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This article focuses on the shipyard.
For the harbor, see Storybrooke Harbor.
For the cannery, see Storybrooke Cannery.

Mr. Smee, we need to get the lad to the boat house.

Hook to Mr. Smee src

The Storybrooke Shipyard is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the tenth episode of the second season.


During Second Curse

At the docks, Henry is with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee when one of Zelena's flying monkey appears. The three of them run into the shipyard to escape it. Hook tells Smee to take the boy and find a boat while he deals with the monkeys, who come flying into the shipyard. Hook manages to kill several of them with his gun, before running out of ammunition. Fortunately for him, Emma (who has tracked Henry with her GPS), Regina, Mary Margaret and David suddenly show up and help him defeat the monkeys. With the monkeys gone, Henry, who has no memories abut growing up in Storybrooke, is more confused than ever. He asks about the monkeys, why David has a sword and what is going on. Emma tells Henry he deserves to know the truth and hands him his old storybook. She asks him to in magic, which he does and takes the book. Once he reaches for it, Henry's memories come flooding back and he remembers everybody and everything about his life before the most recent curse. Regina tells Henry he needs to help Emma break the curse but before Emma can kiss him, Zelena teleports into the shipyard and grabs Henry, telling him he can call her Aunt Zelena. Regina tries to get him back but Zelena knocks her unconscious to the ground. Emma asks Henry to let him go as he has nothing to do with this, but Zelena tells them that Hook failed her and he knew the price of doing so. Zelena starts to strangle Henry but Emma uses her light magic to scold Zelena's hands, which is enough to make her let go of Henry. Zelena tells them to enjoy this moment as they don't have many left before disappearing.

Henry succeeds in waking Regina and she gives him true love's kiss, which breaks the curse and everyone's memories come back and they remember the missing year. Emma asks them how Zelena cast the curse and Mary Margaret explains that Zelena did not cast it, but she did. Mary Margaret explains that they did this as Zelena's weakness is light magic and Emma is the only one who can defeat her which is why they paid the price of the curse. Emma wonders how they paid the price of the curse as they are both still here which makes no sense considering the curse requires the heart of the one you love the most. Meanwhile, Henry tells Regina about the year he and Emma spent living in New York City. He takes the opportunity to enquire about a man Regina was kissing earlier that day and Regina tells him that his name is Robin Hood and that they have just started seeing each other. Robin enters the shipyards at this point and says that he remembers how during the missing year, his relationship with Regina was a lot more rocky. The three of them walk out of the shipyard together.

Emma questions Hook as to what Zelena was talking about. Hook tries to explain that Zelena had him backed into a corner and explains that Zelena cursed his lips to try and get him to steal Emma's magic for her. Emma insists it should have been her decision to protect Henry, not Hook's, and that she cannot trust him whether his hand was forced or not. David agrees with Emma and insists Hook has lied about more than just this. Mary Margaret says that he told them that he bought Emma to Storybrooke as he received a message from Mary Margaret and David with memory potion to get Emma to come back and remember and they know this did not happen. Hook insists he still received that message and the memory potion and that is the truth. Unbeknownst to all of them, it was actually Neal who sent the potion to Hook. ("A Curious Thing")

After Third Curse

As Regina tracks down Mr. Gold at the harbor, she walks through the Storybrooke shipyard. As she exits the building, she finds Mr. Gold standing over Mr. Hyde's corpse. ("Strange Case")


On-Screen Notes

Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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