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Teri Reeves is the American actress who portrays Dorothy Gale on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Teri was born in northern California. Her desire to become an actress began as a young girl while she was watching Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story. At the time, she was wary of pursuing acting as a career.

Teri began attending UC Santa Barbara as a math major, but spontaneously decided to audition for the acting program and was accepted. Reeves studied in the BFA program at UC Santa Barbara and the MFA program at UC San Diego. Eventually, she becomes the managing director and a producing member of the Chalk Repertory theater company.

Her career began with minor roles on many television series including Days of Our Lives, Three Rivers, Medium and General Hospital. Teri's first well-known role was as Kara Jamison on Hulu's 2012 mockumentary web series Battleground. The same year, she was cast as Hallie Thomas, a recurring character on Chicago Fire. From this moment, she appeared as guest star on several television series including NCIS, Scandal, Castle and Grey's Anatomy.

Teri married Jonathan Reeves on June 19, 2005. In 2013, she filed for divorce from him. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


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