No it shouldn't, because the WR did not exist before 610, because it was created by the wish of the EQ/Emma, no event of the WR could possibly have occurred before that point, so his flashbacks have to have occurred After Third Curse.

Also we do have evidence that the NEF moves faster than the EF, Henry has significantly aged while his family looks exactly the same (and also I believe there are some quotes from A&E supporting this, though don't quote me on that).

Also also, yes the NEF existed before S6, how exactly time in the NEF moved so fast to allow for the events of Alice's life to fit is unknown (my personal theory is that while Nook was there the time in the area around him moved just as fast as his native time moved, and this stuck around for his couple days in the WR messing with Maui's fish hook, but thats just my theory).

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