Description of Fields:

Field Description
name Person's name
image Picture of person (optional)
seasons Seasons person involved with, if multiple (optional)
season Season person involved with, if singular
profession Profession of person (optional)
role Credited role for crew members (optional)
roles Credited roles for crew members with multiple roles (optional)
first First Episode person involved with, if multiple (optional)
last Last Episode person involved with, if multiple (optional)
episode Episodes person involved with (if singular) (optional)
episodes Episodes character/person involved with. If a large number should be a list in credits section. (optional)
credits a count of episodes that a cast or crew member was credited for with a link to the credits section of the article. (optional)
gender gender of person
birthdate date of birth of person (optional)
birthplace place where person was born (optional)
others other works of the person (optional)
gallery create an automatic link to the corresponding gallery page, if one exists
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