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For too long, this office was a place to be feared. I want every citizen to feel welcome and included here.

Mary Margaret src

The Storybrooke Town Hall is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.


During First Curse
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After the curse is cast, the town of Storybrooke is created. The town hall serves as a government building in which the townspeople gather for collective decisions. It is also the site of mayor Regina's office, and behind the building is an apple tree. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Unexpectedly, two outsiders, Owen and Kurt Flynn, wander into Storybrooke after their car breaks down. Regina does her best to speed up the fixing of the car so they can leave, but finds herself bonding with Owen. Casually, she suggests they can stay in Storybrooke permanently, but Kurt politely declines, though Owen likes the idea. After discovering Kurt already picked up his fixed car, Regina desperately searches for Sheriff Graham's heart in her office. Utilizing it, she speaks into the heart and orders him to arrest Kurt on false charges of drunk driving. As Regina turns around in her chair, she is stunned to see Kurt has overheard everything. She tries to make up an excuse, but he warily thanks her for the town hospitality and begins backing out of the room. Just then, Sheriff Graham bursts in to tackle him to the table. Kurt attempts to reason with him and even talks about the heart Regina has. During the struggle, the box containing Sheriff Graham's heart is knocked to the ground. In intense pain, Sheriff Graham momentarily releases Kurt, who flees from the building. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Years later, on Emma's second day in Storybrooke, she fights with Regina over Henry. Though Emma is Henry's birth mother, she gave him up long ago, and Regina adopted him. Regina invites Emma over to her office for a talk. While Emma is talking to Regina, she calls the things Henry believes in "crazy". Henry overhears and is hurt that Emma called him crazy. After he has left, Emma recognizes Regina had planned for this to happen. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Following the death of Sheriff Graham, Emma is fired by Regina from her sheriff deputy job. Regina has plans to give the position of sheriff to Sidney Glass. At the town hall, Regina is just about to make a public announcement for Sidney's new job. Luckily, Emma is tipped off about the town rules forbidding the mayor from appointing sheriff directly, and makes note of the rule in front of the press. Regina is forced to play along and instead announces she is backing Sidney as he runs for sheriff. Using dirty tactics, Regina exposes Emma's juvenile records in the newspaper. Emma goes to Regina's town hall office to confront her, and in doing so, she learns about an electoral debate she has to participate in. A fire breaks out, and Emma is named a hero in the eyes of the town residents because she saved Regina. But, Emma figures out the fire was set on purpose, and with a strong suspicion, she believes Mr. Gold was behind it. Though he does not fully admit to helping Emma, he implicates she will lose everything if she walks away from the election. On the day of the debate, Emma sits anxiously in her seat on stage while Sidney gives his opening statements. Her conscious weighs heavily on her, and Emma decides she cannot win the election dishonestly, and comes clean about the fire being a setup as well as receiving help from Mr. Gold. ("Desperate Souls")

Orphan siblings Ava and Nicholas have been living on their own without a parental guardian since the recent death of their mother. Emma does some sleuthing around for their birth records in town, but is told Regina already checked them out. She goes to Regina's office, who calmly tells her she took the files and called social services because there is no record of the children's birth father. To Emma's apprehension, Regina wants to send them to separate homes. ("True North")

Sidney is fired by Regina from his newspaper reporting job, and teams up with Regina to find dirt on the mayor. He says there is five-thousand dollars missing from the town budget, and they go to speak to Regina about it in her office. After they leave, Emma reveals to Sidney she planned a bug device under the office desk. They later attempt to break into her office, but are caught as Regina arrives back. Though they claim some kids broke in, Regina sends them away quickly. Sidney and Emma manage to snag files that show Regina is building something in the woods using the money from the town budget. They publicly denounce her in front of the city council, but Regina proves she is innocent by revealing she has plans to build a playground for the children of Storybrooke. Without Emma's knowledge, Sidney has actually been working for Regina under the radar this whole time. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

In her office, Regina reminisces about a lost love, Daniel, while holding an engagement ring that he once gave her as a promise of marriage. Suddenly, Mr. Gold enters to ask for help getting the assault charges pending against him dropped. In return, he will assist Regina with the David and Mary Margaret issue. Mr. Gold suggests if something tragic were to happen to David's wife, Kathryn, Mary Margaret would be blamed for it. He also proposes Regina should leave a key in Mary Margaret's jail cell after her arrest; as bad things happen to people who try to leave Storybrooke. ("The Stable Boy")

A distraught Kathryn comes to Regina in her office because her husband, David, is leaving her. Regina remarks something about a "homewrecker", and shows Kathryn photos Sidney took of David and Mary Margaret secretly meeting up together. Kathryn is furious Regina kept her husband's affair from her and leaves in an angry huff to confront Mary Margaret. Later, in an apologetic mood, Kathryn returns to make amends for her earlier behavior. She has realized David and Mary Margaret are truly in love, and what she and David had was never that. Therefore, she is leaving a letter to wish them the best and plans on leaving for Boston alone. Once Kathryn is gone, Regina uses a key to enter into David's house and steal the letter. In her office, she burns the letter using a lighter. ("What Happened to Frederick")

Kathryn mysteriously vanishes the night she drives out of town, and only her car is found. Mary Margaret is held as the prime suspect while David tries to convince Regina she didn't do anything wrong. He stops over at the office to discuss the matter. Regina is thoroughly unconvinced and says evil is not born, but made. David is hesitant to believe Mary Margaret has evil in her and instead talks about his blackouts. David suspects he himself might have done something to Kathryn, but Regina dismisses his suspicions. ("Heart of Darkness")

Recalling how Mary Margaret's persona in a previous life, Snow White, inevitably caused Daniel's death, Regina has held onto that grudge even now and fully intends to exact revenge. Soon, Mary Margaret is accused of murdering Kathryn and makes herself look guilty in an interview with the district attorney. This pleases Regina, who takes out Daniel's ring and whispers, "We finally got her." ("The Stable Boy")

After First Curse

After Emma breaks the curse, Mr. Gold brings magic into Storybrooke. He promises his true love, Belle, that he won't use magic to kill Regina, who held her prisoner for twenty-eight years. Nonetheless, he quenches his vengeance by branding Regina with a medallion and sending a Wraith to suck out her soul. Temporarily saved by David, Emma and Mary Margaret, Regina leads them to her mayoral office to procure a hat that can send the Wraith to another realm. Emma recognizes the hat's owner as Jefferson, but Regina feigns ignorance. As the Wraith approaches, Regina repeatedly fails to open a portal in the hat, but with Emma's "magic" touch, it works. The creature lunges for its intended target and misses when Emma pushes Regina out of the way. Success follows with the Wraith being sucked into the portal, though Emma herself is pulled in as well. Not willing to lose her daughter again, Mary Margaret jumps in too. Before David can follow, the portal closes. Angrily, he demands answers from Regina about where his wife and daughter went, to which she claims not to know. When threatened by him, she binds him to the wall and suffocates him with vines. As she tightens her grip, a horrified Henry walks in with Ruby to witness the act. Regina releases David and comforts Henry over Emma and Mary Margaret's disappearance. However, he blames his mother for losing them and refuses to have anything to do with her until they return. From there, Henry moves in with David at the loft. ("Broken")

Outside of the town hall, the residents are scrambling to recover after the Wraith attack. David is trying to figure out a way to travel to the Enchanted Forest where Emma and Mary Margaret are now trapped. At the same time, other people address urgent requests towards David that is too much to deal with in the moment. Suddenly, Leroy announces the news that although the curse is broken, if any of them try to leave Storybrooke, they will lose their Enchanted Forest memories. Chaos ensues, and David announces they will regroup in two hours inside the town hall as he will fix everything. In two hours time, everyone is waiting for David's arrival. He is nowhere in sight, and they receive a startling entrance made by Regina, who has regained her magic powers. She terrifies the crowd with a ball of fire, and only stops when Henry agrees to go home with her. ("We Are Both")

Hoping to help find Emma and Mary Margaret, Henry disobeys David about not getting involved. He later learns from Jefferson that Regina still has magic in her vault. Regina, in the middle of packing up her things as she's been asked to resign as mayor, receives a phone call from Henry asking her to lunch at the diner. She happily agrees and immediately leaves the office. With her gone from the premises, Henry steals a set of keys to access the vault. ("Lady of the Lake")

While Mr. Gold is out of town, Regina teams up with her mother, Cora, to win back Henry by locating the Dark One Dagger. David and Mary Margaret happen to get their hands on the weapon first, but Cora tricks them into giving it up. Following the victory, mother and daughter report back to the mayoral office. However, Regina is troubled after learning she was installed as queen consort to King Leopold when Cora killed Mary Margaret's mother. Cora wanted to spare Regina the burden of knowing the past, but her daughter confirms she would've liked to know what it took for her to become queen. Still, Regina fails to understand why her mother needs the dagger. Cora casually promises that once Mr. Gold is back, she will manipulate him into killing Emma and her parents. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Regina places a phone tap on a conversation between David and Mary Margaret, in which they discuss Mr. Gold, who has been injured after being attacked by Hook. At one point, Mary Margaret references Cora as a "wicked woman". This upsets Cora so much she knocks the phone tap speaker onto the office floor. As Cora takes a closer look at the dagger, she notices Mr. Gold's name on it is fading away. Realizing he is dying, she ponders the fate of the Dark One's powers, which will simply vaporize into the air after his death. Cora decides she must stab Mr. Gold with the dagger and become the next Dark One. Regina dislikes the idea and suspiciously wonders if her mother only cares about obtaining power, but Cora insists she needs it to protect her against Emma and her parents. ("The Miller's Daughter")

Shocked to learn that Mr. Gold's son, Neal, is Henry's biological father, Regina schemes to get back at him by triggering an amnesiac Belle's false memories. Belle, recalling herself as a barfly named Lacey, becomes someone even Mr. Gold no longer recognizes. Furious, he storms into Regina's office for a confrontation. Regina coolly continues tending to paperwork and shows little care for Mr. Gold's rage. He demands she return Belle to normal, but Regina states it's not possible since his beloved already lost her Enchanted Forest memories from crossing the town line. Despite that, Mr. Gold believes he can make Belle remember. As he leaves, Regina snidely wishes him good luck. ("Lacey")

A scheming Hook comes to Regina in her office to speak of possibly teaming up to achieve their collective goals. He even spills the beans about Greg and Tamara previously having asked him to pretend to gain an alliance and later betray her. Upon learning Cora is dead, Hook convinces Regina that, more than anything, her mother wanted to see her win. Regina shows him her stash of growing magic beans and has plans to leave Storybrooke with Henry once she activates a "fail-safe" that will inevitably erase the town and its' inhabitants out of existence. Hook asks if the "crocodile", who he has a strong grudge against, will also perish, which Regina affirms. ("The Evil Queen")

When Regina goes missing, Emma and David storm her office with guns. As they find her nowhere on the premises, they allow Mary Margaret and Henry to come in. When Henry asks if there is plan to hurt Regina, Emma explains all they want is to get back the magic beans. Mary Margaret questions why Regina would leave her office unlocked, and David discovers where the stolen beans are kept. Upon closer examination, Mary Margaret sees the beans have been taken off the vine they grew from. Emma checks the security system; showing the last time someone entered the town hall was earlier that morning, and the same person used an override code to get into the office. Considering they have not found Regina, Emma suggests it is probable somebody else took the beans. While Mary Margaret suspects Mr. Gold, Emma instinctively points to Tamara; recalling the day August was attacked also being the same date she showed up in Storybrooke, and the two events cannot be a coincidence. Mary Margaret and David leave to find out if Mr. Gold could help them and Emma heads over to Tamara's room at the bed and breakfast to research further on her own suspicions. ("Second Star to the Right")

During Second Curse

To draw out the apparent caster of the new curse, Emma sets up a town hall meeting where everyone begins believing Regina is responsible. Regina shakes things up even more by causing a building tremor, which is all part of the show. The two women regroup in the mayoral office and try to make a memory potion. When that fails, they let word spread in town that the mayor is close to concocting a memory potion so whoever drinks it will remember who cursed them. The two women wait for the curse caster to break into Regina's office and burst in to apprehend the suspect, but the person disappears in green smoke. ("Witch Hunt")

In the aftermath, David, Emma and Hook return to the office searching for any evidence the culprit left behind. David discovers holly berries on the ground and pinpoints the plant's growing location to be in the northwest region past the Toll Bridge. When urgently phoned by Mary Margaret, he goes home while Emma and Hook continue the search. ("The Tower")

After Second Curse

After retrieving her heart, which was stolen by Zelena for a time travelling spell, Regina and Robin Hood become closer as a romance blooms between them. One night, they share a bottle of wine at the mayoral office and Regina confesses that she never thought happiness was possible for herself since her first love died. Robin Hood understands; explaining how he felt the same when his wife passed away. Regina then reveals that she had seen him once in the past when Tinker Bell used fairy dust to give her another chance at true love. Robin Hood proclaims that if they only found each other now, this may be their destiny. Fittingly, they passionately kiss. ("Snow Drifts")

In the wake of Regina's happiness being shattered when Emma brings Robin Hood's deceased wife, Marian, to the present, the mayor retreats to her office. The night after Robin Hood's disastrous attempt to form a civil discussion between himself and the two women in his life, he heads to Regina's office to talk to her. Robin Hood confirms that his feelings for her have always been real, but he is obligated to keep his marriage vows to Marian. Although he promised to stay with Marian until death parted them, and it did, she is now back in his life, and so the vow remains intact. Robin Hood apologizes, hoping Regina will understand, and then leaves. After he is gone, Regina takes her fury out by magically shattering a mirror. Picking up a shard, she is suddenly reminded of Sidney, and releases him from the psychiatric ward so he can help get rid of Marian. Later on, Regina changes her plans by rescuing Marian from an ice monster. Shortly after, she locks herself in her office. From the other side of the door, Emma arrives to talk to Regina, who remains silent throughout the conversation. Emma consoles her; believing that Regina can be happy if she fights for it. Even more so, Emma believes, seeing as Henry brought her to Storybrooke to restore the happy endings, that she can help Regina obtain one too. After Emma is gone, Regina comes to an epiphany and calls Sidney out. She realizes that the storybook, not Marian, is the cause for her suffering since all the fairytales have one thing in common—the villains never have happy endings. Believing the book's author can change that, she vows to find and force the writer to provide her with a happy ending. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Since being instated as the new mayor, Mary Margaret moves her belongings into the office and then holds a conference that the townspeople show up for. With a listed agenda, she has various talking points to go over, but the citizens' insist they hear about the ice wall incident first. Mary Margaret calmly informs them that the wall as well as the creator of it, Elsa, are harmless, but the residents get into an uproar, which upsets baby Neal. Once David helps to calm the crowd, Mary Margaret resumes her speech when Marian suddenly faints from an apparent freezing spell. Regrouping in another room, an unconscious Marian is set on the couch while Robin Hood fetches Regina. After checking, Regina confirms she can only slow down the spell that is freezing his wife. At Elsa's arrival to the office, Regina suspects the woman, though Emma defends against the accusations. Elsa insists it's not her magic and only true love can break the spell, so Robin Hood attempts true love's kiss, which fails. Emma heads off to look for the culprit, but not before Regina insinuates that she can't handle her job as savior. Emma shrugs it off and instructs Hook to hide Elsa at the sheriff's office. Noticing one of Marian's hair strands is white, Elsa takes it with her as she leaves. Once everyone is gone, Regina gains Robin Hood's consent to doing whatever it takes in saving Marian. While awaiting Henry, who is sent to retrieve a box from the vault, Robin Hood confesses that true love's kiss didn't work since he loves Regina, not Marian. However, they know being together is impossible because he wants to retain his marriage vows. When Henry returns, Regina takes out Marian's heart, storing it in the box, ensuring she stays alive until they find a cure. ("Rocky Road")

By Emma's request, Hook goes to the mayoral office to pick up any files that may help locate Anna. He then delivers the boxes and envelops to Emma at the sheriff's station. ("Breaking Glass")

With Ingrid's curse rapidly approaching, Regina drops Henry off at the mayoral office. She apologizes to him for letting her feelings for Robin Hood sidetrack Operation Mongoose. He is sure they will track down the storybook author and she can have her happy ending as intended. Regina remarks they must survive first, and to ensure he's safe when the curse comes into effect, she seals him in the office. Outside the room, she runs into Robin Hood. Regina, headed for the vault, asks him to stay as far as possible since the curse is very close. When he wants to go with her, Regina reasons that barricading herself in the vault is to keep her from hurting anyone. Robin Hood swears he's not afraid of her, but she contends he should be. She then runs off to the vault. ("Fall")

Under orders from Mr. Gold, Hook goes to the mayor's office to collect Henry. From inside the room, Henry rebukes Hook for being a dirty pirate and states his increasing dislike for him now that he is dating Emma. Hook manages to break in, but he walks right into Henry's rigged trap and falls flat on his back. Henry then takes the opportunity to run out of the office. As Hook gets up to chase after the boy, Will enters to give the pirate comeuppance for previously beating him up. Instead, Hook simply clocks him and leaves Will unconscious on the floor as he departs. ("Shattered Sight")

Six weeks after Ingrid's defeat and Mr. Gold's banishment from Storybrooke, Mary Margaret goes back to teaching as Regina regains her job as mayor. While moving her belongings back into the office, Regina spots Mary Margaret's bird painting on the wall and gleefully burns it with magic. The storybook image of herself and Robin Hood, which Regina previously tore to shreds, is taped back together, and she stores it for safekeeping. Later in the day, she looks through the storybook for clues on the author's identity when Emma drops a kale salad for her on the table. Regina humorously comments that she must have found another place besides the diner to buy take-out. Emma then pulls out two root beers, and she begins looking around the office for a bottle opener that Mary Margaret had. When the blonde opens a drawer, Regina shouts in dismay as this unveils the storybook page to Emma's eyes. Regina explains how Robin Hood mysteriously found the image, and he had believed it was a sign of hope for their future together. Instead, Regina bitterly contemplates it was a cruel joke. Emma asks if she has heard from him since he left, and the latter confirms she hasn't. Suddenly, Belle and Hook burst in with a translation for a ceremony Regina must enact to free the nuns from the hat. ("Heroes and Villains", "Darkness on the Edge of Town")

While the savior and Regina are out searching for her daughter Lilith, Maleficent is left to guard Belle's heart in the mayoral office. While sitting behind the desk, she toys with the baby rattle in one hand until David and Mary Margaret enter, attempting to make amends for what they did to her. Unimpressed, Maleficent considers that their apology should be for Lilith since they did the most damage to her, to which they promise to do whatever it takes to make it up. She questions if it's enough for Lilith, who may not forgive them for making her a monster. Later, as Mr. Gold approaches the office, Maleficent opens the door, daring him to try and get in. Upon briefly testing the entrance, he uncovers a barrier that Regina cast to keep him out. Maleficent makes it clear she is no longer working with him since Emma and Regina will find Lilith and the savior won't turn dark as he wants. He contends that Lilith is actually the person who will make Emma stay on the path of darkness. She scoffs at his assertion, and only then, he admits purposely distracting her with conversation so Will could steal Belle's heart. ("Lily")

Seeing as Regina won't allow Zelena to wield the Apprentice's wand to track down Emma, who has become the Dark One and fled to another realm, Hook gains Henry's help to free Zelena, who outsmarts him. In the mayoral office, Hook and Henry confess to Regina about what transpired, as David, Mary Margaret and Belle look on. Regina is furious at Hook, who defends his choice, stating that at least he's trying to do something to help Emma. He accuses her of only wanting Henry to herself now that Emma isn't around, while Regina threatens to cut off his remaining hand. Mary Margaret intervenes, convincing them to put aside their differences for Emma's sake, and she then asks where might be the first place Zelena would go. Almost immediately, Regina realizes Zelena must have gone to Robin. ("The Dark Swan")

After Third Curse

The day after some of the Storybrooke residents return to town by Emma's new curse, Leroy and Happy bring King Arthur, who has also been affected by the curse, to Regina in the mayoral office so she can explain to him what happened. When Arthur questions who cast the curse, David admits he was dishonest about the Dark One, whose identity they had discussed during the journey to Camelot. Mary Margaret then reveals that the Dark One is in fact their daughter Emma. Suddenly, Robin Hood enters, informing them that Little John has just run into some other Camelot residents in the forest, meaning Arthur wasn't the only one from his kingdom that crossed over. All the men then head out to conduct a search party for them. ("The Price")

With her heart in Emma's possession, Merida is forced to train Mr. Gold into the hero needed to free Excalibur. When Mr. Gold continually refuses to comply, Merida knocks him out. In her search for something of his that can be used to make him fight against her, she somehow comes to learn about a storybook in the mayor's office. Throwing the book onto the desk, she flips it open and sees a page with Rumplestiltskin holding a chipped cup, to which she heads to the pawnshop to retrieve it. ("Dreamcatcher")

After Emma's confrontation with Regina, in which she admitted they were successful with freeing Merlin six weeks ago, Regina tells David, Mary Margaret, Hook and Belle about this in her office. To learn the whole truth, Regina intends to communicate with Merlin using the crimson crown, but they require Arthur's help, as only someone chosen by the sorcerer can use the crimson crown. Before David can leave to get Arthur, Belle suggests getting direct help from Mr. Gold instead, but everyone else disagrees with her idea. Hook reasons that the crocodile has had more than enough chances to be good, while David insists Arthur is their only hope to get to Merlin. Belle questions the possibility of Mr. Gold getting hurt while still in Emma's grasp, but Regina states it's a risk they have to take. In defiance of them, Belle leaves to rescue Mr. Gold by herself. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Upon regaining the dreamcatchers that Hook stole from her, Emma gathers with her family and friends in Regina's office, where she restores their lost memories as well as her own. Emma then remembers Hook's mission in Storybrooke, which is to unleash the previous Dark Ones from the Underworld. ("Broken Heart")

Believing Robin Hood and Regina will be gone from Storybrooke once Charon takes them to the Underworld, Zelena makes herself at home at her sister's office as she contemplates which shade of green to repaint the walls. Instead, Regina uses the Apprentice's wand to banish Zelena to Oz. ("Swan Song")

Following their return to Storybrooke, Regina and her allies work to defeat Hades, whom Zelena is protecting by barricading him, herself, and her baby in the mayor's office. Inside the office, Hades repairs the Olympian Crystal and persuades Zelena that they must fight back against Regina if she attacks them. Mr. Gold calls Hades, offering his protection in exchange for a piece of the crystal, but Hades declines. Regina and Robin sneak into the building undetected, and they reach the office to get the baby after Zelena goes outside to stop Emma. Hades surprises the couple and tries to kill Regina with the crystal, but Robin takes the hit for her. After Robin is dead, Zelena returns, with Hades and Regina both giving her different accounts of what happened. Zelena ultimately believes Regina and realizes that, while Hades loves her, he is incapable of changing his evil ways for her. With the crystal, an anguished Zelena stabs Hades, killing him and turning his body into ash. Mr. Gold later slips into the office after everyone is gone, and from the pile of ash, he pulls out the remaining crystal. ("Last Rites")

To lure Mr. Hyde out from the town hall building, Regina pretends to offer him Dr. Jekyll if he agrees to leave town. Hyde refuses her demands, and instead taunts her about her inability to intimidate him because she's not the Evil Queen anymore. An angry Regina then calls off the deal and throws a fireball at him. This temporarily stuns Hyde, to which Regina calls for Emma to use the taser to further immobilize him. Emma, however, becomes distracted by a vision she sees in her head, while Hyde begins choking Regina. The blonde only snaps out of it after hearing Regina calling for her, and she finally activates the taser at Hyde, who is thrown back by the blast. David and Hook apprehend Hyde, and as they take him away, he loudly notes Emma's hand tremor. As Hyde is forced into David's sheriff car, he tells Emma to seek him out if she wants answers about her ailment. Regina later goes into her office for the first time since Robin's death and cries over losing him. Zelena offers support, but Regina rebuffs her, eventually admitting she blames her for Robin's demise. Regina recalls trusting Zelena's judgement about Hades being a changed man, and if not for this, Hades wouldn't have had the chance to kill Robin. Zelena fires back by accusing her of ripping away her darker self because Snow advised her to, instead of talking to her about it. She further states that Regina took out a part of herself that is most like her, but Regina has nothing to say in response to this, which upsets the redhead even more. Before teleporting away, Zelena coldly announces she and baby Robin are moving out of Regina's house. ("The Savior")

After the Evil Queen uses the genie lamp to grant Emma's wish of having never been the Savior, she goes to Regina's office at town hall. As she sits in the mayoral seat and toys with the lamp, the genie Aladdin is brewing an appletini for her. The Queen openly flirts with him, but he rebuffs her by placing the drink in her hand. When Regina shows up looking for a way to reach Emma, the Queen tries to entice her with a toast in honor of both of them and reminds her that she cursed Snow and banished Emma from Storybrooke, the two things Regina once sought after. Unimpressed, Regina explains that, while they are indeed one and the same person, this also means they share ownership of the lamp, to which she uses the second wish to be sent to where Emma is. As soon as Aladdin grants the wish and Regina disappears, the Queen seethes in anger over being outsmarted. When David attempts to attack the Queen, she flings him away, however, she is too late to stop him from snatching the lamp from the desk. As the new lamp owner, David wishes for the Queen to get everything she deserves, with the implication being that she will be punished for her crimes. Instead, the wish has no effect because, as the Queen points out, she already has everything she deserves after destroying everyone's lives in Storybrooke. In a fit of rage over her arrogance, David lunges at her with his sword, only for the Queen to begin strangling him. With the arrival of Hook, Jasmine and Henry, the Queen eventually drops David and teleports out of the office. ("Wish You Were Here")

To lure Regina to her, the Queen keeps Robin tied up in the office as bait. Robin manages to free himself, but is restrained because the Queen enchanted the ropes to retie themselves. He tries to call off the mission because he's since realized neither of them belong in Storybrooke, and the Queen will make more enemies if she succeeds in killing Regina. The Queen scoffs at this, especially Robin's theory that perhaps he isn't in this realm to save Regina but to help her instead. When Regina arrives, the Queen teleports Robin back to his realm and then uses the shears to seperate herself and Regina for good. As Regina duels with her in the room, the Queen expresses loathing and disgust over her better half's attempt to fill the darkness in herself with love and friendship. After binding her doppelgänger to a wall, Regina ferciously declares that the Queen will never again be able to take away the good in her life, before ripping out the Queen's heart. However, Regina catches her own reflection in broken mirror shards, and is reminded of how much she hated herself when she was the Evil Queen. Deciding to choose love over hate, she pulls out her own heart to allow equal amounts of light and dark into her and the Queen's hearts. The Queen, upon receiving her heart back, is alarmed over feeling other emotions other than hatred, and is given a hug by Regina. In the aftermath, the two sit down on opposite sides of the couch to talk. Regina is relieved to learn Robin is safe in his realm, although she did not get to say goodbye to him. The Queen asks her if she still regrets not taking a chance with the original Robin all those years ago, and Regina confirms she doesn't because it would mean everything she has now wouldn't exist. Regina muses that the storybook page of her and Robin never came true, but the future that never was gave her hope when she needed it. To this, the Queen expresses her own hopes of having a fresh start. ("Page 23")

Requiring the help of the townspeople to free Snow and David from the sleeping curse, Regina presents the idea to them at her office. She tells them that if each person drinks a small portion of the curse, it will weaken the couple's curse enough to wake them. As persuasion, Regina reveals a time during the first Dark Curse when Snow and David chose to sacrifice their own happiness for everyone's sake, and this time, she hopes they can return the favor. Leroy is the first to volunteer by stating that he could use a little nap, and after him, countless others each have a sip of the drink, including Archie, Granny, Marco, Henry, Emma, Hook, and Regina. Afterwards, they pass out in the office as Snow and David awaken, happily reveling in being reunited before they realize what Emma and the townspeople have done for them. Much to their relief, members of the cursed group soon awaken one by one. Hook, still feeling guilty for his part in Robert's death, receives a helping hand from David, who pulls him up to his feet. David, however, forgives Hook as he knows Killian has changed from the man he used to be. ("Awake")

After David objects to using the diner for Emma's wedding venue, Snow brings him, Henry, Emma, and Hook to town hall as a better suggestion. David remains unsatisfied and believes the place is both drafty and needs a paint job. Emma proposes they'll have to settle with the best option in Storybrooke since it's not like they can have the wedding in the Enchanted Forest, to which David actually suggests they do that. Snow, realizing there is a deeper issue at play, asks her husband to step outside with her so they can discuss what is bothering him. Outside the town hall building, David admits he feels everything is too rushed. Snow mistakes this for reluctance over accepting Hook in Emma's life, but then David reveals he doesn't want the wedding to happen knowing what awaits Emma after it. He also argues that Emma's special day should be about her looking forward to the future and the years she will have after the wedding, not for her to marry and possibly be dead shortly after it. Emma, having just come out of town hall, agrees with her father and convinces her mom that she would rather wait for the right time to walk down the aisle, and for now, she and Hook are happy being together as a couple. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Prepared to give it her all against the Black Fairy, Emma arrives to the mayor's office to face Fiona, only to have her confidence dampened upon seeing the paralyzed bodies of her family and friends. Fiona then plays on a lifelong fear of Emma's by broadcasting a recorded audio of the blonde humming a song as a child and mockingly notes the amount of misery she hears in it. Emma tries to magically choke her, but it doesn't work, as the fairy points out, because Emma finally understands the truth: that she can't fight alone. Shaken, Emma retreats, but returns later, ready to forfeit her heart to Fiona if it means saving her loved ones. After giving Hook one last kiss, she goes to Fiona, allowing her to rip out her heart. Fiona begins squeezing the heart but finds she cannot crush it and instead drops it. Henry then rushes in, proclaiming that Emma's heart is special, before showing his mom a page from his storybook that proves she has never been alone because her heart has always had the songs of the people who love her. Equipped with this knowledge, Emma summons power from her own song to unfreeze her parents, Hook, Regina, and Zelena. Shortly after, Henry picks up Emma's heart and puts it back in her chest, as Emma trimuphantly tells Fiona that she isn't so alone after all. The Black Fairy growls at her for not calling it quits when she had the chance and warns that what the Dark Curse has in store for them will be worse than she ever imagined. ("The Song in Your Heart")

During Fourth Curse
Having failed in his mission to make Emma believe in magic, Henry takes it upon himself to retrieve his grandfather's sword and head to the mayor's office to fight the Black Fairy on his own. Emma, after coming back to Storybrooke, finds him in the building hallway, and admits that although she doesn't remember the things he wants her to recall, but that the courageous and fearless person he depicted in the story is who she wants to be. When Emma attests to Henry that she does believe him, her last shred of belief is restored and this unknowingly helps to stop the destruction of the Enchanted Forest. Emma then takes the sword and bursts into the mayor's office ready to face Fiona, but upon finding no one there, she hurries out. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

After Fourth Curse

As Emma steps through one of the town hall doorways with Henry behind her, the Dark Curse is suddenly lifted, restoring her lost memories. Gideon, having been commanded by the Black Fairy to kill her, shows up at the other end of the hallway to finish her off. Emma backs away into a room as Gideon closes in on her, but luckily, Henry hits Gideon with a fire extinguisher to stun him, allowing Emma to get out unscatched and put a barrier on the door to seal her nemesis in. Emma notes that it will not keep him in forever, to which Henry reassures her that the Black Fairy still has Gideon's heart but he'll stop coming after her once Mr. Gold finds it. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

Sometime after the final battle has been won, Regina walks down the hallway to her mayoral office and is surprised to find Leroy, Walter, and Mr. Clark blocking the door. The trio eventually move away to let her see the new inscription they put on it that reads as, "Regina Mills Queen" under the words "Mayor of Storybrooke". As they tip their hats to her, Regina smiles earnestly at them, clearly touched by their handiwork. Later on, she sits at her desk and holds a red apple that she picked out from her bowl of apples. ("The Final Battle Part 2")



On-Screen Notes

  • The Town Hall appears in the title card for "Last Rites".[1]
  • The Town Hall carries the Storybrooke heritage seal.[2] ("Desperate Souls")
  • The word "magister" (Latin for "master" or "teacher") is written above the door frame in the mayor's office.[3] Magister was a title of the Middle Ages, given to a person in authority, or to someone having a license from a university to teach philosophy and the liberal arts.[4] It was also a title given to several positions of authority in Ancient Rome, such as Magister officiorum, which literally means "master of offices". ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" et al.)
  • The word "civitas" is engraved over the door frame of the door leading out of the room that is outside the office.[5] In Ancient Rome, this word referred to the whole body of members of any given state. It was frequently used by the Roman writers to express the condition of a Roman citizen as distinguished from those who were not Roman citizens. ("A Tale of Two Sisters" et al.)
  • A sign outside the town hall reads:[6]

The Storybrooke Improvement Society was founded by the
Storybrooke Women's Institute in order to build the Town Hall.
The architect was David H. Goodman cousin of Storybrooke
entrepreneur Neil Westlake. The Hall was built and continues
to be owned and maintained by members of the Society; men
planted the apple trees on the north and women planted the
apple trees to the south. The Hall has officially been
designated as a Municipal Heritage Site. It serves the
community as the focal and social center of Storybrooke
("Last Rites")

  • Neil Westlake's name has also appeared on several other props throughout the show:
  • The sign is adapted, with illustrations and everything, from the real sign outside Fort Langley Community Hall in Fort Langley, the building that doubles as Storybrooke Town Hall for the show.[12] The real-life version, which features drawings of maple trees rather than the apple tree that emblazons the Storybrooke version, reads:[13]

The Fort Langley Community Improvement Society was
founded by the Fort Langley Women's Institute in 1924 in
order to build the Community Hall. The building was
completed in 1931. The architect was Archibald Campbell
Hope brother of Fort Langley entrepreneur Charles Hope.
The hall was built and continues to be owned and maintained
by society volunteers. The maple trees were planted by
members of the society; men planted the trees on the north
and women planted the trees on the south. The Hall was
officially designated as a Municipal Heritage Site in 1979. It
serves the community as the focal and social center of Fort
Langley and is available for rental for special events.

For information or viewing call 604-888-1223.

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Props Notes

Set Dressing

Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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