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Teach Grant is the Canadian actor who portrays Dead Eye on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Teach Grant was born in 1974 and grew up in Toronto, Canada. His wife works as a prop manager on the TV series Supernatural.[1]

When Teach was a child, he and his older brother would perform in plays in theater programs during summer camps, which made him interested in acting.[1] When he was around eleven or twelve years old,[1] he made a go at voice-over work[1] for a children's network,[2] but quickly ended it when a producer walked into the studio and told him that he sounded like a little girl. In high school, he enrolled in a four-year old drama program, where he also acquired skills as a set builder, which lead him to pursue a career as a carpenter.[1][2]

After finishing high school, Grant did some group theater at the Carleton University,[1] where he was studying psychology.[3] He also entered into the theater program at the Ottawa University, but it did not work out, as he didn't like the roles he was given. He knew The X-Files was shooting in Vancouver and sold everything he had and got on a plane to start a new life there.[1] After a series of black box theater productions, he booked his first audition,[2] which was for the 1997 independent film Limp.[3] This landed him a leading role opposite the late rock star Michael Hutchence.[2][3] In 2005, he played one of the leading roles in the horror film Devour, where he acted opposite Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.[1]

Grant is best known for[4] guest starring as the Envoy super soldier Jimmy Desoto in the science fiction series Altered Carbon[5] and the alcoholic Preston Riley in the drama series Damnation,[5] as well as the recurring role of Scarhead on the horror drama series Van Helsing.[6] He has worked most prolifically in television and is notable for his recurring roles on television series such as The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco, Supernatural and The 100.[7] He is also known for playing the grown-up version of the murderous bully Henry Bowers in the 2019 supernatural horror film It Chapter Two[4] (a movie which also features Once Upon a Time guest star Wyatt Oleff).


  • Acts opposite fellow Once Upon a Time actor Rose McIver on the iZombie episode "Eat a Knievel", where he plays a friend of a victim in a murder case investigated by Rose's character Liv Moore.
  • Originally, his character on Damnation was going to die in episode two or three, but show creator Tony Tost was so impressed with Teach's performance that he expanded his character into a series-spanning role.[8]


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