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Stephen Lord is the British actor who portrays Malcolm on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Stephen Lord was born on October 1, 1972[citation needed] in Salford, Lancashire.[1] He attended Salford University to study theater and later, at eighteen, worked in a Jacobean banquet to gain experience in acting. From working in theater, Stephen procured an agent and began booking roles in film and television while still in college.[2]

His film debut was in Channel 4's Shooting Stars.[2] Stephen is most well known for his role as Jason Dyer on long-running British soap drama EastEnders, drug smuggler Benjamin Meyers in The Shepherd, Ross in the feature film Desperate Measures as well as alcoholic priest Dominic Meak on British comedy-drama Shameless.[3] Though his first love is acting, he enjoys past success in writing and directing the online television phenomenon Dr Hoo starring Ian Hart as a maniac depressive from Wales with multi-personality disorder and the script turned modern fairy tale movie The Wrong Uns.[4]

Stephen is married to Irish actress Elaine Cassidy and they have a daughter, Kila,[5] and son, Lynott.[6]


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