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When Good and Evil both did the right thing, faith was restored. The Final Battle was won.

Henry reading the last page of his book

"The Final Battle Part 2" is the twenty-second and final episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, and directed by Ralph Hemecker. It is the one hundred and thirty-third episode of the series overall, and premiered on May 14, 2017.

This episode is the second part of the season six finale, and premiered immediately following "The Final Battle Part 1".


Henry awakens to a cursed Storybrooke and discovers Emma has been in the mental hospital, and the Black Fairy is the new mayor. Henry attempts to help Emma regain her memory while Gold tries to find out what has really happened to Belle. Meanwhile, Snow, Charming, Regina, Zelena and Hook are trapped in a crumbling Fairy Tale Land and desperately try to figure out a way to be reunited with Emma and Henry.[2]


Deleted Scenes

"Mightier Than A Gun" (Scene 30)

This scene is included on Once Upon a Time: The Complete Sixth Season.

As Emma and Henry sneak into the town hall, they round a corner and Emma checks if the coast is clear and draws her gun. Henry remarks, "A gun? Really?, prompting Emma to ask if he has a better idea. He points out that the Black Fairy has magic and if Emma really believes, she has to do it like the Savior would. At that, he hands her her father's sword. With sword in hand, Emma enters the Mayor's office.

Zelena Moving Back In

A scene involving Zelena moving back in with Regina was cut from the final episode.[3]



Guest Starring



*: Only in archive footage.



Production Notes

  • REUSED FOOTAGE: This episode is filled with stock footage from previous episodes:
  • The same shot was reused in the Season One finale "A Land Without Magic"[23] and the Season Four episode "Darkness on the Edge of Town"[24] In these two episodes, the lighting was changed to daylight and a cloud of magic was been digitally added to the shot from "A Land Without Magic".
  • The montage shot of Sven after the Final Battle[25] is from the Season Four premiere "A Tale of Two Sisters",[26] but with a slightly darker color hue.
  • The background plate for the montage shot from the scene at the rocky cliff from which Skull Rock can be seen in the distance[27] is from the Season Three episode "Dark Hollow".[28] Skull Rock has been altered to look more decrepit and the number of stars on the night sky has been reduced; however, the identical cloud cover is a dead giveaway.
  • The montage shot of the Wonderland maze[29] is from the Season One episode "Hat Trick",[30] but played in reverse: In "Hat Trick", the shot opened with a wide view of the maze before panning down to the gate with the red heart on top. In this episode, the shot opens with the gate before panning up to a view of the maze.
  • The montage shot of Wonderland and the Caterpillar[31] is from the background plate used in a shot from "Hat Trick", but with a lighter color hue.[32]
  • An establishing shot of the pawnshop and Storybrooke Main Street at the end of the episode[33] is a zoomed-in version of a montage shot from the final scene of the Season Four episode "Unforgiven".[34] The montage shot was also used as an establishing shot at the end of the Season Four finale "Operation Mongoose Part 2".[35]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: In the episode script, when Belle finds the baby, she says, "It is. It's Gideon." In the final episode, she merely says, "It's Gideon". Also, in the script, she says, "No. A happy beginning." In the actual episode, she only says, "A happy beginning."[36]

Event Chronology

Episode Connections

  • In the episode's opening scene, we see the aftermath of the attack from the Coven of the Eight that found Henry and Lucy in "The Final Battle Part 1" and "The Eighth Witch".
  • What happened to Lucy and Henry after the attack is explained in "The Eighth Witch".
  • The mother of Lucy is first featured in "Hyperion Heights".
  • The Black Fairy cast the Dark Curse in "The Final Battle Part 1".
  • The Black Fairy shows Henry the storybook which Emma burned in "The Final Battle Part 1"
  • Henry is in hospital because the Black Fairy pushed him down the stairs in "The Final Battle Part 1".
  • Early in the episode, Hook and David are climbing down the beanstalk, a journey they began in "The Final Battle Part 1".
  • Snow White mentions how the worlds are crumbling. This process began in "The Final Battle Part 1".
  • As Emma prepares to leave town, she makes a reference to how she came to Storybrooke, referring to how Henry brought her there in "Pilot" and how she ended up moving there in "Snow Falls". Regina also mentions how Emma first came to Storybrooke and she and Emma hated each other.
  • Emma returns to her old apartment in Boston, where she hasn't been since Henry brought her to Storybrooke in "Pilot" (Emma never even went back to pick up her things, she merely had them sent to her via postal mail in "The Price of Gold").
  • When Emma returns to her old apartment, the star-shaped candle from her twenty-eight birthday in "Pilot" is lying on the kitchen counter.
  • Henry makes Emma return to Storybrooke by leaving a book among her things, just like he tried to do when he deliberately left his storybook in her car in "Pilot".
  • The man Emma is talking to on the phone makes a reference to Emma's former job as a bail bonds person. Emma's life as a bail bonds person is shown in "Pilot" and "New York City Serenade". He also mentions Emma's "first date trick" for catching people who jumped bail, referring to the method Emma used to catch Ryan in "Pilot".
  • STORYBOOK CONTENT: Emma's storybook contains an illustration from her birthday celebration in "Pilot",[42] the scene where she killed a dragon in "A Land Without Magic"[43] and the moment where she woke Henry with true love's kiss in the same episode.[44]
  • Hook states that Snow White always finds Prince Charming. How Snow White and Prince Charming always find each other was first mentioned in "Pilot".
  • When Snow White kisses Prince Charming, clips from the scenes where her husband awoke her with true love's kiss in "Pilot" and "Heartless" are shown.
  • After Snow White wakes Prince Charming, their dialogue ("You found me." / "Did you ever doubt I would?" / "Truthfully, the beanstalk that fell on me gave me pause.) mirrors the dialogue from the scene where he awoke her in "Pilot" ("You found me." / "Did you ever doubt I would?" / "Truthfully, the glass coffin gave me pause.)
  • The sword that Henry takes from the pawnshop to battle the Black Fairy[45] is the same as the sword belonging to Prince Charming, which Emma brought from the pawnshop to battle Maleficent in the Season One finale, "A Land Without Magic".[46] The hilt, and the box where the sword is kept, are also the same.[47]
  • When Fiona enters the pawnshop, Gideon asks if she's there to pick up her watch, which she dropped off in "The Final Battle Part 1".
  • Fiona reveals that she still has Gideon's heart, which everyone thought was returned in "The Black Fairy". She took his heart in "Mother's Little Helper".
  • The mysterious page that Fiona translates is the page that Henry wrote in "Mother's Little Helper". She found the page in "The Final Battle Part 1".
  • The Black Fairy states that after the Final Battle is won, she will have unchecked powers and not even the laws of magic will apply to her. She also claims that she can use these powers to make Mr. Gold's family love him and bring back the dead. The rules of magic were previously established in "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" and "Welcome to Storybrooke". Jafar and Amara were able to free themselves from the laws of magic in the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland finale "And They Lived..." and Jafar used his new powers to make the Red Queen fall in love with him.
  • Fiona mentions the loss of Mr. Gold's first son, Baelfire, who was killed in "Quiet Minds".
  • Mr. Gold points out to Fiona that all magic comes with a price, the iconic phrase that Rumplestiltskin was first heard uttering in "The Price of Gold".
  • The Darkness appears before Mr. Gold in the form of Rumplestiltskin, just like it did with Emma and Hook in the first half of Season Five.
  • Henry tells Emma that he loves her before saving her with true love's kiss, just like Emma did when she saved him in "A Land Without Magic". When Emma awakens, she replies "I love you too", just like Henry did.
  • Belle and Mr. Gold find baby Gideon in a basket with the book Her Handsome Hero in it. As seen in "Mother's Little Helper", Gideon was in a basket with the book in it when Mother Superior left with him in "Changelings".
  • Belle refers to what happened to Gideon as "a happy beginning". Emma and her family sang the same words during Emma and Hook's wedding in "The Song in Your Heart".
  • After the Final Battle is won, Mary Margaret says, "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing", just like she said to Emma when she met her in "Pilot".
  • David and Mary Margaret move into a Storybrooke farm with a new family dog. This dog is Wilby from "Heartless"; notice the identical dog coat colors and pattern.[48] David and Mary Margaret previously went house hunting in search of a bigger place to live in "The Outsider".
  • The final scene where Henry meets Lucy is a parallel to Emma and Henry's first meeting in "Pilot", with very similar dialogue.



Fairytales and Folklore

  • The same excerpt appears in dozens of episodes; read the trivia section in the article for Henry's storybook for more information and a transcript.
  • When all the worlds as restored, Tinker Bell is seen flying past Skull Rock, which is based on Marooner's Rock from the Peter Pan story: In the story, Captain Hook and his pirates bring Tiger Lily to this rock (renamed Skull Rock for the Disney film) and leave her there to drown in the rising tides.
  • 🍎 APPLES: Regina sits at her desk and proudly holds a red apple that she picked out from her fruit bowl, a reference to the poisoned apple from the "Snow White" fairytale.

Popular Culture

  • Technically, Emma is the eighth person from the left to the right, a place occupied in the original painting by Thomas, the apostle who did not believe in Christ's resurrection. This corresponds fittingly enough for an episode centered around Emma's lack of belief.

Props Notes

  • USE IT AGAIN: The sword that Lucy holds in the opening scene,[52] the sword that belonged to her father, is the same prop used for the sword that Henry took from the pawnshop.[45] The same prop is used for the sword that Henry carries in the New Enchanted Forest in the Season Seven premiere "Hyperion Heights".[53] However, it is most likely meant to be a different sword than the one carried by Prince Charming, since Henry didn't take the sword with him when he left Storybrooke to go off on his adventures in "Hyperion Heights".
  • PAUSE AND READ: The page Fiona translates reads:[56]

Light was born and Darkness followed⋮
And then the war began⋮ For eternities
the two battled⋮ Clashing in a sea of
endless war, their emissaries raged
in perfect balance⋮ Light versus Dark⋮
Good versus Evil⋮ With every moon, they
were born, fought and died at each
other's hands⋮ This is how it was.
This is how it was. This is how it
will be for times⋮
But when the Greatest Light awakens
the Final Battle can begin. We will
know this great light as a warrior
born of these heroes and a love.

Set Dressing

Costume Notes

  • BRAND INFO: At the end of the episode, Belle is wearing[70] a Ted Baker Starlia Burn out floral cropped top[71] and Quinia Burn out floral A-line Skirt.[72]

Filming Locations


International Titles



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