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This article focuses on the special.
For the Season Six episodes, see The Final Battle Part 1 and Part 2.
For the actual battle, see the Final Battle.

"The Final Battle Begins" is a Season Six special for ABC's Once Upon a Time. It premiered on May 14, 2017, immediately before the sixth season finale.


Join our talented cast and executive producers as they identify some of their favorite moments over the past six seasons, as well as take a look back at their characters’ journeys. They will discuss what the show has meant to them personally and to the millions of fans who made "Once Upon a Time" a hit show on ABC. Additionally in this special, "Oncers" get to ask the cast and producers their most burning questions about the series. Take a look back at the origins, the love and romance, and all the adventures along that way that fans have cherished these past six seasons.[2]

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