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Things never seem quite as bleak after a cup of tea.
Belle to Rumplestiltskin src

Tea, sometimes in the form of Iced Tea, is a drink featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the fourth episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.

The most prominent tea, the one associated with Belle and Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold, is a reference to the tea from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. The second most prominent tea, the one associated with the characters from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, is a reference to the Mad Hatter's tea party from the novel.


Before First Curse

As a young girl, Cruella De Vil slips poison from the trumpet flowers in her parents' garden, into her father's tea. As her father is having his tea in the parlour, he ingests the poison and falls over dead. Cruella's mother Madeline enters to find her husband dead and Cruella paralyzed with shock. Later, her mother goes to comfort her daughter and expects to find her crying, but instead sees a hint of a smile on her face. She then sees the trumpet flowers on the bedside table and puts two and two together. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")

During one secret afternoon meeting between Regina and her lover Daniel, the latter suggests they go on an outing to Firefly Hill, but she cannot as her mother is expecting her for tea soon. She remarks that "a lady never misses her tea time". ("The Stable Boy")

In Wonderland, the March Hare catches Jefferson attempting to break into his mansion to steal the Clock of Evermore, which can manipulate time. The March Hare knocks him out and binds him to a chair at his tea party table. Using the clock, the March Hare rewinds time so tea time is never over, as he forces Jefferson to keep him company. Finally getting bored with tea, he opts to go hunting and leaves a restrained Jefferson, who is rescued by his wife Priscilla. ("Out of the Past")

In an attempt to solve an old family mystery and help her sister Elsa, Anna makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin, who agrees to help, but only if she puts a bottled substance in an old man's tea. At the man's cottage, he graciously lets her in so she can join him for tea and biscuits. Unable to hurt the kind stranger, she dumps the bottled substance into a fire. After, Anna reports to Rumplestiltskin that she did as he asked. He, in turn, announces her action helped the man to remain alive since she gave him an antidote for poison. Shocked, she owns up to her lie and begs for more antidote to save the man. Through a crystal ball, Rumplestiltskin shows her that the man is already transforming into a mouse. ("The Apprentice")

In Arendelle, Belle is seeking answers about her mother's death and turns to Grand Pabbie for help. The friendly rock troll uses magic to turn her memories into a stone, telling her to return to where she lost her memories, brew a tea with the stone in a kettle and drink it to remember everything. ("Family Business")

In a deal with Sir Maurice to stop ogres from invading his land, Rumplestiltskin asks for his daughter, Belle, to leave her home and become a servant at his castle for an eternity, which she agrees to fulfill. At the castle, Belle is busy serving her new master tea while he lists all of her tasks, which includes serving his tea and laundering his clothing. ("Skin Deep")

One day, after serving Rumplestiltskin tea, Belle theorizes he collects things because of having a hole in his heart. Instead, Rumplestiltskin whisks her off to laundry duty. ("Heroes and Villains")

Later, in conversation, Rumplestiltskin is drinking tea while Belle learns the small clothing in one of the rooms belongs to Rumplestiltskin's son. On the topic of why she accepted his deal, Belle explains it was an opportunity to be brave. ("Skin Deep")

The Evil Queen goes to Rumplestiltskin's home and asks him about making a deal concerning a certain mermaid. As she helps herself to some tea, the Dark One expresses disinterest in making deals at the moment, so she tells him about Belle's supposed death. Upset at the news, he angrily orders her to leave. ("Skin Deep")

Jefferson's daughter Grace collects stuffed toys for an imaginary tea party. After she happily accepts a hand-sewn stuffed rabbit from her father, she throws a tea party for her toys in her father's cottage. ("Hat Trick")

In Victorian England, Sarah tells her stepdaughter, the first iteration of Alice, about a neighbor's son, Mr. Darcy, believing that he might be a suitable husband for her stepdaughter. However, Alice shows no interest in meeting him. Even so, Sarah announces a date is already set for Mr. Darcy to come for tea. She says that all Alice will have to do is smile, while Alice's father chimes in that it's just tea and surely she can manage that much. ("Who's Alice")

During First Curse

One morning, Mary Margaret is setting the breakfast table for herself and Emma, with tea and orange juice, when Mr. Gold shows up at the apartment to talk to Emma about Ashley. ("The Price of Gold")

At Granny's Diner, Mary Margaret confesses to Emma that she and David have been having an affair. Emma states that she already knew, saying that it wasn't hard to connect the dots with clues such as two teacups in the sink, new perfume, late nights and plunging necklines. ("What Happened to Frederick")

Jefferson invites Emma into his house and offers her some tea, which is spiked with sedatives. After drinking it, Emma passes out and awakens to find herself bound up. Due to the tea, Emma deduces that Jefferson thinks that he is the Mad Hatter. ("Hat Trick")

Mary Margaret discovers Emma's belongings missing from the apartment; meaning she has just up and left town. Her roommate returns in the morning, while Mary Margaret is in the midst of making breakfast for herself. She criticizes Emma for disappearing without saying goodbye and tells Emma to stop running away. She then commands Emma to figure out what is best for her son Henry, before she lifts a tea cup to her lips and starts drinking her breakfast tea. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Jefferson disguises himself as a hospital staff person and enters the password for access to the psychiatric ward. He walks up to Nurse Ratched, handing her a cup of tea drugged with sedatives, as she inquiries about the commotion coming from upstairs. After drinking a sip, she promptly passes out, to which he grabs keys from her in order to free Belle. ("A Land Without Magic")

After First Curse

Mr. Gold is busy making tea for himself and Belle in the pawnshop when Emma, David and Mary Margaret come into the shop to confront him. When Belle overhears the conversation, she storms out of the shop in tears. ("Broken")

After the first iteration of Alice is admitted into the asylum, Dr. Lydgate interviews her about her claims of traveling to Wonderland and falling in love with a genie. At one point, he brings up the time where Alice first traveled to Wonderland as a child, referring to her past self as "a little girl with tales of tea parties and barbaric queens". When Alice returns to Wonderland after escaping the asylum, the White Rabbit pretends that he was having tea with the Dormouse when he heard from the latter that Alice's lover Cyrus is alive. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Using a locator spell, David tracks down Jefferson, who is stuck inside an overturned car. David notices that Jefferson has a little girl's tea set in his car and a stuffed rabbit toy, and correctly guesses that Jefferson has a daughter that he loves. ("We Are Both")

After a fight with Mr. Gold, Belle goes to Granny's Diner and has some iced tea. After Ruby serves her the third glass, she asks if Belle is all right and states that it's her third iced tea this morning and she wouldn't want to have to call her a cab, but Belle explains that she's never had it iced before and says that she finds it delicious. ("The Crocodile")

The White Rabbit is brought to Jafar for interrogation. The sorcerer exhibits a willingness to help clear his debts to the Red Queen in exchange for any and all details about Alice, especially about anyone she's ever loved, as it is her weakness to care about people. Nervously, the White Rabbit lists off countless facts about Alice and mentions that she enjoys tea parties. However, the sorcerer states that he already knows this. ("Heart of Stone")

One night, Belle and Mr. Gold are enjoying burgers at the diner, which Belle pairs with a glass of iced tea, before Regina interrupts them and tells that Cora is trying to cross realms into Storybrooke. ("Into the Deep")

Later, Mr. Gold successfully sets up a date with Belle, who now has new memories and a new personality and calling herself Lacey, at the diner. Out of habit, Mr. Gold orders hamburgers and iced tea for both of them, but Lacey disagrees and orders something else for herself. ("Lacey")

During Second Curse

Mary Margaret has her first get-together with a midwife, Zelena, she intends to hire and introduces David to her. Zelena, whose main objective is to obtain Mary Margaret's child, brews chamomile tea for all three of them and deliberately slips a magical hallucinogenic herb called night root into David's cup. Later, David's consumption of the night root causes his greatest fear to manifest. ("The Tower")

Seeking answers about Zelena's grudge against their mother, Cora, Regina holds a seance with Emma, David, Hook and Mary Margaret. She makes a special tea for the occasion and serves each of her guests and herself a cup, but when David attempts to taste the tea, she stop him, explaining that it's a deadly poison summoning the Dark Vortex, prompting David to remark that he prefers Earl Grey. ("Bleeding Through")

After Second Curse
Belle and Mr. Gold are married by the wishing well. As Belle declares her love for him, she admits that he might be flawed, but sometimes the best tea cup is chipped. ("There's No Place Like Home")

During Alternate Reality
After Isaac Heller changes everyone's stories in the Heroes and Villains book, Belle lives with her husband, Rumplestiltskin, now a heroic knight known as the Light One, in a cottage. One day, over tea, Rumplestiltskin tells Belle about having a dilemma, stating that the kingdom is in danger and if left unchecked, it will destroy the happiness they have. He worries about making a choice that may be the wrong one, but she is certain he'll do the right thing because he's a hero. She then says that things will seem less bleak after a cup of tea and hands him the drink, but he drops the tea cup, causing the cup to become chipped. Belle assures him that it can be fixed, though he is unsure the same could be said for his dilemma. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

After Third Curse

Belle asks for Mr. Gold's help to protect their unborn child from Hades, except she forbids him from using dark magic. Mr. Gold eventually relents to her idea after she demands his cooperation if he wants a future with her. They research spell books in the Underbrooke pawnshop, but none of them say how to turn dark magic into light magic. Belle says that there must be something in the books that can help, to which Mr. Gold remarks that it would if they were just trying to boil a pot of tea. ("Her Handsome Hero")

After using sand on a cursed Belle, Mr. Gold is transported into her dreamworld and enters the dreamworld manifestation of his old castle, where Belle is reliving her days as the Dark One's servant. Belle apologizes for not having his tea ready, and goes to fetch it. He enters the drawing room as she is busy pouring tea and kindly asks her to take a break, before attempting to win Belle over in a dance. ("The Savior")

Dr. Jekyll opens up to Belle about Mary, a woman he loved and lost to Mr. Hyde. As she pours her guest some tea, Belle becomes uneasy after Jekyll speaks about Mary in a possessive way, to which she excuses herself to get sugar for his tea. Instead, she begins reaching for a magic conch shell, however, Jekyll smashes it before she can use it call for help. ("Strange Case")

After a tense run-in with Mr. Gold, Belle goes to Granny's Diner for some chamomile tea.The serum queen, seeking revenge on Mr. Gold for taking advantage of her, steals his aging spell and adds it the tea, knowing that Belle will blame Mr. Gold and take their son away from him. Granny serves Belle the tea and when Belle drinks it, her pregnancy rapidly reaches full term. ("Changelings")

While seated at the coffee table, Regina treats Robin of Locksley to some tea and pastries as she shows him Henry's storybook. ("Murder Most Foul")

In an attempt to erase his son Gideon's pain for good, Mr. Gold gives him a cup of tea which Mr. Gold spiked with a forgetting potion. After Mr. Gold admits to what he put in the tea, Gideon hugs him with feigned gratitude and then steals the Dark One's dagger from him, as he reveals the potion had no effect on him, claiming that the Black Fairy's harsh regimen made him immune. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

After Fourth Curse

During an afternoon with her young daughters, Drizella and Anastasia, Rapunzel runs out of tea for them. Anastasia assures her they don't care about the tea and came to see their mother, however, Drizella, who is distant with her mother because Rapunzel mysteriously disappeared for several years when Drizella was a baby, reluctantly admits she is rather thirsty. ("One Little Tear")

Trapped in Gothel's tower, the second iteration of Alice celebrates her birthday by throwing a tea party with her toys. She cheerfully asks them if they wants some cake and lights a candle on a cupcake and blows it out after making a wish. ("The Girl in the Tower")

After escaping the tower, Alice travels to a place called Wonderland. In the Infinite Maze, she ends up at a tea party where she meets a woman named Cecelia. ("Pretty in Blue")

Later, Alice runs off and jumps into a portal to New Wonderland, where she hides at the tea party table in the Infinite Maze. Cinderella enters the maze in search of Alice and finds her at the table. Cinderella sees her mother Cecelia's locket on a teapot, which Alice protests against her taking until realizing she is Cecelia's daughter Ella. ("Pretty in Blue")

During Fifth Curse

Having more difficulty than she expected with breaking her granddaughter Lucy's belief, Victoria Belfrey visits Eloise Gardener, who is imprisoned in Belfrey Towers. She attempts to bribe her with tea in exchange for information. Eloise suggests Victoria is looking at things the wrong way because belief can only be removed if it's severed at the root, but she refuses to give any more specifics unless Victoria provides her with her tea, her "special brew". However, Victoria refuses to give it to her unless Eloise gives her what she wants. After this meeting, Victoria sends her daughter Ivy, to pick up the necessary herbs for the tea, all the while remaining secretive about what she needs them for. Later, Ivy, who is secretly working with Eloise, asks the latter to hide from Roni while she brings her into the room. Roni sees a tea set tray on the ground and guesses that Victoria might've had company, but Ivy feigns ignorance about who the person is, although she admits that her mother made her drive all over town for the herbs, which were disgusting and smelled like old feet. Roni remarks that this is a strange place for tea.

Unbeknownst to Victoria, the tea is just a ruse set up by Ivy and Eloise. Later on, Ivy goes to see Eloise, whose sudden emergence from her hiding spot causes her to knock over the tea set that Victoria prepared for Eloise earlier. She instructs Eloise to tell Victoria that she broke the tea cup and demand that she makes her more of the brew and play the charade out until the end, tp which Eloise agrees. ("Greenbacks")

Anastasia is having dinner in Eloise's house as the two have a conversation, while some tea is sitting on the table. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Anastasia hides in the closet and is out of sight just before Rogers enters in to check up on Eloise. Rogers becomes suspicious over the food on the table and begins moving towards the closet, but Gothel purposely shatters a teacup to deter him and asks him to walk her to her art therapy class. Later, at Hyperion Heights police station, Rogers, at Weaver's suggestion, makes sure that their guest, Tilly, is fed some tea, jam and bread, before questioning his partner about the Eloise Gardener and the Coven of the Eight. ("Secret Garden")

After Sixth Curse
In Victorian England, the first iteration of Alice is having a tea party with her husband Cyrus and their young daughter, as the White Rabbit watches from a distance. ("And They Lived...")

Known Owners


On-Screen Notes

  • When the Evil Queen makes a surprise visit to Rumplestiltskin, he has a new tea set laid out on the table (the same set which the queen uses to pour a cup of tea for herself), with two cups,[6] as if Rumplestiltskin is waiting for Belle to return. After Mr. Gold is reunited with Belle in Storybrooke, one of the first things he does after she's settled in her new clothes is to use exactly the same tea set to make tea for himself and Belle.[7] ("Skin Deep", "Broken")
  • Granny serves Belle a cup of chamomile tea that "soothes the soul", and Hook comments on how it helps calm the nerves. Unbeknownst to Granny, however, the tea has been dosed with aging powder that accelerates Belle's pregnancy and causes her to go into labor. Chamomile, an old medical herb, can actually be used to reduce stress, and has been stated to have a soothing and calming effect.[8] However, the consumption of too much chamomile can lead to a miscarriage, or a premature birth.[9] ("Changelings")

Production Notes

  • In the episode script for "Skin Deep", the Evil Queen sits down and pours herself a cup of tea when she visits Rumplestiltskin (in the actual episode, she stands when she does this), but the Dark One takes the cup from her and she pours herself another one.[10]
  • On the Season Four Blu-ray/DVD, there is an extended version of the scene where Belle serves Rumplestiltskin tea and he whisks her off to laundry duty in "Heroes and Villains". Belle pours the Dark One a cup of tea and says that she figured out why he collects so many magical objects, like the gauntlet from Camelot. Sipping the tea, Rumplestiltskin remarks that he really needs to find more tasks for her. She believes that he has a hole in his heart, but he denies it, saying that he only has one in his stomach because she forgot the tea cakes. Snapping his fingers, a plate of cakes manifests. "Must I really do everything?", he asks her.[11]


  • Once Upon a Time contains many references to the scene where Chip and Mrs. Potts bring Belle some tea in Beauty and the Beast:
  • The tea set in Rumplestiltskin's castle, with the cups, teapot, creamer and sugar bowl[16] mirror the scene in the movie, where Chip and Mrs. Potts are accompanied by a living sugar bowl and a living creamer. ("Skin Deep", "Heroes and Villains", "The Savior")
  • The chipped cup is a reference to Chip, while the teapot sitting on the tray in Rumplestiltskin's castle is a reference to Chip's mother, Mrs. Potts. ("Skin Deep" et al., "Heroes and Villains", "The Savior")
    • The teapot sitting in the corner of Mr. Gold's kitchen counter[17] is another reference to Mrs. Potts.[18] ("The Crocodile")
    • When Regina visits the pawnshop, Mr. Gold is polishing a teakettle,[19] yet another reference to Mrs. Potts.[20]
    • In Isaac's alternate reality, Rumplestiltskin drops a teacup and Belle picks it up to see that the rim is chipped; another reference to Chip. Similarly, the teapot on the table[21] is another reference to Chip's mother. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")
    • In Belle's dream, she drops a teacup, but Rumplestiltskin catches it and says that it's not even chipped; another reference to. The segment where Belle is holding the cup and the teapot[22] are a reference to Chip and his mother. ("The Savior")
    • When David visits Belle aboard the Jolly Roger, a teapot and a tea cup are sitting on the table.[23] ("The Other Shoe")
    • A teapot and a tea cup are sitting on the tray when Dr. Jekyll visits Belle.[24] ("Strange Case")

Fairytales and Folklore

  • Once Upon a Time and its spin-off contain several references to the Mad Hatter's tea party from the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:
    • The Mad Hatter's daughter Grace throws a tea party for her toys. Similarly, Jefferson invites Emma into his house and offers her some tea. ("Hat Trick")
    • When the first version of Alice returns to Victorian England, a group of plush toys are sitting around a small dinner table set with a toy tea set. The party guests include a white rabbit / hare,[25] a mouse[26] and a man in a hat,[26] a reference to the Mad Hatter's tea party with the March Hare and the Dormouse in the novel. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")
      • When Alice returns to Victorian England as an adult, the same toy tea set is sitting on the table, although the guests are now gone. [27] ("Who's Alice")
      • Years later, the guests are back and Alice's daughter has the same toys, while a doll similar to young Alice has been added to the guests.[28] ("And They Lived...")
    • Dr. Lydgate brings up the time where the first Alice first traveled to Wonderland as a child, referring to her past self as "a little girl with tales of tea parties". Similarly, when Alice returns to Wonderland, the White Rabbit pretends that he was having tea with the Dormouse. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Dormouse was one of the characters who attended the Mad Hatter's tea party. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")
    • The White Rabbit tells Jafar that Alice enjoys tea parties. ("Heart of Stone")
    • Alice's stepmother Sarah tells her that they've invited Mr. Darcy to come for tea. When Alice is reluctant, her father chimes in that it's just tea. ("Who's Alice")
    • Alice and Cyrus have a tea party with their young daughter in Victorian England. ("And They Lived...")
    • The second iteration of Alice attends a tea party in the Infinite Maze twice. ("Pretty in Blue")
    • The second Alice celebrates her birthday by throwing a tea party with her toys. ("The Girl in the Tower")

Popular Culture

  • After being warned not to drink the tea that is to be used for Regina 's seance, David states he prefers Earl Grey. This is a reference to a type of traditional British tea brewed using, among its other ingredients, an oil from a bergamot orange. ("Bleeding Through")

Props Notes



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