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This article focuses on the cannery.
For the harbor, see Storybrooke Harbor.
For the shipyard, see Storybrooke Shipyard.
It smelled weird. Like sardines.
Mary Margaret src

The Storybrooke Cannery is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode[1] of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


During First Curse
Since reconciling with his girlfriend, Ashley, after she gives birth to their daughter, Alexandra, Sean becomes ostracized from his disapproving father. In an effort to support his growing family, Sean holds a job at the cannery, which keeps him busy quite often. While working on Valentine's Day, he leaves during his shift break to surprise Ashley at the local bar with a marriage proposal. ("Skin Deep")

After First Curse

Greg and Tamara, with Hook as their accomplice, kidnap Regina to the cannery. Strapping her to a electroshock machine, Greg prepares to administrator shock volts to her body as he interrogates her about his missing father's whereabouts. Hook, only interested in getting revenge on Mr. Gold, refuses to participate and leaves. To track down a missing Regina, Mary Margaret uses a magical tear mixture that allows her to gain a temporary bodily connection with Regina, during which she smells the sardines in the cannery. This allows David and Mary Margaret to pinpoint the cannery as Regina's location, and after rejoining Emma and Neal, the four rush into the building. Meanwhile, Regina reaches her limit under Greg's torture and finally admits she killed Greg's father and buried him in the woods. In fear of getting caught by David and Mary Margaret, Greg escapes from the cannery. Tamara knocks Emma unconscious in the hallway, and after admitting she has been lying to Neal since the day they met, she shoots him in the abdomen. Emma attacks her in defense of Neal, though Tamara manages to distract both Emma and Neal by opening a portal before she herself flees the area. Emma is nearly sucked into the portal, but an injured Neal pulls her up, only for him to almost fall in as Emma tries to hold onto him. Neal insists he has to let him go, although Emma vehemently argues against allowing him to die and admits she loves him. Neal then tells her that he loves her too and loosens his grip from Emma's hands. As he disappears into the portal, Emma looks on in horror before the portal closes up. ("Second Star to the Right")

With a trigger unleashed to destroy Storybrooke, David and Hook work together to steal the last magic bean from Greg and Tamara so they can whisk everyone else to another realm. They spy on Greg burning materials outside the cannery, and as the pair confront him inside the building, Tamara ambushes them with gunfire, to which David is grazed by one of her bullets. As Hook attempts to take the magic bean from Greg, David pursues Tamara, who accidentally drops her gun. Before David can corner her, Greg shoves him to the ground and escapes the cannery with Tamara. When Hook catches up with the procured magic bean, a mistrustful David pockets it for safekeeping. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

During Second Curse
Zelena, threatened by Emma, concocts a plan to rid the savior of her magic for good. Well aware that Hook has feelings for Emma, and that he carries guilt from previously refusing to help Ariel find Prince Eric, she disguises herself as the mermaid. As Ariel, she pretends to be still searching for her beloved and enlists Hook to help her search for Eric in Storybrooke. They use a locator spell on Eric's cloak, which flies through the air and leads Ariel and Hook right through the outdoor area of the cannery, before the cloak suddenly sinks into the water at the harbor. Feigning sadness, "Ariel" concludes Eric must be dead. ("The Jolly Roger")

After Third Curse
Upon finding out her stepsister Clorinda and stepmother Lady Tremaine are in town, Ashley steals Sean's gun and disappears in search of them, eventually ending up at the dock near the cannery. Emma, Henry, and Hook find her there, but Ashley threatens them with the gun to make them stay back. The trio believe she is out to hurt Clorinda, however, Ashley reveals she means to help her stepsister and that, in fact, she once wronged Clorinda and wants to make things right again. When Emma's hand tremor starts acting up, Ashley seizes the opportunity to run off, with Emma unable to use her magic to stop her. The Evil Queen shows up to taunt Emma about her plans for Ashley, and to make it so Emma cannot save Ashley, she teleports Emma, Hook, and Henry away. ("The Other Shoe")


On-Screen Notes

Set Dressing


Filming Locations

  • The Storybrooke Cannery is a real cannery in Steveston Village, which doubles as the town of Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time. In real life, it is called the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. The cannery was constructed and modified between 1894 and 1964, and ceased functioning in 1979. In 1976, the cannery was designated a Canadian national historic site. Today, it is operated as a historic site open to the public.[9]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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