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This article focuses on Steveston Village, British Columbia, Canada.
For the
Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland location this town portrays, see Storybrooke.

Steveston Village serves as one of ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland filming locations. The town of Steveston Village doubles as the backdrop for the town of Storybrooke


The village is named for Manoah Steves, who arrived with his family around 1877-1878 from Moncton, New Brunswick via Chatham, Ontario. Born Manoah Steeves, a second cousin of William Henry Steeves, he dropped the second 'e' en route. Manoah and his family were the first white family to settle in the area. Steves' son William Herbert actually developed the townsite, which became Steveston in 1889. Salmon canning began on the river in 1871, with the first major cannery being the Phoenix, developed in 1882 by Marshall English and Samuel Martin by the 1890s there were 45 canneries, about half at Steveston. Salmon-canning was so much part of the life of Steveston that it was also known as Salmonopolis.

Each summer large numbers of Japanese, Chinese, First Nations, and European fishermen and cannery workers descended on the village, joining a growing year-round settlement. The fishery also supported a significant boatbuilding and shipbuilding industry. Sailing ships from around the world visited the harbor to take on cargoes of canned salmon.

The peak of civic aspirations was pre-World War I, when Steveston was promoted as Salmonopolis, a supposed rival of Vancouver, but canning activity slowly declined and finally ceased in the 1990s. Gulf of Georgia Cannery, built in 1894 and at one time the largest plant in British Columbia, was reopened as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1994, and remains open today, recently given an award for Canada's best historic site.

The post office, which is also now a museum and tourist information center, was once the location of a branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, until it moved in the late 1970s to its current location across the street.

Post-war Steveston developed along with Richmond into a residential suburb for Vancouver as farmland was converted to housing. Since the 1970s the community, which remains an active fishing port, has developed its heritage character and its waterfront to attract business and tourism.

Garry Point Park is the major park in Steveston, located at the southwest tip of the community (and Lulu Island). It was named in 1827 to honor Nicholas Garry, former Deputy Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, who used that part of the land to locate the navigable entrance to the Fraser River. Garry Point was the major host for the Vancouver-area festivities of the 2002 Tall Ships Challenge.

Steveston has often been the site of filming for both films and television shows. It was used in the 2010 film adaptation of The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud as a stand-in for Marblehead, Massachusetts, and the television movie A Cooler Climate as the fictional Steveston, Maine. It has been used as a location The X-Files, in the episodes "Gender Bender" as Steveston, Massachusetts, and later in "Miracle Man." It was also featured in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Nightwalkers" as Steveston, Oregon. It has also been used on Bates Motel.

Steveston Village also doubles as the town of Chesapeake Shores in the television series of the same name. The series features Once Upon a Time actress Meghan Ory.[1]


The following Steveston businesses have been transformed into Storybrooke businesses on Once Upon a Time:

A Monkey Tree[2] A Monkey Tree[3]
Artisans Galleria[4]

(closed down before the show premiered)[5]

Worthington's Haberdashery,[6]
which becomes the
Storybrooke Pet Shelter,
which becomes
Any Given Sundae,
which becomes
The Three Bears Day Spa
Bon Retour[7] Bon Retour[3]
Braen's Cut[8][9] (now closed down)[9] Storybrooke Barber Shop[10]
(only the name "Storybrooke" can be clearly deciphered on-screen)[11]
Budget Appliances[12] Bravura Appliances[13] ("The Price of Gold")
Budget Appliances[14] ("Best Laid Plans")
Britannia Heritage Shipyards[15] Storybrooke Shipyard[16]
The Buck & Ear Bar and Grill[17] The Rabbit Hole (interior scenes)[18]
The Buck & Ear Bar and Grill (exterior scene in "Welcome to Storybrooke")[19]
Cannery Cafe Granny's Diner[20]
Charthouse Restaurant;[21]
closed down[22] and became
Catch Kitchen Bar[23]
Charthouse Restaurant[24] ("The Apprentice")
Catch Kitchen Bar[25] ("Only You")
Dave's Fish & Chips[26] Dave's Fish & Chips[27][28]
Diner No. 1[29] (now closed down)[30] Diner No. 1[31]
Fleming & Associates[5] Hopper Psychiatry Office[5]
George's Taverna[32] George's Taverna[33]
Gulf of Georgia Cannery Storybrooke Cannery
Gudrun[34] Gudrun[35]
Harmony Dental Studio[36] Hats ("The Thing You Love Most" and "The Price of Gold")[37]

Harmony Dental Studio (from "We Are Both" onward;[38] note that the sign cannot be deciphered in its entirety until "Heartless";[39] also note that a real-life sign saying "new patients welcome" and listing the business' phone number can be erroneously glimpsed in "The Thing You Love Most"[40])
Heringers[29] Heringers[41]
It's POSH! Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer[42]
It's POSH![43] (Season Six)
Juvelisto[34] Juvelisto[44]
Kisamos Greek Taverna[26] Kisamos Greek Taverna[27][45]
La Tandoor,[4]
which was eventually closed down,[46] and became
Moncton Cafe,[47]
which also closed down, and became
Ora Sushi[48]
La Tandoor,[49]
which later becomes
Duperré & Hughes.[50]
Chop Shop later becomes part of the same building.
Law Offices - John SKapski, Richard Keevil[51] Storybrooke Real Estate[52]
Marine Garage[53] Marine Garage
Moncton Dental[54] Storybrooke Dental[55]
Nikaido[56] Standard Clocks[57]
Nikka Fishing & Marine[58] (now closed down)[59] Storybrooke Free Public Library
Nu-Tech Systems LTD[60] Nu-Tech Systems LTD[61]
Pacific Net & Twine[62] Atlantic Twine & Net[63]
Pajos Fish & Chips[64] Storybrooke Fish & Chips[65][64]
Paradigm Shift Martial Arts Studio[66] Paradigm Shift Martial Arts Studio[67]
PM Marine Diesel[68] PM Marine Diesel[69]
Pieces[56] Purbeck Shoe Store (front)[70]
The Rabbit Hole (backdoor)[71]
Prickly Pear Garden Centre Game of Thorns[72]
Rod's Building Supplies[73] Rod's Building Supplies[74]
Romania Country Bread[75] Storybrooke Country Bread[76]
Royal Bank of Canada, Steveston branch[77] Storybrooke Savings & Loan[78]
Sara's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream[79] (now closed down)[80] Sara's Old Fashioned Ice Cream[81]
Serenity[56] Modern Fashions[76]
Sooters[82] Sooters[83]
Splash Toy Shop[56] Neighbor's[84]
The Steveston Cafe & Hotel[85] Storybrooke Liquor[86] ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Storybrooke Hotel[87] (For "Souls of the Departed", "The Final Battle Part 1" and "The Final Battle Part 2"; however, the name does not show up on-screen)

Steveston Coffee Co[54] Storybrooke Coffee Co[88]
Steveston Crafts n' More[89] Jolene's Art & Crafts[90]
Steveston Docks[91] Storybrooke Harbor[91]
Steveston Fish Shoppe[8] Storybrooke Fish Shoppe[92]
Steveston Marine & Hardware[93] Storybrooke Hardware & Paint[94]
Steveston Museum[95] Storybrooke Post Office[96]
Tapenade Bistro Tony's[97] (interior scenes, "The Apprentice")[64]

Tapenade Bistro (exterior scenes, "Tiny",[98] "And Straight On 'Til Morning"[99] and (Underbrooke version) "Sisters"[100])

Vancouver Whale Watch[101] Storybrooke Sand Dollar Boutique[102]
Timbuktu[8] (now closed)[103] "Store for Rent. Storybrooke Real Estate. 207-555-0179."[10]
(Only parts of the sign can be glimpsed on-screen)[11]
Yokohama Teppanyaski Yokohama Teppanyaski[104]
Xyclo[7] Xyclo[3]
A yoga studio[105] Storybrooke Sign Company[105]
(This business never appears on-screen)


Set Notes

  • The creators of the show wanted a town that was "stuck in time".
  • Changing Steveston into Storybrooke takes about ten hours.
  • For the first two seasons, an empty building in Steveston Village doubled as Mr. Gold's pawnshop.[106] The front room of the pawnshop was an actual room inside the building, while the back of the shop was a filming set inside a studio.[107]
    • In 2013, the gift shop known as It's POSH! moved into the premises,[108] but the building still continued to double as the pawnshop for exterior scenes. There was a permanent prop sign outside the shop, which the gift shop covered up with own signs when Once Upon a Time was not filming.[42]
    • For the sixth season, a portable pawnshop set is put up in the lane next to It's POSH! for exterior scenes;[109] turning It's POSH! into a separate business located next to the pawnshop.[110]
  • The Storybrooke Cannery is a real life location in Steveston, known as the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.
  • Sara's Ice Cream, which has been featured in Storybrooke as a business, was a real shop that sells Once Upon a Time inspired ice cream flavors such as Once Upon a Thyme, Cinderella's Carriage, Entirely Emma, Mr. Gold and Grumpy's Road.[111][112] It was later closed down.[80]
    • Additionally, another Steveston business, Candy Dish, sells Once Upon a Time inspired sweets such as Snow White Fudge, Prince Charming Chocolate Sword and Evil Queen Apple.[113]


ABC's Once Upon a Time - Welcome To Storybrooke!

ABC's Once Upon a Time - Welcome To Storybrooke!


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