.)
(Henry hugs David and Mary Margaret as Emma hands the box to Mr. Gold.)
Mr. Gold: I'm sorry I doubted you, Henry. And I'm sorry I put you in this box in the first place.
Henry: It's okay. I would have done the same thing.
Emma: (to Henry) Come on. (She leads him to the car.)
David: (to Mary Margaret) If he's all the way out here, where's Pan?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the vault, Pan studies the various objects Regina has stored. He notices a bottle.

Regina: What is it?
Pan: (as Henry) I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you protecting me here.
Regina: Oh, Henry. (Clasping his hands) When all this is over, I promise I'm finally going to be the mother you always wanted me to be. (She hugs him while Pan, using one hand, grabs the bottle.) I love you. (Pan opens the bottle, releasing a powdery substance, which knocks Regina unconscious.)
Pan: (as Henry) I know. That's why this was so easy.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Nighttime. Inside the Summer Palace, Snow White is lounging around.

Prince Charming: I'm sorry we didn't find a way to defeat Regina.
Snow White: That's okay.
Prince Charming: No, no it's not. (He takes off his coat.) I know how much you needed this even if you didn't know why.
Snow White: I did.
Prince Charming: What? (He sits down.)
Snow White: When you asked me why I wanted to turn her to stone, I said I didn't know why, but I did. I was just afraid of admitting it.
Prince Charming: Admitting what?
Snow White: I want to start a family.
Prince Charming: (Chuckles) So do I. Why is that to be feared?
Snow White: Because I couldn't imagine bringing a child into a world where Regina is always a threat. That's why I was so obsessed with defeating her. How could I bring something good into a world where there is always something bad out there?
Prince Charming: Well, then, we'll find another way to stop her.
Snow White: No, that's not the point. I was wrong. Losing you made me see that. We can't wait anymore. We have to start a family now.
Prince Charming: I don't follow.
Snow White: Regina... Regina will always be a problem. If not her, there will be someone or something else. There will always be something else. We can't let it define us. We have to find the good moments in between all of the bad ones. What better way to make a good moment than with a child? (They kiss.)
Prince Charming: Then a child we shall have. (Snow White smiles.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Nighttime. Belle, David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold walk towards the vault through the cemetery. The voice mail message for an unanswered call is heard through Emma's phone.

Emma: Regina's still not answering.
Henry: (to Mr. Gold) When we find Pan, remember he's still in my body. So if you have to throw fire or something, at least avoid the face.
Mr. Gold: I'll do my best.
(They approach the vault where Hook, Neal and Tinker Bell are waiting outside the entrance.)
Neal: (to Henry) Is it really you?
Henry: Dad. (They hug.)
David: Did you find the Shadow?
Tinker Bell: Not yet.
Hook: Well, we'll be ready for him when we do. (Holds up coconut halves)
Mr. Gold: I think it's Pan we should be concerned about now. Why are we still up here?
Neal: It's locked up tight.
Mr. Gold: Really? (He tries out magic on the vault, which doesn't work.)
Neal: Told you.
Mr. Gold: Fair enough. This is going to take some time. (He begins working to break open the vault with magic.)
(Emma walks off to the side while deep in thought. Her parents, as usual, follow.)
Mary Margaret: It's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay.
Emma: No, it's not. Even if Pan's down there, I can't use my gun. He's in Henry's body.
David: Then we'll get him out. We'll save him.
Emma: Will we?
David: Yes, and because of you, you were right about Pan just like your mother was about Regina all those years ago. We'll stop him and then you can—
Emma: Live my moments even though there's still terrible things out there?
David and Mary Margaret: Exactly.
Emma: You're great parents, but you're wrong. I'm the... savior. I don't have the luxury of having moments. It's just not my life. Every time I think I'm going to sit back and enjoy myself, I can't because it's never going to stop.
Mary Margaret: I used to think the same way.
Emma: It's different. My magic has a price. The price of being the savior is... I don't get a day off.
(Her parents remain silent and contemplative just as Mr. Gold manages to force the vault door open with magic.)
Mr. Gold: Shall we? (He heads in.)
(The scene shifts to the group coming down the staircase to the vault hallway. Mary Margaret spots an unconscious Regina on the floor.)
Mary Margaret: Regina! (She rushes to her.)
David: Pan's gone.
Emma: (To everyone else upstairs) We're clear down here!
(Mr. Gold lifts the enchantment on Regina. She wakes up.)
Regina: What? What happened?
Emma: It's Henry. Somehow Pan switched bodies with him.
Regina: And I fell for it.
Mary Margaret: We all did.
Regina: I wanted to believe what he was saying so badly I missed all the signs. I just wanted to believe he still needed me to be his mother.
Henry: I still do.
Regina: Henry? (Henry embraces her.)
David: So what exactly did Pan come down here to get?
(Mr. Gold holds up a hand while using magic to sense anything missing from the vault. His hand stops at an open box.)
Mr. Gold: Please tell me you didn't keep it down here.
Regina: Where else would I keep it?
Emma: What is it? What did Pan take?
(The scene shifts to Pan, on the outskirts of town, unrolling a scroll with cursive script written on it.)
Felix: A curse?
Pan: No, Felix, the curse. The curse that tore everyone from the Enchanted Forest and dropped them here.
Felix: You broke me out of jail to tell me how everyone got to this town?
Pan: I broke you out 'cause this spell is gonna give us everything we always wanted.
(The scene shifts to the vault.)
Regina: Why would Pan even want the curse? I already cast it.
Emma: And I broke it.
Mr. Gold: Well, that doesn't mean you can't cast it again. And this time, without your parents' true love woven in, even you would be powerless to break it.
David: I don't understand. We're already in this land.
Mary Margaret: What exactly would casting the curse in Storybrooke do now?
(The scenes shifts to Felix and Pan.)
Pan: Everyone will forget who they are. Time will stand still. And Felix, we will be in charge.
Felix: This whole place?
Pan: Yes, and when we're done with it, it's going to be the new Neverland. (They both look at Storybrooke in the distance.)

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