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Glad to see the sheriff's station's now a family business.

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The Storybrooke Sheriff's Department,[2] better known as the Sheriff's Station, is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.


During First Curse

After crashing her car near Storybrooke's town line, an unconscious Emma is taken into custody at the sheriff station by Sheriff Graham for an overnight stay in a jail cell. In the same night, he also apprehends Leroy for drunk and disorderly behavior. In the morning, Emma awakens and sees Leroy in the next cell to hers as a handyman, Marco, comes in to fix the sink. Marco congratulates Emma for finding her biological son, Henry, in Storybrooke. Though Leroy comments in passing that children are troublesome, Marco considers them a blessing since he has always longed for a child. Sheriff Graham comes to release Leroy, but doesn't let Emma out, suggesting to her that she became drunk the night prior on the mayor's apple cider. Regina arrives looking for help to find her adoptive son, Henry, who has disappeared, and Emma offers to help by sleuthing through the boy's bedroom. ("Pilot")

Graham receives a call from Dr. Hopper claiming that Emma stole Henry's patient file from his office. He goes to Emma's guest room at the bed and breakfast. Upon seeing the file papers spread out on the bed, he arrests and takes her to the station to take mug shots. She insists Regina set her up, though Graham doesn't believe the mayor is capable of that. Emma takes a jab at him for being under Regina's thumb. Surprisingly, Henry and his teacher Mary Margaret show up to bail Emma out. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Emma accepts a job as sheriff's deputy from Sheriff Graham, but refuses to wear the assigned uniform. As she takes the deputy badge from him, a massive earthquake rips throughout town while distress calls begin pouring into the sheriff station. ("That Still Small Voice")

During a day at the sheriff station, Graham brings Emma a box of donuts and asks her to work the night shift for him so he can take care of the animal shelter's dogs while the supervisor is out sick. Emma accepts his reason for bailing out, though she does not find out until much later that he is lying, and actually spends the night having a physical rendezvous with Regina. ("The Shepherd")

After discovering the true extent of Graham's relationship with Regina, Emma begins avoiding him out of disgust and discomfort, but becomes particularly confused after he kisses her. The day after this incident, Graham is a no-show for his job shift, though Regina pays a visit to Emma at the sheriff station. Emma cattily remarks that Graham must not be at work since he spent the night with Regina. The mayor freely admits to her affair with Graham while accusing Emma of having a more than professional relationship with him. Emma maintains that anything that did happen meant nothing. As a final warning, Regina dissuades her from interfering in Graham's life and sending him down the wrong path. However, Graham himself is already regaining memories of his past life, which were triggered by previously kissing Emma. He enlists her to help him find his heart in a vault, but they are unsuccessful. Regina recognizes that Graham is straying too close to the truth when he breaks things off with her for good. While he and Emma leave for the sheriff station, Regina heads into the vault to take out Graham's heart. At the station, Graham and Emma share another kiss, in which all of his past life memories are restored. The tender moment is cut short when Graham collapses on the ground in pain and dies as Regina, in the vault, crushes his heart to dust. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Weeks after Graham's death, Emma contemplates filling his shoes as sheriff, but Regina fires her on the spot with intentions of appointing Sidney Glass as the new marshal. With some help from Mr. Gold, Emma forces Regina to play fair and square due to the town charter rules, which state a mayor can support someone running for sheriff, but cannot elect one. This catapults Emma into running against Sidney for the position of sheriff. Behind the scenes, Mr. Gold pulls more strings by deliberately starting a fire at the town hall so Emma rescues Regina and wins the favor of the townspeople. Once Emma discovers this, she publicly calls out Mr. Gold and drops out of the electoral race, but once again earns the respect of the townspeople, prompting them to elect her as sheriff. Later, Mr. Gold visits her at the sheriff station. He informs Emma that a higher form of bravery, one that included her standing up to him, was necessary as proof for the townspeople. By doing so, they can see she does not fear him and is just as likely unafraid of Regina. When Emma asks why he did it, Mr. Gold brings up their last deal, in which she owes him a favor. Now that she is sheriff, he desires repayment from her in the future. ("Desperate Souls")

Sidney and Emma team up together to eavesdrop on Regina's phone conversations and find out about a secret meeting in the woods. They believe Regina is stealing money, but instead it turns out she is building a new playground for the children of Storybrooke. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

Mr. Gold is jailed for beating Moe French to a bloody pulp. When he will not tell Emma the reason for it, she cuffs and arrests him. At the sheriff's station in Storybrooke, Emma talks to Mr. Gold, who is behind bars. He tells her he does not need a reminder that she owes him a favor. Regina shows up and allows Henry to go with Emma. Mr. Gold invites Regina to sit, using the word, "please". She wants to talk to Mr. Gold who asks her if she has what he wants. When she says "Yes." Mr. Gold realizes Regina put Moe up to breaking into his house. She says she just wants him to answer one simple question: What`s his name? When he replies, "Mr. Gold," she asks him what his name is elsewhere. He tells her his name is "Rumplestiltskin" and addresses Regina as "Your Majesty" confirming that both are aware of their past identities. She returns the stolen chipped tea cup and he tells her that nothing between them will change. ("Skin Deep")

Kathryn, David's wife, decides it is best to pursue her dream of attending law school in Boston after the breakdown of her marriage. She presumably leaves one night, but her car is found at the border in the morning while she is nowhere in sight. Sidney goes to the sheriff station and brings over Kathryn's phone records. Sidney notes a call to Kathryn from David made an hour before the car crash. Emma interviews David, who is suspected of foul play. After a few questions, she lets him go as there are no charges. Meanwhile, Ruby quits her waitressing job at the diner when she has had enough of Granny's wishes for her to someday run the place herself. Henry helps Ruby look for new jobs at the sheriff department. Henry asks her about a possible job of delivering things to others using a basket. Ruby does not like the job choices he is giving her. Suddenly, the phone rings and she answers with a most helpful demeanor to the people calling. An impressed Emma walks in and asks her to be her assistant. Mary Margaret tells Emma about her strange encounter with David, who was wandering around in a daze looking for Kathryn. Emma sends Ruby on an investigation mission near the Toll Bridge. She finds a jewelry box containing a human heart, and shows Emma the contents. She is still in shock by her discovery, and Emma, amazed with Ruby's tracking skills, comforts her. ("Dreamy", "Red-Handed")

The fingerprints on the jewelry box come back as a match for Mary Margaret. Emma has no choice but to take mug shots and arrest Mary Margaret. She tells Mary Margaret to be patient since Regina will fire her if she does not do her job. Emma takes Mary Margaret into the interrogation room for questioning. Regina is there as a third party person, so Emma does not show favoritism toward Mary Margaret, who admits to having seen the box before since it is her jewelry box but insists it was stolen. Regina assures Mary Margaret that she knows what she is going through. David rushes out of the office to visit Mary Margaret, telling her about the flashbacks he just saw during a hypnosis section with Archie. He seems convinced that he and Mary Margaret met and he asked her not to kill Kathryn. Stunned by his accusations, she orders him out. In the morning, while folding her cot blanket, Mary Margaret discovers a key underneath that opens the cell door. Emma walks in with some breakfast for her. She confirms that the DNA from the heart is a match for Kathryn, therefore, the case against Mary Margaret is going through. Emma admits that she thinks Regina is behind it. Unable to fight the building evidence against her, Mary Margaret decides to escape during the night by unlocking the cell door with the key. ("Heart of Darkness")

That same night, Henry enters the sheriff's office to see Mary Margaret is gone from her cell and mistakenly believes this is part of a plan Emma assembled. When Emma finally comes in with Mr. Gold, she is stunned that Mary Margaret is missing. Mr. Gold warns that both their futures are in jeopardy if they are caught, but Emma manages to track Mary Margaret down and convince her to return to the cell. The next morning, Regina arrives at the sheriff's office and is surprised that Mary Margaret hasn't left. She and Mr. Gold discuss his part in setting up Mary Margaret, but he assures her that everything will still go according to plan. ("Hat Trick")

In Storybrooke, Emma and Mr. Gold weigh the options of having Mary Margaret talk to the District Attorney about the case. Mr. Gold says that her personality can help get the charges dropped. Sidney drops off some flowers as an apology for Emma since he can't find anything connecting Regina to the case. In an ongoing interview with the District Attorney, Albert Spencer, Mary Margaret is asked if she wanted Kathryn gone so she and David could be together. Despite repeated denials, Albert continues to press the matter, frustrating Mary Margaret, who angrily blurts out that she did want Kathryn gone. Outside the room, Regina smiles wickedly at the outburst, which is later taken as a murder confession. ("The Stable Boy")

Eventually, Kathryn is found alive and Regina meets Emma at the sheriff department under the pretense of giving her a confession. She calls Sidney in, who goes into detail about everything: the kidnapping, the framing of Mary Margaret, and faking the DNA results, because he had hoped he would get his job back with the newspaper. Emma does not buy his confession and asks to speak with Regina privately in the hallway. She believes that Sidney is protecting Regina, because he is in love with her, and she is furious with Regina for allowing someone else to take the fall for her actions. Emma says that Regina tried to take away a person she loves, so now she will take away someone Regina loves. She vows to get her son, Henry, back. ("The Return")

After First Curse

The breaking of the curse causes the residents' animosity towards Regina to return, and thus she is locked up by Emma for her own safety. At the jail cell, David asks Regina why they did not return to the Enchanted Forest when the curse was broken. Regina responds that there is nothing to go back to. Mary Margaret suggests they find Mr. Gold, and everyone departs from the sheriff department. Shortly after, Mr. Gold himself visits Regina. In an act of vengeance to get back at her for locking up Belle, he brands Regina for death with a Wraith's medallion. While the Wraith begins sucking out her soul, David saves her by hitting the creature with a chair. After he is unsuccessful in subduing the Wraith, Mary Margaret uses a makeshift flamethrower to scare it off. Regina informs the trio that the Wraith cannot be killed, and will stalk her until it claims her. David suggests they do nothing and let the creature take Regina. Emma interjects that she promised Henry she would protect her, so Regina suggests they send the Wraith "somewhere it can't hurt anyone". Their plan is successful in getting rid of the Wraith, but as a consequence Emma and Mary Margaret fall through a portal to the Enchanted Forest. ("Broken")

While the dwarves are in the mines in search of diamonds to make fairy dust, which is required to bring back Emma and Mary Margaret, David explains to Leroy that he will stay as Emma's replacement at the sheriff station. ("The Crocodile")

When Albert forms an angry mob against Ruby for the supposed murder of Billy, she is locked away as much for her safety as for everyone else's. Spencer's mob is hunting for Ruby. They burst into the sheriff's station, but Ruby is already gone. ("Child of the Moon")

Emma, who is back in town, and David are interrogating Regina on the death of Archie Hopper. She is both upset and angry. Upset that Archie is dead and angry that she is being accused of this crime. She asks them why she would kill Archie after everything she has done to change. David says that she has been caught before. He also says that she has been given the chance to change once before and he asks why this time should be any different. Outside the interrogation room, Mary Margaret asks Emma and David what they should do. David suggests that they should lock her up. But Emma will not let David because she cannot prove Regina is guilty. David asks what to do and Emma convinces both of them to let Regina go. ("The Cricket Game")

At some point later, Hook breaks into the department, beats David unconscious in order to steal back his hook and travels to New York by ship in an attempt to kill Mr. Gold. ("The Queen Is Dead")

A still wooden August Booth is given an offer by an old acquaintance, Tamara, to leave town and never return so he can receive a cure for his current state. However, he figures out she is tricking him, and hurries to the sheriff's office to warn Emma about Tamara. As he is making an urgent phone call to Emma, Tamara steps into the office and snaps the phone line. Again, she tries to convince him he needs to worry about himself only. But, August refuses because he finally realizes that his selfish lifestyle is what brought him to this condition and tells Tamara that he cares about the people in this town. He threatens her with exposure of all she's done, but she uses a taser; mortally wounding him. August collapses outside the station and dies in his father's arms yet again. August uses his final breaths to speak of the danger Tamara poses, but is unable to. Fortunately, Henry and Mother Superior are able to determine that August's actions on this day are unselfish, brave and true, and she is able to restore August into his original form of a 7-year old Pinocchio. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

When Henry is rescued from Neverland, Lost Boy Felix is trapped in a jail cell because he is seen as a threat. The next day, Pan releases him so he can help enacting the Dark Curse. ("The New Neverland")

During Second Curse

Imprisoned in a jail cell, Zelena is visited by Regina, who sympathizes with her since they both suffered as Cora's daughters and by having lives they didn't want. She also knows what it's like to be fueled by vengeance and gives Zelena a second chance to reshape a better future for herself. Later on, Mr. Gold, wielding his magical dagger, seeks payback for his son's death by stabbing Zelena to death. Her body transforms into a statue, which he shatters into pieces. Unseen to his eyes, the remains of her body turn into powder and vanish. ("Kansas")

As a time spell is activated, Belle, David, Regina, Robin Hood and Mr. Gold run to the sheriff station, but Zelena is no longer there. They prepare to watch the surveillance video when Mr. Gold waves his hand and the screen frizzes. He magically alters the image to show Zelena turning herself into a statue, which shatters and dissipates to dust. Before they leave the office, David proposes that no one should go near the time portal at the moment, which everyone agrees with. ("Snow Drifts")

On a mission to find her missing sister, town guest Elsa goes through Storybrooke's census records, from both curses, at the sheriff station with David's help. Despite having a day off from work, Emma is phoned by Belle, who reports a stranger, Will, broke into the library the prior night. Locking him up in a cell, she begins questioning about how he ended up in the library. He willingly forfeits information, to which Emma asks about some materials, a book and a page illustration of the Red Queen, that she found on him. Will silently stares at the Red Queen image, and only when she inquiries if it means something to him, he refutes her suggestion. When Emma notices Will's bruised cheek and queries about it, Hook walks in. Though Will remembers a violent Hook punched him repeatedly the previous evening, he also remembers the man told him to keep his mouth shut about the incident. To Emma, Will claims he doesn't recall his attacker. Thus, she decides to hold him in the cell until he can remember. Nearby, David calls over Emma and tells her about his recent discovery that their latest nemesis, the Snow Queen, lives under the name Sarah Fisher. However, he is unable to find her in the census, which means she did not come to Storybrooke due to a curse. ("The Apprentice")

Elsa and Emma continue going through records while an imprisoned Will demands his dinner, to which the sheriff gives him a poptart and water. Then, Hook arrives carrying a box of files from the mayor's office, as Emma previously requested, and announces he is going sailing with Henry later. Before leaving, he asks if Emma needs him to do anything else. As the couple share a warm moment, Will loudly remarks that Hook is trying to be on a good terms with Emma's son so he can do the same with her. Annoyed at the outburst, Hook warns him to keep his opinion to himself. Giving Emma a kiss on the cheek, he then departs. The women discover photos Sidney took when he was spying on Emma for Regina. In one of them, Emma is stunned to see a snapshot of herself and the Snow Queen arguing, so they go to Regina for answers. Sometime in the evening, Will escapes from his cell. Before David and Mary Margaret go on a hike, they enter the sheriff station to grab a walkie-talkie so Belle can keep in contact with them if anything goes wrong. On their way out, David notices Will is missing and persuades Mary Margaret into joining him to look for the criminal. As the evening goes on, Emma returns to the station after mending fences with Regina. When Hook arrives, she shows him a camera recording of her younger self and an old friend. Soon, it cuts to newer footage, which Emma doesn't remember, of herself in another foster home as a boy toys with the camera. Suddenly, the foster mother, revealed to be the Snow Queen, approaches to turn off the device. ("Breaking Glass")

Gathering Belle, David, Henry, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold at the station, Emma replays the footage for them. They believe all search leads on the Snow Queen have been exhausted, but Henry mentions the Snow Queen's ice cream truck. Since the vehicle location is not known, David splits Emma, Hook and Regina into a search party. He suggests Mr. Gold team up with him, but the latter prefers to work alone. Belle, too, opts out in order to begin research at the library as Elsa joins her. During the day's investigation, Emma uncovers a file in the ice cream truck, which contains her childhood artwork and essays that the Snow Queen kept throughout the years. Of one item, there is a scroll written in ancient text. On return to the station, Elsa shows them a family tree she found that details her lineage. According to the tree, the Snow Queen, Ingrid, is the sister of Elsa's mother, Gerda, as well another woman named Helga, who strongly resembles Emma. Elsa notices the scroll, and she reveals it is a prophecy stating the savior, Emma, will become Ingrid's sister. From this, they realize Ingrid wants to be a family with Elsa and Emma to replace the ones she lost. Suddenly, Belle bursts in to confess she once failed to save Anna in the past; resulting in the girl's capture by the Snow Queen. She also explains Ingrid's intention to cast the spell of shattered sight, which will force everyone to turn against each other. Ominously, Elsa recognizes Ingrid is going to spare herself and Emma so they can be a "perfect family". ("Family Business")

After apprehending Ingrid with a spell, Emma brings her to the station for questioning. Elsa, also present, asks for Anna's whereabouts. Standing by her prior claims, Ingrid reiterates that Anna put Elsa in the urn and thus is not worth the time. Furious, Elsa lashes out, but she leaves when Emma advises her to cool off. Emma then confronts Ingrid about erasing her memories, though the latter only implies she did it to protect her. She believes the three of them—herself, Elsa and Emma—belong together as a family because they have similar powers. Furthermore, Ingrid pulls at Emma's insecurities about her biological family, who gave her up at birth and are continuing to use her to save them all the time. She even insinuates Emma's parents must be grateful their second child was born without magic. Fighting against these accusations, Emma insists her family loves her, but Ingrid states they can't love someone they don't understand and will come to see her as a monster. As her anger soars, Emma explodes the building wall, which pleases Ingrid, who then escapes. With her powers out of control, Emma reunites with her parents and allies, but she warns them to stay away. Out of panic, she accidentally collapses a streetlight. It nearly falls on Hook, but David takes the hit instead. Due to this, Mary Margaret reprimands Emma, but upon seeing her daughter's hurt expression, she retracts her anger. However, Emma flees and drives off in her car. ("The Snow Queen")

Unable to create a counter spell to stop Ingrid's impending spell of shattered sight, Emma, Elsa and their rescued companions, Anna and Kristoff, head to the station where they join David, Mary Margaret and Neal. Both Anna and Kristoff share a brief, happy reunion with David and he introduces them to Emma and Mary Margaret. However, before the spell effects them, David and Mary Margaret ask Emma to lock them in separate cells. Since Kristoff will be affected by the spell too, Anna hand cuffs him. Due to the ribbons on their wrists, Elsa and Emma are immune to the spell. Since Anna herself has already been under Ingrid's spell once before, she will remain unaffected as well. With Neal relinquished into her care, Emma anxiously questions how she will undo the spell while her parents continue to have faith she can defeat Ingrid. When Hook shows up, she hands Neal to Elsa. After having a tearful goodbye with Hook, Emma regains Neal and everyone present waits for the curse to arrive. As mirror shards rain down from the sky, they infiltrate the station vent and spill into the room. David and Mary Margaret, while holding hands, are both overtaken by the curse once shards invade their eyes. Anna, hugging Elsa, watches helplessly as Kristoff's eyes are consumed by the shards. Under the curse's influence, David and Mary Margaret unlink hands and gaze at each other with animosity. ("Fall")

Under the curse's influence, David and Mary Margaret express mutual disgust at each other. While they are trading insults, Elsa and Emma devise a plan to stop the curse by killing Ingrid. Left in charge, Anna takes baby Neal and puts him in a crib. When Mary Margaret criticizes David for his method of holding their son, Anna tries to stop their bickering by reminding them of their relationship prior to the curse. Instead, this incites anger between the not-so-happy couple with both recalling how the other gave a bad impression during their first meeting. Regina, garbed in Evil Queen attire, bursts into the sheriff station looking for Emma, but decides to pay Mary Margaret back for killing Daniel by threatening to murder baby Neal. After whisking Anna and Kristoff away, Regina magically unlocks Mary Margaret's cell and challenges her to a sword-fight. Mary Margaret, in defense of her son, ferociously battles Regina as David watches the battle play out. As morning approaches, they continue to have it out until the curse, prompted by Ingrid's sacrifice of her own life, is broken. Reverting to their former selves, Mary Margaret, Regina and David, who is still locked in his cell, burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of their prior disputes. The three of them, with baby Neal, leave to reunite with their loved ones. ("Shattered Sight")

Investigating Cruella De Vil and Ursula's visit to the pawnshop, Emma begins downloading security footage from the store when Hook arrives to deliver a grilled cheese sandwich for her. Curious about his past with Ursula, she asks about it, but he only admits to knowing her. When Emma prods him for more information, he won't reveal anything more. Surprised, she takes in his refusal to talk, just as the footage finishes downloading. In the video, Cruella and Ursula are recorded leaving the pawnshop with a wooden box. She goes to notify her parents about it, but they seemingly have moved on from their earlier suspicions about the women. Later, Emma calls Hook to the sheriff's office, where she asks him to not lie to her about his secret and, in his own time, tell her the truth. David and Mary Margaret walk in, intending to confess their past with Maleficent to their daughter, but they stay hidden as Emma continues talking to Hook. Suspecting her parents are lying to her, Emma considers she is being paranoid since she had a childhood in which people let her down all the time. She then decides to see the best in Hook, which is something her parents have always done for other people. Guiltily, David and Mary Margaret begin exiting when they accidentally make their presence known to the couple. Going back on their plan, they reveal to Emma that Maleficent has been revived by Cruella and Ursula, but say nothing about their secret. ("Unforgiven")

After Third Curse

With their memories from six weeks ago erased by Emma, Regina eventually finds a Camelot book with a page that has her handwriting in it. At the sheriff's station, she shows the evidence to David and Mary Margaret, believing it was important six weeks ago. Suddenly, the six remaining dwarves burst in, demanding they go after Emma, who stole Happy's ax. At this, Regina takes her cue to exit, leaving David and Mary Margaret to solve the issue. Leroy tells David to stop behaving like a scared parent and be their sheriff again, but the latter simply assures the dwarves that he will figure out how to get the ax. Seeing that his advice is falling on deaf ears, an irate Leroy complains about this being another humiliation he and his brothers have to swallow. He then storms out, with the other dwarves following him. Feeling the situation spin out of his control, David goes into his office, where he vents his frustration to Mary Margaret, believing he is unable to do anything as sheriff, and that Emma being the Dark One is his fault. Mary Margaret insists he is doing his best, which is what David believes is the problem. Nonetheless, she helps him calm down, and after she exits, Arthur arrives, telling David that someone stole a magic bean from a relic chest he needs to get his people home. Later in the day, after Grif is locked up for stealing the chest, Arthur visits him, where they discuss the scheme they had concocted to trick David into believing there was a theft. Arthur, distrustful of the townsfolk ever since learning Emma is the Dark One, reveals his plans of turning Storybrooke into the new Camelot. To ensure the residents continue to trust him, Arthur asks Grif to ingest viper poison so the truth remains a secret. After drinking it, Grif dies, with his body disappearing in green smoke. ("Siege Perilous")

With Arthur and Guinevere, some of the Storybrooke residents find Grif missing from the cell. Arthur proposes Grif was lying about taking the bean and used it to return to Camelot, to which a dismayed Guinevere wonders how her people will react to the news. She believes they need to do something to lift their spirits, so Henry suggests a town dance. David jokes that this is an excuse for him to ask his girlfriend out, causing much alarm from Regina, though Henry insists it's not like that. ("Dreamcatcher")

After learning Arthur sabotaged the heroes' attempt to contact Merlin, David and Hook apprehend and lock up the former king in the cell at the sheriff's office. Hook roughly accosts Arthur about what happened in Camelot, but David convinces him to back off, believing Arthur knows nothing of value to them. ("The Bear and the Bow", "Birth")

While some of the Storybrooke residents are away in the Underworld, Merida takes it upon herself to ensure Arthur remains imprisoned in the cell, and at one point, she leaves Walter on watch duty. This proves to be a grave mistake, as Walter eventually falls asleep, giving Arthur the chance to escape the cell. On his way out, he clocks Walter on the head and runs off to the Toll Bridge, where he meets his end at Hades' hands. Walter and Merida later report Arthur's disappearance from the cell to Snow. ("Only You")

Upon being apprehended as a suspect in the Oracle's death, Shirin is brought to the sheriff's station for questioning. From outside the interrogation room, Snow watches as David and Emma attempt to get the truth out of Shirin. The woman is reluctant to admit her real identity, in fear of what Hyde will do, but when Emma assures her Hyde is already dead, she reveals herself as Jasmine, a princess of Agrabah. Jasmine swears she did not kill the Oracle, who was her friend and helping her to find Aladdin, a man she once knew as the Savior. ("Street Rats")

When David wishes to steal the genie lamp from the Evil Queen, he tells Hook and Jasmine to meet him at the sheriff's office in an hour. They assume he is going to come up with a plan for the mission, but after David does not show up, they realize he has gone to face the Queen on his own. ("Wish You Were Here")

Following his defeat at Emma's hands, Gideon storms into the sheriff's station and blacks out the security cameras on his way to Emma's office. He then breaks open the office with magic before finding the broken Hrunting blade. His father, Mr. Gold, surprises him by appearing suddenly and cautioning him about being in public so soon after his battle with Emma. Gideon assures him things will be different now that he has the blade, to which Mr. Gold pauses for a beat and then magicks his son unconscious to prevent him from doing anything else. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

At the sheriff's office, some of the heroes take turns looking at Page 23, a storybook picture of a young Regina and the original Robin, which the Queen gave to Henry as a warning to Regina. They realize the Queen is holding Robin as a hostage in order to bait Regina into coming to her and possibly kill her. Feeling responsible for persuading Regina to bring Robin to Storybrooke, Emma offers to go in her place, but Regina insists on finishing off the Queen herself before anyone else she cares about gets hurt. ("Page 23")


Former Staff

  • Graham Humbert: Graham was the former sheriff who personally chose Emma as his deputy's sheriff. Later, after his untimely death, Emma succeeds him as sheriff after running for an election, in which the townspeople vote for her to take his place. ("The Price of Gold", "Desperate Souls")
  • Ruby: She held a temporary position as an office assistant answering phones, did paperwork and fetched lunch, but resigned being traumatized from unearthing a human heart. ("Red-Handed")
  • Mr. Clark: When a cyclone whisks Sheriff Swan and several other citizens to another realm, Mr. Clark temporarily replaces Emma as the sheriff. His job includes patrolling the road at night. When everyone is returned to Storybrooke after six weeks, Emma, who is now the Dark One, disapproves of Mr. Clark taking her place and turns him into a statue. ("The Dark Swan")

Suspects Held

  • Emma Swan: She was taken into one of the holding cells after she crashed into the "Storybrooke" Sign and was knocked unconscious. She was released quickly, under the condition she would help Regina Mills find Henry. ("Pilot")
  • Leroy: He was held for a short time in the cell next to Emma's. He was released a few minutes before Emma was. It was hinted by Marco that he was a common occupant, but is never seen in jail again. ("Pilot")
  • Mr. Gold: He was held in a cell after Emma arrests him on charges of physical assault against Moe French. Later, in a deal with Regina, she helps get the charges dropped. ("Skin Deep")
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard: She was held for several days after her fingerprints were found on the box containing Kathryn's heart. After finding a key in her cell, Mary Margaret escapes to avoid going to trial for a crime she didn't commit. Emma manages to track her down and convince her to return. Once Kathryn is found alive and unharmed, the charges against Mary Margaret are dropped and she goes home. ("Red-Handed" - "The Return")
  • Regina Mills: Briefly held after the curse was ended for "her own safety", but was attacked by the Wraith and was released to help get rid of it. She is also brought in for questioning when she is suspected of murdering Archie Hopper. ("Broken", "The Cricket Game")
  • Ruby: Briefly held because she was a suspect for Billy's murder, but was transported to the town library to keep her safe from the angry townspeople demanding justice. ("Child of the Moon")
  • Felix: Briefly held in order to keep Henry safe. ("The New Neverland")
  • Zelena: Briefly held after trying to go back in time to change the past and attempting to kill the townspeople. Out for blood, Mr. Gold visits Zelena and kills her out of vengeance for his son's death. ("Kansas")
  • Will Scarlet: Held for breaking into the library, but escapes from his cell shortly after. ("The Apprentice", "Breaking Glass)
  • Ingrid: Brought in for questioning on Anna's whereabouts and Emma's past, but escapes when Emma's magic spins out of control and explodes a wall. ("The Snow Queen")
  • Grif: Arrested by David for stealing from King Arthur. Unbeknownst to David, it is all a ruse orchestrated by Arthur. ("Siege Perilous")
  • King Arthur: Arrested by David for trying to stop the group to find Merlin. ("Birth")
  • Jasmine: Brought in for questioning about the Oracle's death. ("Street Rats")



On-Screen Notes


  • In one of the opening scenees of "Shattered Sight", the clock shows 8:15,[8] a reference to the flight number from Lost.

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  • On the billboard, there is a report about an 8 year old boy named Billy Mason from Seattle, Washington. According to the report, he disappeared on on March 1, 2002, and was possibly kidnapped by his babysitter, a 16 year old boy named David. David is described as having a birth mark on his left shoulder, wore a gold watch, and his clothes were made by The Ridge Clothing Co. He was last seen at the house of a man named Greg Mason, where he "was babysitting for his [sic]". According to the report, "David disappeared along with his 8 year old charge Billy Mason. The time of disappearance is between 8:000 and 12:30 on March 1. 2002. Billy Mason's parents arrived home at 12:30 am to find the back door wide open and the house empty". The incident was reported by Srgt. Kelly, and the investigating officer is called Det. Bradshaw. The report contains an officer's signature, but it is unreadable.[13] ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")
  • Also pinned to the billboard, is a document carrying the Storybrooke Sheriff's Department seal. A website address is printed on it: This is the personal website of Kawther Salam, a Palestinian journalist who reported on human rights abuses by the Israeli military and filed legal complaints against them. Fittingly enough, the document is written in Hebrew.[13] ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")
  • On the billboard, there is a police report describing the events leading up to Dory Zimmer's death.[13] However, this is just a fake document fabricated by the curse:

4979 MA
Telephone: 555-0145
Fax: 555-0146
[image begins]RATIVE − [three illegible words] Sun 10/14 11:22 − [illegible word] 03 – 10 – 0742
[image begins]ARY PLACEMENT − [illegible word] Dorris Zimmer [sic]

[image begins]. Sheriff Graham responded to the area of Franklin Drive in
[image begins] our vehicle parked in the woods. The explainant, Neil Westlake,
[image begins]gar one parked in the woods and is wounded like [illegible word] was
[image begins] woods. Upon Graham's arrival, he found a white [illegible word], early 90's
[image begins]s. He made contact with the driver, Dorris Zimmer [sic], 01/01/02.
[image begins]he was suffering from clinical depression and that she was not

[image begins]ed and checked the area. She was largely incoherent and is
[image begins] [illegible]. This prompted the Sheriff to further inspect the vehicle,
[image begins] ran taped to the tall pipe of the vehicle. At this [illegible word],
[image begins] and taken into custody under the [illegible word] of the Baker Act.

[image begins]he no longer wants to live. She also keeps stating that she was
[image begins]le." She admitted that she had been institutionalized two times
[image begins] suicide.

[image begins] background check, it was [illegible word] that Zimmer had a previ-
[image begins] incident during the New Year festivities in Storybrooke Park.

[image begins]re called and Zimmer was transferred to the Storybrooke Mental
[image begins]is point, the Clinical Psychiatrist on duty alerted the Special
[image begins] [illegible word] in the presence of her two children, Nicholas and Ava (both 4

[image begins]fed and the children were found alone at the Zimmer
[image begins]is Boulevard, since − without a primary caregiver present. The
[image begins] into short-term foster care while while Zimmer underwent further
[image begins]sted this file was S.B. Edwards who is responsible through the

[image begins] and impounded at the municipal premises on Will Road.
("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")
  • Neil Westlake is a graphic designer and production staff member on the show, whose name appears on several props throughout the series:
  • S.B. Edwards worked as a production staff member on the episode "Manhattan", where they are listed as the author of one of the books on a library shelf where Cora finds Mr. Gold's map.[19]


Missing from Storybrooke, Maine

Date Missing: 6/7/00
Date of Birth: 4/10/76
Age at Disappearance: 27 years
Height: 5'11
Weight: 145 Ibs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Sex: Female

Melissa was last seen on the night of June 7.
2009 on her way to a friend's home in the
upper area of Storybrooke.

Last seen wearing: Blue jeans, a white t-shirt and black and white tennis shoes

A $29,000 reward is being offer for the return or recovery of Melissa Lew.

  • Strangely, the wanted poster says that Melissa was 27 years old when she disappeared on June 7. in the year 2000, but if she was born on April 10. 1976, she would have been 24 at the time. Also, the poster contradicts itself by claiming that she was last seen in 2009, nine years after her disappearance. ("Siege Perilous")
  • There is also a poster that says "Storybrooke Sheriff's Department invites you to attend the Bike's Safety Fair", which is being held at the "Storybrooke Community Centre".[25][26] ("Siege Perilous", "Dreamcatcher")

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