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The waters that run below are said to have the power to return that which one has lost.

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The Storybrooke Wishing Well is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the first season.


During First Curse
Having promised to buy Emma a drink, August makes good on the promise by taking her out on a motorcycle ride to the wishing well. As August takes out two drinking cups, he tells her the local legend of the water's powers in returning something that was once lost. She is befuddled over his knowledge of Storybrooke despite being new in town, to which he points to the placard on the well that recites the same tale. From the well, August pours some of the water into their cups and they drink. ("What Happened to Frederick")

After First Curse

Moments after the curse is broken, Mr. Gold leads Belle to the wishing well. He explains the legend of the well's water, which has the ability to bring back something once was lost, and demonstrates by pouring the true love potion down into it. When the water and contents of the potion mix, it creates a purplish smoke that engulfs town and brings magic to Storybrooke. ("A Land Without Magic")

Later, Belle tells him how she spent the years under the curse locked up in the psychiatric ward by Regina. This enrages Mr. Gold, but she makes him promise not to harm Regina in vengeance. ("Broken")

In a race against time, Emma and Mary Margaret fight against Cora and Hook to return to Storybrooke from the Enchanted Forest. However, Mr. Gold and Regina share combined fears over the possibility Cora will be the one to cross into town instead. Using a wand, they take all the diamonds in the mines and convert them into fairy dust to create a trap over the wishing well to kill anyone who attempts to enter Storybrooke. Once Henry is notified by Leroy and the dwarves of the missing diamonds, he rushes over to the well with Ruby to stop them. While Ruby is knocked out by Mr. Gold's magic, Henry pleads with Regina to convince her Cora won't be the one to cross over. Trusting in his belief, Regina lifts the deadly enchantment by absorbing the magic used to create the trap. Immediately afterwards, Mary Margaret and Emma emerge from the well. Henry is ecstatic Regina believed in him enough to remove the barrier. ("Queen of Hearts")

With her mother Cora dead because of Mary Margaret, Regina plans to get both her revenge and happiness by enacting a curse that will force Henry to love her, and in order to cast the curse, she needs the heart of the person she hates most: Mary Margaret. In a desperate move to stop David and Emma from killing Regina, Henry steals dynamite from the mines and heads to the wishing well to blow it up, in the hopes it will eliminate magic for good. While making his way there, Henry bumps into Greg, who is out hiking. After Henry runs off, Greg notifies Regina about her son's whereabouts. Regina then shows up at the well before Henry can light the explosives and magically waves the dynamite away. Henry doesn't want her to kill Mary Margaret and use the curse, but Regina insists she must pay for Cora's death. Suddenly, David, Emma and Neal show up to stop her. Regina displays the curse scroll, and assures Emma she will not be seeing Henry again after it is cast. The trio refuse to get out of Regina's way, and they assert that she will have to go through them in order to reach Mary Margaret. In response, Regina conjures a fireball, to which David points his gun at her. Henry forces everyone to stop by claiming magic needs to be destroyed. Emma states magic is not the problem; Regina is. Henry, however, believes magic makes good people like Mary Margaret and Regina do terrible things, which causes David to lower his gun. Henry begs Regina to help him get rid of magic, which she declines to do, but destroys the curse scroll with a fireball in order to placate him. Henry thanks her, but ultimately leaves with Emma. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

When Peter Pan and Henry switch bodies, Henry recalls trying to explode the wishing well to destroy magic, which he uses to prove to Emma that he is indeed Henry trapped in Pan's body. ("The New Neverland")

After swiping the Dark Curse scroll from Regina's vault, Pan goes with his underling, Felix, to the wishing well to enact the curse by tossing in various ingredients. As the last ingredient, Pan explains he needs the heart of the thing he loves most, with Felix assuming he requires the son of his son, Mr. Gold. Instead, Pan admits Felix's heart will be fitting as a sacrifice since he has always been so loyal to him. Pan pulls out the heart as Felix uselessly tries to resist, and then crushes the heart to dust into the well. With the requirements fulfilled, the curse begins to come to life from within the well as a engulfing green smoke. ("Going Home")

After Second Curse

Near the wishing well, Mr. Gold waits for his bride-to-be, Belle, who arrives with her father. Archie presides over the marriage ceremony and witnesses the couple exchange their marriage vows with each other. ("There's No Place Like Home")

To force Mr. Gold into not alerting Zelena about her plans to rescue Robin Hood, Regina takes out Belle's heart and then sends Belle to the wishing well to summon Mr. Gold. When Mr. Gold arrives, Belle demands the truth from him about why he came back to Storybrooke. Mr. Gold pulls out his almost completely darkened heart as proof he is dying, and explains that only the Author can save him or he'll lose his ability to love. Belle is sympathetic to his reasons and reconciles with him. As the pair share a kiss, Regina controls Belle into saying spiteful things to Mr. Gold, such as Will being a better kisser than him and that his attempts to win her back are pathetic. Mr. Gold is, at first, hurt by her words, until Regina steps out to show she has Belle's heart. Regina then makes Mr. Gold swear not to get in her way with Robin or she'll crush the heart. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")

After Third Curse
After her son Gideon is defeated by Emma, Belle ends up at the wishing well, where Mr. Gold joins her. Mr. Gold admits he was wrong about wanting to cut away Gideon's fate with the shears and that while he himself is addicted to the power that comes from magic, he doesn't want their son to kill Emma and go down the same path. Belle realizes how easy it is to do the wrong thing believing it's for the greater good and ponders if they can actually help Gideon. Mr. Gold thinks they can by working together for each other and for their son's sake. ("Tougher Than the Rest")


On-Screen Notes


For centuries, local legend has claimed
that mystical waters run beneath this great
land. It is said that these waters possess
the power to return that which is lost to its
rightful place. If you have lost something
precious to you, drink from this well and
bear witness to this miracle as what is
missing shall be returned.
("What Happened to Frederick")

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