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Belle: But it'll turn you into a bear.
Merida: No, it changes fate is what it does. The Spell of Mor'du they call it. Legend says that witch used it to change the fate of a prince; gave him the strength of ten men.
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The Spell of Mor'du is a magical potion featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixth episode of the fifth season.

The Spell of Mor'du is based on the Witch's magic cake from the Disney Pixar movie, Brave.


Before First Curse

The Spell of Mor'du originates from the old witch of DunBroch, who, according to legend, used it on an unnamed prince to transform him into a bear, giving him the strength of ten men. ("The Bear and the Bow")

During First Curse

After acquiring the spell from a witch, Merida inadvertently turns her mother and triplet brothers into bears. The transformation is eventually reversed.[1] ("The Bear King")

After First Curse

When King Fergus comes to the old witch for something magical, he confronts her about the Spell of Mor'du, which she once used on his wife and sons in the past. ("The Bear King")

Before Third Curse

To prove herself worthy to the clans of DunBroch so they will release her kidnapped brothers, Merida gains Belle's help in making the Spell of Mor'du in the old witch's cottage. However, upon seeing Merida's superb archery skills, Belle begins to wonder why the redhead is relying on magic to be powerful. Merida is adamant that magic is the only way she can get the clans to recognize her as their queen, but when she attempts to ingest the potion to transform into a bear, nothing happens, revealing Belle switched the potion with water. The clansmen prepare to execute Merida's brothers, which pushes Merida into action as she looses an arrow that cuts off the three arrows aimed for her brothers. With this, the clansmen finally accept her as their ruling queen. ("The Bear and the Bow")

After Third Curse

In Storybrooke, Emma sends Merida to kill Belle as a way to force Mr. Gold to become heroic. After thwarting Merida, Mr. Gold grabs a potion from the pawnshop before escaping to the townline with Belle, intending to leave Storybrooke forever. Instead, Belle chooses to part ways from him, and as she makes the walk back into town, she runs into Merida. The redhead, on Emma's orders, drinks the spell potion and mutates into a massive bear. With the beast chasing her, Belle runs for her life, ending up in the woods, where Mr. Gold goads the bear into attacking him in order to save his love. After being knocked backwards onto the ground by the bear, Mr. Gold braces himself as the bear closes in on him. Suddenly, he sees the potion that fell from his pocket and desperately throws it on the bear, not knowing if it will have any effect. Luckily, the potion reverts Merida into human form. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Ways to Break the Spell



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