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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Granny's Diner. Graham throws a dart.

Sidney: Nice shot, chief. I betcha 20 bucks you can't do it again.
Sheriff Graham: Next round's on him.
Ruby: Emma, what can I get you?
Emma: Nothing. (Graham throws a dart.) What the hell? You could have hit me.
Sheriff Graham: I never miss. You've been avoiding me... since last night when you saw me ...
Emma: Leaving the mayor's? And, yes, that is a euphemism. I'm not avoiding you, Graham. I just have no interest in having this conversation. It's your life, and I really don't care.
Sheriff Graham: If you don't care, then why are you so upset?
Emma: I'm not upset!
Sheriff Graham: If that were true, you'd be at the bar with me having a drink and not running away. Can we please talk about this? I need you to understand.
Emma: Why?
Sheriff Graham: I don't know. Uh, maybe so I can understand.
Emma: You need analysis, go talk to Archie.
Sheriff Graham: I wanna talk to you.
Emma: Well, your bad judgment is your problem, not mine.
Sheriff Graham: You don't know what it's like with her. I don't feel anything. Can you understand that?
Emma: A bad relationship? Yeah. I understand a bad relationship. I just don't wanna talk about yours.
Sheriff Graham: Look, I know you and Regina have your own issues, and I should've told you about that before you took the job.
Emma: Yeah, why the secrecy? We're all adults. You can do whatever you want.
Sheriff Graham: 'Cause I-I didn't want you to look at me the way you are now.
Emma: Why do you care how I look at you?
Sheriff Graham: Because...

Blurred impressions of a forest. As the scene becomes clear a wolf with eyes of different colors - one red, the other one blue, appears briefly.

Emma: What? (kisses her) What the hell was that?
Sheriff Graham: Did you see that?
Emma: How much have you been drinking? That was way over the line.
Sheriff Graham: I'm sorry. I just...?
Emma: (angrily) What? You what?
Sheriff Graham: I need to feel something.
Emma: Listen to me, Graham. You are drunk and full of regret. I get it. But whatever it is you are looking to feel, I can tell you one thing.You're not getting it with me.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Sheriff Graham standing in front of the Mills House. Sheriff Graham knocks on the door.

Regina: Graham.
Sheriff Graham: Is Henry asleep?
Regina: Yes. Why? (Sheriff Graham enters and kisses her passionately.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Evil Queen's palace. Snow White places a white rose on her father's coffin. The Evil Queen watches her.

Snow White: Goodbye, father.
Evil Queen: (approaches her, touching Snow's shoulder.) I'm so sorry, Snow.
Snow White: I loved him so much.
Evil Queen: (putting an arm around Snow) So did I do. So did I. The loss I feel for my husband must be nothing compared to the loss you feel for your father. (Snow sobs.) If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I may only be your mother trough marriage, but I'm here for you dear. Truly and forever.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. The Evil Queen's chamber.

Magic Mirror: Congratulations. Your revenge is almost complete.
Evil Queen: One down. One to go.
Magic Mirror: She has no idea, does she?
Evil Queen: That I'm responsible for his passing? She sought comfort with me. Sickening. I could have ended her miserable existence right there. Believe me, it was tempting.
Magic Mirror: It would have sated your soul.
Evil Queen: The kingdom is still loyal to her. They would turn on me. They don't know the wretchedness inside of her as I do. They don't know what she did to me. We must be delicate in this next phase. Her demise must be handled with care.
Magic Mirror: Perhaps one of your knights, your Majesty.
Evil Queen: No. I need someone adapted murder. Bereft of mercy.
Magic Mirror: Someone with no heart.
Evil Queen: Now you understand.
Magic Mirror: Well, in that case you need a huntsman.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Somewhere in a forest. The Huntsman kills a stag.

Huntsman: You have died so that I may live. Forgive me. Your sacrifice is honorable. Thank you. (A wolf approaches him). Don't worry boy, you won't go hungry tonight.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Mills House. Sheriff Graham wakes up soaked with sweat.

Regina: What is it?
Sheriff Graham: I had a most intense dream. I was in the woods hunting and I killed a deer. There was a wolf.
Regina: A wolf?
Sheriff Graham: Its eyes. One was blood-red and the other one was black as night. The funny thing is, I think I've seen the wolf before.
Regina: Come back to sleep, Graham. It was only a dream.
Sheriff Graham: It didn't feel like a dream. It felt like a memory. (He stands up and puts on his clothes).
Regina: Graham?
Sheriff Graham: I need some air. I need to think.
Regina: Graham, please. Come back to bed.
Sheriff Graham: I left my (car in the alleys??), anyway. I need to go and get it. Clear my head. (Sitting down at Regina's bed putting on his boots.)
Regina: Graham. Listen. It's late. You're tired, probably still drunk. Don't leave.
Sheriff Graham: Since when do you want me to stay anyway?
Regina: You're not well.
Sheriff Graham: I'm fine. (He leaves. He drops his car keys. As he reaches for them, a wolf approaches him. Sheriff Graham backs away a little. The wolf looks at him and then trudges away.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. The Blanchard loft.

Emma: (coming downstairs and noticing flowers on the kitchen table.) Really? (throws them into a garbage bin.)
Mary Margaret: Oh. Hey. Wait, what are you doing?
Emma: If Graham thinks flowers will work on me -
Mary Margaret: No, those were mine.
Emma: Oh. From David?
Mary Margaret: No. Dr. Whale.
Emma: Why would Dr. Whale - (Mary Margaret looks back at Emma.) Are you serious?
Mary Margaret: I know, it's a disaster.
Emma: No. That's amazing. You're getting over David.
Mary Margaret: First of all, there's nothing to get over. And second of all: just one-night-stand.
Emma: Not according to those flowers.
Mary Margaret: Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have called him.
Emma: Oh my God. You called him? That's definitely not a one-night stand.
Mary Margaret: O-Okay, I'm still learning. I- I never had one before. I felt guilty.
Emma: Why? There's nothing wrong with what you did. Trust me. One nighters is as far as I ever go.
Mary Margaret: That's because you're-
Emma: Because I'm what?
Mary Margaret: Never mind.
Emma: Yeah. Tell me. What do I do?
Mary Margaret: You're just protecting yourself. With that wall you put up.
Emma: Just because I don't get emotional with a man.
Mary Margaret: You don't get emotional with a man? The floral abuse tells a different story.
Emma: What story is that?
Mary Margaret: The one that's obvious to everyone - except apparently you. That you have feelings for Graham.
Emma: Come on.
Mary Margaret: There's a wall.
Emma: That's not a wall. (Mary Margaret picks the flowers out of the garbage bin. She puts them into a vase.)
Mary Margaret: Really?
Emma: There's nothing wrong with being cautious.
Mary Margaret: Oh, true. True. But, Emma. That wall of yours, it may keep out pain. But it also may keep out love. (Takes the vase and leaves.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the woods. Sheriff Graham follows the wolf he noticed earlier. A distant howl of a wolf can be heard. Then there is a sound of a shovel digging. Mr. Gold appears.

Mr. Gold: Good morning, Sheriff. Sorry if I startled you.
Sheriff Graham: Right. Sorry, I, I thought you were a wolf.
Mr. Gold: Did I forget to shave?
Sheriff Graham: What are you doing out here so early?
Mr. Gold: A sport of gardening. Yourself?
Sheriff Graham: I was looking for...
Mr. Gold: A wolf. Yeah, I think I've been able to catch on. You know, to the best of my knowledge there are no wolves in Storybrooke. Not the literal kind anyway. Why are you looking?
Sheriff Graham: You'll think I'm crazy.
Mr. Gold: Try me.
Sheriff Graham: I saw one in my dreams and then I saw one for real. Just a few hours ago. Did you- Did you see anything unusual right there?
Mr. Gold: (looking closely at his shovel) I'm afraid not. I do wish I could be more helpful. (walks past Sheriff Graham) You know, Sheriff, they say that dreams (pauses and turns around to face him) dreams are memories (pauses) memories of another life.
Sheriff Graham: W- What do you believe?
Mr. Gold: I never rule out anything. Good luck, Sheriff. I do hope you'll find what you're looking for.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. The Huntsman and the wolf who accompanies him are briefly seen walking in the woods. The scene is cut to a tavern. The Huntsman and his wolf enter the scene. A drink is placed in front of the Huntsman. The Huntsman throws a chunk of meat down to the wolf.

Man 1: (noticing) They are letting animals in here now?
Man 2: This isn't a slaughterhouse.
Man 3: Forget it. He might as well be one, too. I heard he was raised by 'em.
Man 4: He does smell like 'em.
Man 5: Pathetic. I've heard he cries over his kills. You believe that?
Man 2: (approaching the Huntsman) Tell me, Huntsman: What kind of a man cries over an animal?
Huntsman: An honorable one.
Man 2: What do you know about honor?
The Huntsman: I have it. They have it. You don't.
Man 2: Animals have it?
The Huntsman: They are pure of heart. Not selfish and self-serving like people. (The wolf stands up and snarls).
Man 2: Tell him to stop threatening me. Because you know, what I do to pets that threaten me? I hang them on my wall. (He draws a knife. The Huntsman rises from his table and stabs the man's shoulder. Man 2 falls to the ground with a groan.)
The Huntsman: He is not a pet.
(Man 3 attacks the Huntsman. The Huntsman fights him off by throwing him against a mirror. The mirror's glass breaks. Picking up a shard the Huntsman turns to face another enemy. The frightened man turns and leaves. The Huntsman puts the shade down on the table, briefly reflecting in it.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. The Evil Queen watches the scene in the tavern through a mirror.

Evil Queen: He's perfect. Bring him to me. (A guard nods and leaves).

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the woods. Sheriff Graham still tries to track down the wolf. Distant howling of a wolf can be heard again. Sheriff Graham catches a glimpse of the wolf's fur. The wolf stands still for a moment and Sheriff Graham is able to face him.

Sheriff Graham: What do you want? (The wolf turns and trudges away). HEY! (whistles, the wolf turns and approaches him. Sheriff Graham rests a hand on the wolf's head. The wolf looks at him.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Blurred impressions of a forest. The Huntsman raises a knife. Snow White is with him, eyes widened with fear. The wolf who accompanied the Huntsman howls. The Evil Queen's vault can be seen.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Sheriff Graham is in the woods. The wolf has disappeared. Sheriff Graham looks around confused and then heads back to town.

SCENE: Storybrooke Elementary School. School bell rings. Sheriff Graham enters Mary Margaret's class.

Sheriff Graham: Mary Margaret, can I talk to you?
Mary Margaret: Graham, what's the matter? Are you okay?
Sheriff Graham: I think we- I think we know each other.
Mary Margaret: Of course we do.
Sheriff Graham: No, no, no. Not from here. Not from Storybrooke.
Mary Margaret: From where then?
Sheriff Graham: Another life.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. The Huntsman enters the Evil Queen's chambers.

Evil Queen: Do you have a name? Or shall I just call you the Huntsman? (The Huntsman remains silent. The Evil Queen raises from her chair.) You're a tortured one, aren't you, Huntsman? Is this because your parents abandoned you to the wolves?
Huntsman: Those weren't my parents. All they did was give birth to me. The wolves are my family.
Evil Queen: Wolves, indeed. I always felt there were two kinds of people. Wolves and sheep. Those who kill and those who get killed. And you, Huntsman, you are most certainly a wolf.
Huntsman: Why am I here?
Evil Queen: I'd like you to kill someone for me. Can you do that?
Huntsman: I kill for me. Why would I do anything for you?
Evil Queen: Because I have so much to offer. A place at my court. You'll become my official huntsman.
Huntsman: I'm not interested in being a pet. This place is a cage.
Evil Queen: You'd be awash in luxury. Wanting for nothing.
Huntsman: You've got an army at your disposal. What do you need of me?
Evil Queen: My prey is beloved by all the kingdom. I need someone who won't be blinded by that. Someone without compassion. Someone who'll have no qualms carving a heart out and bringing it back for my collection.
Huntsman: That's me.
Evil Queen: As I suspected. Now, tell me: What will it take? What do you want? There must be something.
Huntsman: Outlaw the hunting of wolves. They are to be left alone. They are to be protected.
Evil Queen: Simple enough.
Huntsman: So, who do you want me to kill?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Storybrooke Elementary School. Mary Margaret's classroom.

Sheriff Graham: Mary Margaret, how long have we known each other?
Mary Margaret: I don't know. A while.
Sheriff Graham: Do you remember when we met?
Mary Margaret: (takes a moment to consider) No.
Sheriff Graham: Me neither. I can't remember when I met you or when I met anyone. Isn't that odd?
Mary Margaret: I don't know. I- I suppose. I think that's just life. Things get hazy.
Sheriff Graham: Have I ever hurt you?
Mary Margaret: Oh Graham, no. Of course not. What is going on?
Sheriff Graham: Do you believe in other lives?
Mary Margaret: Like heaven?
Sheriff Graham: I mean like past lives?
Mary Margaret: You've been talking to Henry.
Sheriff Graham: Henry?
Mary Margaret: Oh, he has this book of stories. He has been going on about how he thinks we are all characters from them. From another land. We've forgotten who we really are. Which, of course, makes no sense.
Sheriff Graham: Right. No, of course.
Mary Margaret: Graham, you're burning up. Go home and get some rest. I think you'll feel much better after you've had some sleep.
Sheriff Graham: Right, you're absolutely right. I'm sorry I've disturbed you. Thank you.
Mary Margaret: Of course.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Snow White and the Huntsman are in the woods.

Snow White: You know, when I was a little girl, the summer palace was my favorite place. The mountains surrounding it felt like a cradle. They always made me feel safe. I look forward to returning to it now. Stuffy in there? (The Huntsman takes off his helmet.) Here. (offers him an apple and takes one herself)
Huntsman: No.
Snow White: You're not a knight, are you?
Huntsman: What makes you say that?
Snow White: Without fail every one of my father's men has offered me condolences. Except you.
Huntsman: Please accept my condolences.
Snow White: And they all know how to wear armor. She picked you to take me. Why?
Huntsman: I think you know.
Snow White: You're going to kill me.
Huntsman: You have good instincts.
Snow White: And you have too much armor. (She picks up a large branch from the ground and hits the Huntsman with it. Then she runs off.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Emma is at the station. She places a file on Graham's desk and picks up a dart. She throws it, aiming at the dart board but misses it. Emma goes to pick up the darts as Regina walks in.)

Regina: Our taxes always hard at work, I see.
Emma: Graham isn't here. I assumed he took a sick day - with you.
Regina: Oh, so you're aware of us? Good - that's why I'm here. Because I'm also aware of your relationship with him.
Emma: I don't have a relationship with him.
Regina: Oh? So, nothing's ever happened between the two of you? You forget, Miss Swan, I have eyes everywhere.
Emma: Nothing that meant anything.
Regina: Well, of course not. Because you're incapable of feeling anything for anyone. There's a reason you're alone, isn't there?
Emma: All due respect, the way I live my life is my business.
Regina: It is until it infringes on my life. Stay away from Graham. You may think you're doing nothing, but you're putting thoughts in his head. Thoughts that are not in his best interest. You are leading him on a path to self-destruction. Stay away.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Graham rings the doorbell at the Mills House. Henry answers the door.

Henry: Hey, Sheriff. My mom's not here.
Sheriff Graham: Actually, uh, I'm here to see you, Henry. I was hoping you could help me.
Henry: Help you with what?
Sheriff Graham: It's about your book. Am I... in it?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Snow White rests in the forest, writing a letter. The Huntsman catches up with her.

Huntsman: I hunt you, yet you stop to compose a letter? I will never understand your kind.
Snow White: I don't know these woods. You're obviously a skilled hunter - you'll find me. No matter what I do, I know how this ends.
Huntsman: Yes.
Snow White: There's one thing I ask that you do after you kill me. Please deliver this to the Queen. (she hands the letter to him).
Huntsman: Your tricks won't work on me.
Snow White: It's not a trick. Please, give it to her. Tell her I mean every word. (he takes the letter and begins to read it. He takes out his knife out of his pocket as he draws closer to her. He lifts the knife high but then swings to cut a piece of stalk off a plant and drills hole along it.)
Huntsman: Sign this when you need help.
Snow White: What?
Huntsman: It's a whistle. It will bring you aid. You will be lead to safety. Now go, run.
Snow White: I don't understand. You're not going to kill me?
Huntsman: Run!

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Mills House. Sheriff Graham and Henry look over the book in Henry's bedroom.

Henry: When did your flashes begin?
Sheriff Graham: Right after I kissed Emma.
Henry: You kissed my mom? What did you see?
Sheriff Graham: A wolf. I saw that I had a knife in my hand and I was with Mary Margaret.
Henry: Were you about to hurt her?
Sheriff Graham: Yes! How'd you know that?
Henry: Because Mary Margaret is Snow White. Which makes you the Huntsman.
Sheriff Graham: So you really think that I could be another person?
Henry: Makes totally sense. You were raised by wolves. That's why you keep seeing one. It's your friend, your guide. It's trying to help you.
Sheriff Graham:I'm remembering this because I kissed your mother? H-How is that possible?
Henry: Well, you two do have a special connection. She owes you her life.
Sheriff Graham:How?
Henry: Snow White's her mother. And you spared her. If you hadn't, my mom wouldn't have been born.
Sheriff Graham:W-what happened after I spared Snow White?
Henry: The Queen took your heart. She ripped it out. It's kind of her thing. She never wanted you to feel ever again.
Sheriff Graham: Let me see the book. (Henry hands him the book and he turns to a page with the Evil Queen in front of her vault.) What's that? I saw that too. The wolf was howling at it.
Henry:That's her vault. That's where she put your heart.
Sheriff Graham: The wolf wants me to find it. Thank you Henry. (he runs out.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Emma waits for Graham just outside the Mills House.

Emma: Hey! I hear that you're having a rough day.
Sheriff Graham: Who says?
Emma: Pretty much everyone. Maybe you need to go home and get some rest.
Sheriff Graham: I'm fine.
Emma: No, Graham. You're not fine. You just went to see a 10-year-old for help.
Sheriff Graham: He seems to be the only one making sense.
Emma: What's going on? What's...really going on?
Sheriff Graham: It's my heart, Emma. I need to find it.
Emma: Okay. So how are you going to do that?
Sheriff Graham: I just need to follow the wolf.
Emma: What? What wolf?
Sheriff Graham: From my dreams. He gonna help me find my heart.
Emma: I'm sorry. I...thought we were talking in a metaphor here. You really think that you don't have a heart?
Sheriff Graham: It's the only thing that makes any sense. It's the only thing that explains why I don't feel anything.
Emma: Listen to me, Graham. You have a heart. I can prove it. (she places her hand on his chest to feel a beat.) See, it's beating. It's real. (she grabs his hand and places it on his chest.) Feel that? That is your heart.
Sheriff Graham: No. It's the curse.
Emma: You can't really believe that's true. (she stops mid-sentence.)
Sheriff Graham: What? (he looks behind him and there's the wolf. He looks back and Emma and then goes after it. Emma follows.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Graham and Emma end up chasing after the wolf into the Storybrooke Graveyard.

Emma: Graham. Graham be careful!
Sheriff Graham: It's my friend. It won't hurt us. (The wolf howls. Emma doubts the wolf's friendliness. The wolf continues to run and they follow pursuit. They lose the wolf but Graham notices a familiar vault.)
Emma: What is it?
Sheriff Graham: It's my heart. It's in there. I have to look in there.
Emma: Oh, no. Stop, stop.
Sheriff Graham: I have to get in there. Please.
Emma: Graham, come on. You really think that you're heart is in there. (he nods.) Okay. Let's find out. (Emma attempts to open the door but it's locked.) Come on! (she kicks it open and they enter.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Dark Palace. A guard escorts the Huntsman to the Evil Queen's chambers.

Guard: Wait here. (he leaves.)
(The Evil Queen enters)
The Huntsman: (notices her black clothing) I see you're still in mourning.
The Evil Queen: The time for mourning is over. I simply found that black suits me. Now, tell me, is Snow dead?
The Huntsman: The young girl's heart as you requested. (he indicates a bag hanging over his shoulder. The Evil Queen takes a step forward in order to grab it but the Huntsman pulls the bag out of her reach.) First, there's something I must do. (he takes out a letter)
The Evil Queen: What's this?
The Huntsman: The girl wanted you to have it.
The Evil Queen: Read it to me.
The Huntsman: Dear Stepmother, (as he proceeds reading his voice is replaced by Snow White's)
Snow White: By the time you read this I will be dead. I understand that you will never have love in your life because of me. So it's only fitting that I'll be denied that same joy as well. For the sake of the kingdom, I hope my death satisfies your need for revenge, allowing you to rule my father's subjects as they deserve, with compassion, and a gentle hand. I know what you think you're doing is vengeance, I prefer to think of it as sacrifice, for the good of all. With that in mind I welcome the end. I want you to take my last message to heart. I'm sorry, and I forgive you.
The Evil Queen: (taking the letter she walks over to the fireplace.) Don't tell me you're becoming a sheep. (She throws the letter into the fire)
The Huntsman: She put others before herself and yet, you hate her. What did she do to you?
The Evil Queen: I shared a secret with her and she couldn't keep it and that betrayal cost me dearly.(turning around) Now, show me her heart! (Taking his bag she walks into a neighboring room. Carefully she places the heart inside a casket. The Evil Queen then approaches a wall of her vault made up of drawers). It should open. (Angrily she takes the heart out of the casket. Then she walks back towards the Huntsman) This isn't her heart! This isn't a human heart! What did you do?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. The crypt. Sheriff Graham scours the room for his heart. There’s a sarcophagus standing in the middle of the room. The inscription reads ‚Henry Mills. Beloved father'.

Sheriff Graham: It's got to be in here. Somewhere. (he scans the walls.) There's got to be a hidden door. A lever. (he tries to open an urn.) Something.
Emma: Graham. Hey, Graham. There's nothing in here.
Sheriff Graham: There has to be. If there isn't, then-
Emma: It's okay. It's going to be okay.
(Coming from the entrance a voice is calling out to Emma and Graham)
Regina: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Emma: What are you doing here? (Emma and Sheriff Graham exit the crypt.)
Regina: Bringing flowers to my father's grave. Like I do every Wednesday.
Sheriff Graham: Don't blame her. It's my fault. I wanted to look in there.
Regina: Really? Why? What were you looking for?
Sheriff Graham: Nothing. It was- uh, nothing. It was nothing.
Regina: You don't look well, dear. Let's take you home. (She grabs Sheriff Graham dragging him with her. Sheriff Graham breaks free from her)
Sheriff Graham: Regina, I don't want to go home. Not with you.
Regina: Oh, but you'll go with her?
Emma: Hey, this is between you two. Leave me out of it.
Sheriff Graham: She's right. It's between us. And things have to change.
Regina: And I wonder, why that is, all of a sudden.
Sheriff Graham: It has nothing to do with her. I’ve realized that I don't feel anything, Regina. And I know now, it's not me. It's you.
Regina: So, you're leaving me for her.
Sheriff Graham: I'm leaving you for me.
Regina: Graham, you're not thinking straight.
Sheriff Graham: Actually, for the first time I am. I'd rather have nothing than settle for less. Nothing? Is better than what we have. I need to feel something, Regina, and the only way to do that is to give myself a chance.
Regina: Graham.
Sheriff Graham: I'm sorry. It's over.
Regina: I don't know what I ever did to you, Miss Swan, to deserve this. To have you keep coming after everything I hold dear.
Sheriff Graham: I told you, it's not her.
Regina: None of this happened until she got here.
Emma: I'm sorry. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the problem isn't with me, but with you?
Regina: Excuse me?
Emma: Henry came and found me. Graham kissed me. Both were miserable. Maybe, Madam Mayor, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why that is. Why is everyone running away from you? (Regina punches Emma in the face, who then falls into Graham.)
Sheriff Graham: Regina!
(Emma recovers from the attack and punches Regina back in the face. Emma grabs Regina and pushes her against the side of the crypt. Graham also gets up and tries to split them up.) Stop! Stop! Stop! (Finally, pulling away Emma is about to leave.)
Emma: Not worth it.
Regina: Graham. (She approaches Sheriff Graham. Turning away he follows Emma)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Sheriff Graham has prepared an ice pack and hands it to Emma.

Sheriff Graham: I don't know what came over me. I kind of lost my mind.
Emma: It's okay. You were tired. And feverish. And heartbroken.
Sheriff Graham: (preparing iodine in order to apply it to Emma’s wound. He stops to look at Emma) I don't know why I let myself get caught up with her.
Emma: Because it was easy. And safe. Not feeling anything is an attractive option when what you feel sucks. (Graham walks over to Emma. Gently, he wipes clean Emma’s cut. Emma winces.) Felt that.

Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. Mills’ crypt. Regina enters. She then places flowers on the coffin. Regina pushes the sarcophagus aside revealing a staircase. Regina descends the stairs.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest Past. Dark Palace. The Evil Queen and the Huntsman are in the smaller room with the wall of drawers. She slams the heart down onto the pedestal.

Evil Queen: Did you think you can fool me with the heart of a stag? (Trying to retreat the Huntsman takes a step backwards) (She waves her hand and the doors to the room shut.) You're not going anywhere.
The Huntsman: She doesn't deserve to die.
The Evil Queen: That's not up to you. I wanted a heart, and a heart I shall have. (The Evil Queen magically sticks her hand through the Huntsman’s chest. When she draws back, his heart is in her hand.)
Huntsman: What... What are you going to do to me?
(She kisses him.)
Evil Queen: You're now mine, my pet. (She walks over to the wall of drawers and holds up the heart. A drawer pops out containing a casket.) And this is your cage. From this moment forward, you will do everything that I say. And if you ever disobey me, if you ever try to run away, all I have to do is squeeze. (The Evil Queen squeezes the heart in her hand and the Huntsman doubles over in pain.) Guards! (Two guards enter the room and grab the Huntsman by the arms.) Your life is now in my hands – forever. Take him to my bedchamber.
(The guards take the Huntsman with them. The Evil Queen puts his heart in the box and closes the drawer.)

Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. Mills’ crypt. The staircase is leading into a vault. One wall completely consists of drawers. Regina walks up to the wall scanning the wall in search of a particular drawer. Pressing her hand to it the drawer opens. It contains a casket. Carefully, Regina opens the casket. It is revealed that it contains a enchanted heart.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Sheriff Graham still attends to Emmas's wound.

Sheriff Graham: All better.
Emma: Yeah.
Sheriff Graham: What?
(Emma slowly walks over to him and then leans in kissing Graham. The kiss evoke Sheriff Graham to remember the events of his life in the Enchanted Forest previously shown in flashbacks in the order they’d occurred).
Emma: (looking at him questionably) Graham?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. Regina’s vault. Regina takes a closer look at Sheriff Graham’s enchanted heart.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Sheriff .

Emma: You're okay?
Sheriff Graham: I remember.
Emma: Graham?
Sheriff Graham: I remember.
Emma: You remember what?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. Heart Vault. Regina takes a closer look at Sheriff Graham’s enchanted heart.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Graham slowly approaches Emma. He cups her face with his hands.

Sheriff Graham: Thank you. (Emma gives him a smile.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. Heart Vault. Regina takes a closer look at Sheriff Graham’s enchanted heart. Finally, Regina decides to squeeze the heart.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Sheriff Graham doubles over in pain and falls to the ground

Emma: Graham! Graham! Graham! (Shaking him Emma tries to awake the dying Sheriff.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Graveyard. Heart Vault. After crushing the heart, Regina cleans her hands from the remaining dust.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present day. Storybrooke Sheriff Department. Sobbing, Emma is still trying to wake Graham, Who now lies dead on the floor.

Emma: Graham! Graham! Come on, Graham! Graham!


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