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They call Camelot "The Broken Kingdom" because we have no king, and we never will.

Kay to Arthur and Guinevere

"The Broken Kingdom" is the fourth episode of Season Five of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by David H. Goodman & Jerome Schwartz, and directed by Alrick Riley. It is the ninety-second episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 18, 2015.


After receiving a cryptic warning from Lancelot about Arthur’s intentions, Mary Margaret realizes Arthur may be the heroes’ biggest threat, but when she is unable to convince David of the danger, she takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Hook’s unwavering love for Emma provides a glimmer of hope in her struggle against the unrelenting voice of Rumplestiltskin. In a Camelot flashback, Guinevere senses that Arthur is losing his way, consumed by his obsession with making Excalibur whole, so she sets out with Lancelot on her own quest into the heart of darkness. In Storybrooke, Dark Emma unleashes a secret weapon in the next phase of her plan to find the brave soul she needs to draw Excalibur from the stone.[2]




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Production Notes

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: The words "gemini" and "cancer", the third and fourth astrological signs in the zodiac respectively, are written on the wall inside Merlin's tower,[9] with accompanying illustrations.[10] An illustration for the fifth sign, Leo, can also be seen.[10] In addition, astrological symbols for Cancer (♋︎) and Leo (♌︎) can be glimpsed beneath the illustrations.[10] Curiously, the symbol for Leo is upside down.
  • A behind the scenes photo posted on Instagram reveals that names and illustrations of other astrological signs are also painted on the ceiling.[11] However, they do not appear on-screen.

Event Chronology

Episode Connections

  • Young Arthur shows young Guinevere a tree that contains a powerful sorcerer, which was first established in "The Price".
  • Arthur tells Guinevere of Merlin's prophecy, which was mentioned in "The Dark Swan".
  • The story behind the middlemist flower is explored in "Nimue".
  • The scene of Arthur pulling out the sword from the stone is from "The Dark Swan".
  • Arthur mentions that David is now part of the Round Table, which was established in "Siege Perilous".
  • Arthur's discovery of the Dark One dagger was mentioned in "The Price".
  • Emma first saw Rumplestiltskin's manifestation in "The Dark Swan".
  • Mary Margaret tells David that they cannot trust Arthur, something Lancelot told her in "Siege Perilous".
  • David recalls that Cora said Lancelot was dead, which was mentioned in Lady of the Lake.
  • Mary Margaret recalls Lancelot marrying her and David, which occurred in "Lady of the Lake".
  • Mary Margaret asks why David had to become a member of the Knights of the Round Table, which occurred in "Siege Perilous".
  • David tells Arthur that the Darkness is threatening his daughter Emma, which first began in "Operation Mongoose Part 2".
  • Guinevere uses a magic gauntlet to find the true location of the dagger, which was first seen in "Heroes and Villains".
  • Guinevere and Lancelot travel to the Vault of the Dark One, which was first seen in "Quiet Minds".
  • The Darkness attacks Lancelot, a dark force first seen in "Operation Mongoose Part 2".
  • Henry first met Violet in "The Price".
  • Rumplestiltskin says that he knows what happens when a woman's heart is torn between duty and desire, and adds that it never ends well; a reference to Milah's story from "The Crocodile".
  • Rumplestiltskin makes a deal with Guinevere, by trading a vial of enchanted sand from the Isle of Avalon in exchange for the gauntlet. His journey to Camelot and acquisition of the gauntlet was mentioned in "Heroes and Villains".
  • Mary Margaret and Lancelot travel to the Vault of the Dark One and emerge through a magical door to a jungle, where Mary Margaret recalls her vision of Emma ripping out her heart. This was first seen in "Best Laid Plans".
  • When Arthur gets his hands on the (fake) dagger, he expresses his desire to become "the greatest king in all the realms". Sir Kay says the same thing in "The Dark Swan".
  • Arthur uses the Sands of Avalon to build the castle of Camelot, first seen in "The Dark Swan".
  • The horse that Hook "borrows" is scared of the Dark One. Violet's horse reacts in the same way in "Dreamcatcher".
  • David and Mary Margaret are freed from the effects of the Sands of Avalon in "Dreamcatcher".
  • Emma kidnapped Gold in "Siege Perilous".
  • Emma and Merida recall their first encounter, which first occurred in "The Dark Swan".
  • The tunnel where Emma unchains Merida is the same tunnel where Emma and Sidney Glass talked about how to beat Regina in "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree".
  • Emma's plan to make Mr. Gold pull Excalibur from the stone succeeds in "The Bear and the Bow".
  • Merida is freed from captivity, and gets her heart back, in "The Bear and the Bow".



Fairytales and Folklore

Props Notes

  • MYSTERIOUS WRITINGS: The Carmarthen Scroll,[14] which Arthur struggles to translate, is written in Welsh. For example, the words "Bydd yr haul", under the illustration of the sun, means "the sun will". (Note that a lot of the text is too faded to read.)
  • HIDDEN DETAILS: The altar where the Dark One Dagger is resting is shaped like black strands of Darkness (like the ones that attacked Lancelot earlier) enveloping a miniature version of the door to the Vault of the Dark One.[26]

Set Dressing

Costume Notes

  • SECONDHAND CLOTHING: The outfit Guinevere wears for the quest for the dagger[61] is the same outfit that Jack wore in the Season Two episode "Tiny".[62]
  • BRAND INFO: Emma is wearing[63] a pair of Prada Women's Black Pointed Toe 'Vitello Lux' Ankle Zip Leather Booties[64] (no longer available).
  • USE IT AGAIN: She wears the same boots in the next episode, "Dreamcatcher".[65]

Filming Locations

  • RECYCLED SET: The Apprentice's Cottage from Season Four[69] doubles as one of the village cottages.[70] This can easily be seen from the identical architecture and window panes and the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones around the window are easiest to compare).
  • A redressed version of the cottage was used for the exterior of Brennan's cottage in "Swan Song".[71] The wooden floor on the Apprentice's front porch was replaced by a stone floor and climbing plants were added to the walls to make the cottage look different.
  • The same set doubles as the exterior of the Wooodcutter's cottage in "Sisters".[72] Although the cottage was heavily redressed to double as the Woodcutter's home (most noticeably, the roof of his cottage has a completely different shape and the chimney is in a different position), the door, the window panes and the pattern of the brick stones (again, the ones around the window are easiest to compare) are the same.
  • The cottage was once again reused, for Malcolm and Fiona's cottage, in the Season Six episode "The Black Fairy".[73] This can be seen from the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones on the right hand side of the lower half of the door are easiest to compare). The Apprentice's roof tiles were replaced with a thatched roof for this episode.

International Titles



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