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It's in the cards.
Mr. Samdi to Ivy Belfrey src

Tarot Cards are magical and non-magical items featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the tenth episode of the fourth season.

Dr. Facilier's Tarot Cards are based on the item of the same name from Disney's The Princess and the Frog.


Before First Curse

During 1982 in the Land Without Magic, a woman named Madame Faustina works in her as a fake fortune teller in her Boston psychic shop, where she possesses tarot cards, a crystal ball, and other items used for giving people faux readings. ("Shattered Sight")

After Fourth Curse

On the day of Princess Tiana's coronation, Dr. Facilier appears at her palace to give her a glimpse into her future with his tarot cards. He cautions that before she can receive her crown, she will face a test in which a terrible beast will threaten the peace of her entire kingdom. Tiana doesn't believe him, but Facilier tells her to go to the Fairy Docks at the southern edge of the bayou and find evidence there that he is not lying. ("A Taste of the Heights")

During Fifth Curse

On a table in Mr. Samdi's home, he has several tarot cards laid out in a certain order, with one of them being the death card. The cards are still on the table by the time Roni distracts Samdi with a date while Lucy is able to sneak in to investigate the man's schemes. As Lucy is engrossed with looking at the tarot deck and sees the death card, she decides to get her phone to take a picture, only to see Roni sent her a text warning her that Samdi is returning home soon. Lucy quickly snaps a photo of the death card before hiding under the table just as Samdi arrives back to head upstairs. After Lucy escapes unseen by him, she sends Roni the picture. Roni is later studying the photo on her own phone when Samdi comes to see her at her bar. She quickly puts the phone away and pretends to act normal with him, but he reveals knowledge about what she and her granddaughter have been up to at his home. Roni admits to it and confronts him about the death card which she believes means he wishes to harm someone. When Samdi comes clean about his plans to kill Weaver for the Dark One's Dagger and its powers, Roni insists she will not let him get away with that. Samdi attempts to change her mind by giving her a card reading of the great romance she has in her future if she makes the right choices. ("The Girl in the Tower")

To obtain some of Anastasia's magic for his own purposes, Samdi gives Ivy a false tarot reading of her future death at the Candy Killer's hands if she does not take her fate into her own hands by sacrificing Anastasia to save herself. Ivy questions how she is even supposed to find Anastasia after days of searching for her with no success and Samdi provides a facedown card, telling her it will bring Anastasia to her. She then flips the card over to look at it, which has a picture of Anastasia with the lit lanterns that she and her sister once bonded over as children. ("Sisterhood")

During Drew's absence, Sabine finds a storage bag that Lucy discovers as one of Samdi's tarot cards in it, in addition to the bag being one that Drew once used. Lucy suggests Sabine go talk to Samdi as he may know where Drew is. Jacinda joins Sabine in tracking down Samdi at his office, where she holds up the tarot card as proof he is involved with Drew's disappearance. ("Is This Henry Mills?")


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