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This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest location, the Summer Palace.
For the other palace which belongs to the family as well, see Evil Queen's Palace.
For the similarly named Land Without Color location, see Summer Home.

You know, when I was a little girl, the Summer Palace was my favorite place. The mountains surrounding it felt like a cradle. They always made me feel safe.
Snow White to the Huntsman src

The Summer Palace is an Enchanted Forest location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the tenth episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

After marrying Eva, King Leopold builds the Summer Palace for her. Following her death, he weds Regina, who has him assasinated years later. His daughter, Snow White, is then forced to go on the run from her stepmother, who wishes to kill her, before telling the Huntsman that she loved staying in the Summer Palace when she was a child due to the place always making her feel safe. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter", "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter", "Heart of Darkness")

After gaining the full power in the kingdom, Regina owns the Summer Palace for herself, riding to the place sometime to stay for a short time. ("Heart of Darkness")

Some time later, Snow White marries Prince Charming in a ceremony, in which the Queen interrupts to announce her intentions of destroying their lives. Later, she asks her husband to go with her to the summer palace for their honeymoon, which is a cover for her plan to be rid of the Queen. As they enter the palace entrance, Prince Charming carries Snow White across the threshold. Within the room, she sees all the furniture is covered up with cloths since the building hasn't been used in a long time. Longing, Snow White recalls her desire to come to the summer palace with her future husband just as her father did with her mother. When he attempts to untie her cloak, she shies away. He reasons that they haven't had spare time to be alone since taking back the kingdom and the fact her dwarf brothers are so protective of her. However, Snow White promises she has other plans for him, so he goes to stable the horses. While he is gone, she takes off her cloak, unveiling her travelling outfit, and hops out the window with her bow and arrow towards Medusa's cave. ("The New Neverland")


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