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Weaver: Bit off-season for gingerbread, isn't it?
Hilda: Never. It's my number-one seller.
Weaver and Hilda Braeburn src

The Bakery @ Hyperion Heights is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the twelfth episode of the seventh season.


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  1. Hilda Braeburn: Doctor Sage her usual tea cake that morning. Wanted to let me know in person that my test results came back clean.
    - "A Taste of the Heights", Once Upon a Time, ABC.
  2. FacebookIcon BlackRookBakehouse (Black Rook Bakehouse). November 17, 2017.  "We're back in business as usual! Keep an eye out for Black Rook Bakehouse in the new season (season 7) of 'Once Upon A Time'. Thank you all for you patience and see you in store." (archive copy)

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