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That coven thing you were looking at. Just got a lead that might connect. Group of shady women were spotted entering the Hyperion Theater.

Desk Sergeant to Rogers src

The Hyperion, also known as the Hyperion Theater,[2] is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.[1]


During Fifth Curse

Late for work one morning, Jacinda sprints past The Hyperion as she narrowly misses crashing into a passerby. ("Hyperion Heights")

One rainy morning, Henry walks past The Hyperion on his way to Roni's. ("A Taste of the Heights")

After helping Detectives Weaver and Rogers with the Candy Killer case, Henry goes into his car, which is parked in front of The Hyperion. Though he needs to go the airport and catch a flight to New York for a job interview, he thinks about calling Jacinda but changes his mind before driving off. ("Breadcrumbs")

Using magical persuasion, Eloise convinces a desk sergeant, Samuel, into tracking down and waking up her other coven sisters. After carrying out these orders, Samuel brings Eloise to the lower level of the theater to reunite her with them. Samuel, while still under Eloise's control, phones Rogers from outside The Hyperion to notify him about a bunch of shady women having been spotted entering the theater. Rogers and Tilly have a stakeout outside the building until they see Eloise go in before they follow her in. Inside, Samuel is waiting for them, much to Rogers' confusion as he asks the sergeant if something happened. Samuel affirms nothing is wrong and then attempts to grab Rogers, who punches him as he tries to help Tilly, who is taken away by two of the coven members, however, he too is subdued by some of the women. Eloise then steps out, assuring him that Tilly is not the one she is going to hurt. Both Rogers and Tilly are brought downstairs, where the site of the Eloise's old home used to exist, with only the grove tree still standing. Eloise smugly tells the detective that he has been right to suspect her and that she is indeed in a coven of witches. Tilly, upon learning Eloise wants her to join the coven to help with some sort of spell, refuses as she recalls her father was killed by them, however, Eloise reveals Rogers is her father. As Tilly's biological mother, Eloise wants her to choose the right side by giving up her humanity and embracing her true self, and she promises that if Tilly does, she'll be the mother she always wished for, however, Tilly rejects her. Later, Eloise discovers the key to the grove hidden in the hollow of the tree. When Eloise take some of Rogers' blood and implies she will kill him, Tilly agrees to be part of the coven to save his life. Eloise sacrifices three items to induct Tilly as a new member; Rogers' blood as Tilly's "old love", Margot's blood as Tilly's "new love", and the key as "love betrayed" as it should have been Tilly's inheritance had things been different. When the coven symbol on the ground lights up, she chants a spell before all the witches, including Tilly, link hands with each other in a circle and a pillar of fire rises from the center of the symbol. ("Flower Child")

Through the coven's spell, magic comes to Hyperion Heights as the growth of nature overtakes the city, with Gothel's end goal of having humanity permanently wiped out of existence. The coven members, along with Tilly, continue channeling their powers towards this cause, but to Rogers' horror, he sees one of the witches suddenly vanish into thin air as only her cloak is left behind. Samuel goes to remove the cloak, revealing a small tree underneath it, which he explains is a "gift" for when a coven member has completed her task and is rewarded with a place in the eternal grove. Rogers distracts Samuel by asking him if he'll be rewarded as well, and then begins working to undo the knotted rope around his bound wrists. Samuel replies that he'll be spared, and as he tells Rogers of his eventual fate, he turns around to notice the detective is now gone, with the rope and Rogers' fake hand left behind. Rogers blindsides him with a punch to the face before grabbing his hand and reattaching it to his arm. He then urges Tilly to leave with him before Eloise comes back, but the girl insists she wants to be with her mother. Rogers tries to change her mind by pulling her aside, but a magical blast throws him back as the poison in his heart becomes active. Unable to get close to Tilly without feeling pain in his chest, Rogers leaves after vowing to find a way to save her. He and Weaver return with Margot, who tries to talk some sense into Tilly, but Tilly refuses again and shoves Margot away before shrinking her and the two detectives. Soon, the other witches become trees as Tilly is the only one left, however, she snaps out of her stupor when Henry breaks the Dark Curse by giving true love's kiss to Roni. With Tilly back to normal, the shrinking effect on Weaver, Rogers, and Margot is also undone. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

After Fifth Curse

Directly after the Dark Curse is broken, Tilly, Margot, and Rogers regain their memories. Weaver, who was already awake during the curse, welcomes Rogers back as Tilly and Margot reunite with a kiss. The foursome eventually leaves The Hyperion to confront Gothel at the Community Gardens. ("Is This Henry Mills?")


Filming Locations


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