Usage and Example

  • This infobox is to be used on all character pages.
  • Use "onlyappearance" when the character appears in one episode only. Otherwise, use the first and last appearance parameters.
  • Use "firstmention" when the character is mentioned in an episode before their first appearance.
  • Leave the space blank if not applicable.
  • The use of this template will automatically include Category:Characters and the corresponding world/realm category to the given page. You will have to add other categories manually.
  • According to the world/realm the character was born/first seen in, use the following codes for the infobox parameter:
    • Enchanted Forest = EF
    • Land Without Magic = LWM
    • Storybrooke = SB
    • Agrabah = Agrabah
    • Arendelle = Arendelle
    • Fairy Tale Land = FTL
    • Land Without Color = LWC
    • Neverland = Neverland
    • Wonderland = W
    • Victorian England = VE
    • Oz = Oz
    • Camelot = C
    • 1920s England = 1920E
    • 19th Century France = 19CF
    • Dark Realm = DR
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