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I... knew your birth mother, Cleo Fox. [...] I collected everything I could find about her. I have access to some records from work. I just thought... you might want to know where you came from.
Emma Swan to Tasha Morris src

Tasha Morris is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the twentieth episode of the fifth season and is portrayed by co-star Max Chadburn.


During First Curse

A woman named Cleo Fox gives birth to a daughter, but gives her up for adoption. In the winter of 1999, she secretly takes a photo of her daughter, and keeps it in her wallet. Ten years later, a dying Cleo reveals to Emma Swan that she once gave up her daughter, much like how Emma was given up. She encourages Emma to start a new life for herself.

After Cleo's death, Emma follows Cleo's advice and becomes a bails bondsperson, like Cleo. In 2010, Emma and tracks down Tasha, who works in a clothing store in Boston. She shows her the photo that her mother took ten years ago, which Tasha has no knowledge of such this thing. After the girl starts to recognize herself in the picture, she asks if she's in trouble, which Emma answers that she knew her birth mother, and gives her collected information about her, so that she could know where she came from. After Tasha asks if her mother is looking for her, Emma tears up and can't answer the question, which the girl quickly understands that her mother is dead, and thanks Emma for finding her.

At the clothing store, Emma also buys a red leather jacket similar to the one Cleo used to wear. She takes Cleo's past advice to her and begins wearing the jacket as her "armor" to protect herself emotionally from other people. ("Firebird")



Props Notes

  • The photo that Cleo took is dated "Tasha, Winter 1999".[3]



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