This template is to be used for citing Tumblr posts.


Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article. Fill in the required fields plus as many of the optional fields as necessary and remove any that you don't use.


Required parameters

  • tumblrurl: Subdomain of the URL of the author's Tumblr blog such as the efnewsservice subdomain of the URL
  • url: URL of the Tumblr post, minus the domain (and subdomain) name. (For example, if citing the post "", only put " post/158815710287/bridge-studios-set-tour-llama-mystery-solved" in this field, without including
  • postname: Name of the Tumblr post being cited.

Optional parameters

  • date: The date that the post was created.
  • quote: Relevant quote from the Tumblr post. Users are encouraged to utilize this optional field in the template whenever possible, especially when citing behind the scenes information, as Tumblr posts are subject to permanent removal at any time.
  • tumblrname: Name of the author's Tumblr blog (if applicable), for example The Enchanted Forest News Service, the name of efnewsservice's Tumbrl blog.
  • image: Filename of a screenshot of the post, prefixed by File:.
  • noimage: Put 1 or yes here if a screenshot of the post is not available (this is not required on this wiki).
  • archiveurl: Permanent archival link, preferably using the Wayback Machine (this not required on this wiki).
  • nobackup: Put 1 or yes here if a permanent archival link for the URL is not available (this is not required on this wiki).

This template is adapted from the template Tumblr by Wookieepedia.

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