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Take this. When the time comes... It will lead you to your third sister.
—The Apprentice to Ingrid src

The Sorcerer's Scroll, also known as the Snow Queen's Scroll or the Apprentice's Scroll, is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixth episode of the fourth season.


Before First Curse

As a fair trade, Ingrid promises to return the sorcerer's hat to the Apprentice if he finds her a magical sister, who she wishes to include in her family along with Elsa. However, when Elsa ends up trapped within the urn, Ingrid's only chance to free her is by giving the hat to Rumplestiltskin.

At least one year later, Ingrid goes through with it but the Apprentice reappears to inform her that the Sorcerer has agreed to her prior request since he desires to repossess the hat. After returning the hat, Ingrid is given a scroll to locate the magical sister, who hasn't been born yet, in due time. The apprentice then creates a magic door, which she steps through and arrives to the Land Without Magic in Boston during the year 1982. ("Smash the Mirror")

While wandering the streets of this unknown realm, Ingrid comes across a psychic, Madame Faustina, and asks her about the sister she is searching for. Madame Faustina lies, stating the girl's name will be Susan, but after Ingrid checks the scroll, she discovers her name will be Emma Swan. Upset at the seer's trickery, she storms out of the store while shouting about how the scroll revealed Emma will arrive to Storybrooke in the future. ("Shattered Sight")

During First Curse
In 1999, Ingrid begins running a group home for boys and girls in the childcare system. Through this, Emma ends up as one of the children in her care. In time, the two become very close as Ingrid makes plans to adopt her. After witnessing Emma accidentally unleash sparks of magic, Ingrid pulls the girl in front of an upcoming car, urging her to use magic, as a means to prove she does have powers. Instead, Emma believes the older woman to be crazy, which causes her to run away permanently. Heartbroken, Ingrid can only wait until the year 2001 to set out on a journey to Maine in search of Storybrooke. Stopping at an empty road, Ingrid unrolls the scroll, and as her gaze stays on the parchment, the surroundings around her change until she finds herself standing on a street in Storybrooke. ("Shattered Sight")

After Second Curse

Emma, after discovering Ingrid is her old foster mother, searches for clues about her presence in town. Deliberately, Ingrid plants her ice cream truck in the woods, where she leaves the prophetic scroll inside the vehicle. Once Emma finds it, she is unable to read the ancient text and brings it with her to the sheriff's office. Later, Elsa deciphers the scroll, which speaks about Emma becoming one of Ingrid's sisters. ("Family Business")

Six weeks after Ingrid sacrifices her life to stop the spell of shattered sight, the scroll is left behind in Storybrooke. Threatened with the Chernabog, Emma and Regina receive knowledge from Cruella De Vil and Ursula about the beast's attributes. The two women desire passage into town, insisting they have changed from their bad ways, so Regina agrees to consider it if the creature can be killed. Recalling the scroll's power, Emma grabs it before she and Regina deal with the Chernabog by forcing the demon across the town line, where it ceases to exist. Wary of Cruella and Ursula, David and Mary Margaret insist the strangers are evil and shouldn't be allowed in. Regina argues that Cruella and Ursula deserve second chances as much as she herself has. Agreeing with this opinion, Emma hands the scroll to Regina, who throws it across the town barrier. Cruella picks it up, getting into her car with Ursula, and unrolls it to reveal Storybrooke's entrance. After gaining town access, Cruella and Ursula return to the border at night, tossing the scroll to Mr. Gold on the other side, as he uses it to enter town. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

With plans of searching for Maleficent's daughter Lily, Emma leaves Storybrooke with Regina, who also has business outside of town. Before going, Emma takes the sorcerer's scroll so reentering town won't be a problem. Reaching a dead end in Massachusetts, they then end up with a flat tire on the road. When Emma finds Lily, the woman insists she has moved on with life. Not believing her, Emma procures Lily's address and searches her house with Regina. Unexpectedly, Lily steals Emma's car, where the scroll has been left inside. After stealing another car, Emma and Regina force her into stopping. ("Lily")


On-Screen Notes

I have travelled the
world near and far

My search knows no

My obsession will
not leave me

My search will
continue to the ends
of the earth

One thing I know
for sure

The name of the
savior is Emma

The savior shall be
my sister

The family must be
("Family Business", "Darkness on the Edge of Town")



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