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Clorinda: Jacob? He's here?
Ashley: He's been in Storybrooke the whole time. Isn't that why you came here to his farm?
Clorinda and Ashley src

The Storybrooke Pumpkin Farm is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the third episode of the sixth season.


After Third Curse

Jacob lives in Storybrooke, where he makes a living running a pumpkin farm. One day, his former love Clorinda arrives in Storybrooke with her mother Lady Tremaine. With help from the Evil Queen, Clorinda and her mother learn that Cinderella, now known as Ashley, is in town. Clorinda, wanting revenge against her stepsister for the separation from Jacob, hides out on the pumpkin farm and lures her in. Ashley enters and finds an injured Clorinda inside the building. Ashley unties her stepsister's bandage, only to discover there is no wound, and that Clorinda and Lady Tremaine have lured her into a trap. Tremaine takes hold of the hunting rifle that Ashley had and has Clorinda keep watch on their captive, while she secretly goes to bring in Jacob, who she has taken captive. While her mother is away, Ashley reveals the farm actually belongs to Jacob and that she wanted to help bring the two lovers together again.

Tremaine comes back and hauls Jacob in, shoving him to the ground in front of Clorinda, who quickly unties his binds. The two share a spare moment of happiness over being reunited, before Tremaine prepares to shoot Jacob, but Clorinda shields him and begs Ashley to fix things like she promised. Ashley attempts to appeal to Tremaine's feelings, in that she is hurting but she shouldn't be taking things out on others. Tremaine is unmoved, and rather than the rifle, she uses her cane to stab Ashley. When Emma comes to Ashley's aid, Tremaine tries to grab the rifle, but Hook stops her from getting it. Jacob and Clorinda watch tersely as Ashley bleeds out, but with reassurance from Henry, Emma works her magic to heal her. Ashley is saved, and she, Clorinda and Jacob share a group hug. The two stepsisters make up and Tremaine is sentenced to community service as her punishment. As the woman is picking up garbage on the farm, Leroy supervises her work, telling her to hurry up. Ashley's husband Sean joins his wife, Clorinda and Clorinda's beau on the farm to spend time together. Emma and Hook also spend time on the farm, as they watch Ashley, Sean, Clorinda, and Jacob talking with each other. Emma asks Hook to move in with her, and he agrees after she jokes that his jackets can be in the same closet as hers. ("The Other Shoe")


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