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Belle: Do you know where that is?
Merida: I do. The Southern Moor.
Merida and Belle src

The Southern Moor is a DunBroch location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the sixth episode of the fifth season.


Before Third Curse

The clans of DunBroch, not wanting their land to be governed by a woman, retaliate against Merida who's proven to be unfit to rule seeing as how she was unable to save her father. Lord Macintosh, along with Lord Dingwall and Lord MacGuffin, request that Merida marry one of them in order to become queen, but she refuses. In consequence for denying their proposal, the clans exile Queen Elinor and kidnap Merida's three brothers to make her surrender her claim to the throne or else her brothers are to be killed. ("The Dark Swan", "The Bear and the Bow")

The leaders of the clans eventually decide to execute Merida's brothers. They tie them up individually to a wooden post at the Southern Moors. Lord Macintosh announces to the people that as penance for refusing to give her hand in marriage, Merida will suffer the loss of her dear brothers. At a witch's house, Belle helps make a spell to see Merida's brothers. Merida recognizes their location and in order to beat the clans, she has Belle make a potion for turning into a bear; however, Belle questions why Merida needs magic to change her brothers' fates when she can use her archery skills to prove herself. Together, they travel to the Southern Moors, where her brothers are set to be executed. When they are preparing to ambush the clans, Merida admits to Belle about her father's fate, and the guilt she harbors for not being able to save him. Thus, she believes magic is necessary to win this time, however, Belle disagrees and secretly switches out the potion with water. When push comes to shove, with the clans releasing three arrows to kill her brothers, Merida looses a single arrow that cuts off all three arrows before they hit their targets. The clansmen draw their swords, but she warns them not to test her sword skills, as they already know what she can do with an arrow. Eventually, they kneel in recognition of her as Queen, as Merida remarks that they're lucky someone once taught her to be merciful. After Merida's happy reunion with her brothers, she sends Belle off, presumably back to her allies. ("The Bear and the Bow")


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