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The Sorcerer's mansion. Henry found dozens of these blank books there.
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The Sorcerer's Mansion,[1] also known as the Lakeside Mansion, is a Storybrooke location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the fourth season.


During Second Curse
After the second curse is enacted by Snow White, most of the Enchanted Forest inhabitants return to their lives in Storybrooke. The lakeside mansion, although not in existence during the first curse, is brought to town due to the second curse. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

After Second Curse

Mr. Gold, previously relinquishing the dagger to Belle, secretly steals it back to exact revenge on the person responsible for his son's death. Having completed this mission, he vows, at his son's grave site, to return the dagger to Belle. In celebration of their recent wedding ceremony, Belle shows Mr. Gold the lakeside mansion, and since no one has claimed it, so she wants to use the area as their honeymoon location. While inside the building, he temporarily freezes Belle and places the real dagger into her purse before unfreezing her. As Belle excitedly leads him to the ballroom dance hall, Mr. Gold recognizes a nearby box that contains the Sorcerer's Hat. When harnessed, the hat can store his Dark One's powers while also freeing him from the dagger's control. For the moment, he leaves the box untouched and follows Belle to the ballroom. There, he poofs them into formal attire and shares his first dance with her as husband and wife. Later that night, after Belle is fast asleep in bed, Mr. Gold retrieves the dagger from her purse and uses it to magically open the box. ("Kansas", A Tale of Two Sisters")

Desiring to keep his powers and be free from the dagger, Mr. Gold takes advantage of Emma, who desperately wants her out-of-control magic removed permanently, by tricking her into meeting him at a mansion to do just that. In the scheme, he intends to accumulate enough magic to power the hat by absorbing her into it. Outside the mansion, Mr. Gold apprehends Hook as he tries to reach Emma. Before Emma can enter into the room where the hat is located, Elsa persuades her into accepting magic as part of herself. Despite that his plan failed, Mr. Gold nabs an ingredient needed to free himself from the dagger; Hook's heart. From combing the area on foot, David, Henry and Mary Margaret see Elsa and Emma exit the mansion and reunite with them. Hook, revealing nothing about his lost heart, is relieved to find Emma unharmed. ("Smash the Mirror")

Led by the Apprentice's enchanted broom, Hook goes with Mr. Gold to the mansion to locate a portal so Anna, Elsa and Kristoff can return home. Once the portal door is found, Hook informs Emma and she, with the Arendelle natives and her parents, head to the mansion. Following a warm farewell, Elsa and then Kristoff walk into the portal. As Anna moves to follow them in, she curiously inquiries about Mr. Gold's original name in the Enchanted Forest. Learning his name was Rumplestiltskin, Anna reveals she once knew him. Emma is shocked, as Mr. Gold claimed no knowledge about Anna or Elsa, and this revelation leads her to believe he is up to something bad. While Anna goes into the portal, Emma and Mary Margaret rush off to confront Mr. Gold. After everyone has left, Henry wanders the house and accidentally activates a wall lamp scone. It opens a secret library full of blank storybooks, and in his excitement, he brings Emma and Regina to the room. Ecstatic at the development, Regina praises her son for discovering key material for their secret mission, Operation Mongoose, so they can find the Author and change her storybook ending. Decidedly, Emma joins their team so Regina can obtain happiness. ("Heroes and Villains")

Since being reverted to his former self, August is coerced into telling Cruella, Maleficent, Mr. Gold and Regina about the Author's whereabouts. August admits there is a door illustration from the storybook that leads to the Author, who was imprisoned in the door by the Sorcerer, but he claims not to know where it's located. Suspecting the door may be at the mansion, Mr. Gold, Maleficent and Regina go there to investigate while Cruella guards their captive. After finding nothing, the trio begin walking back to the cabin. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

When the entire town falls under Maleficent's sleeping spell, Henry remains immune, but takes the illustration with him to the mansion to hide from the villains who are looking for it. Once there, he phones his grandparents, who persuade him to stay put until they arrive. While hiding under a table in the secret library, Henry sees a light coming out of the keyhole in the door illustration, which shines onto a drawer, which reveals a key to the door. As Henry relishes in excitement over the find, he hears the hidden entrance opening. Believing his grandparents have come, he calls out to them before realizing Regina, Cruella and Maleficent have found him instead. Regina demands the door illustration, and by giving Henry a knowing look, he recognizes that she wants him to turn over the fake page rather than the real one. After they are gone, David and Mary Margaret arrive, to which he tells them about the key. The couple, intent on destroying the illustration, persuade him into turning it over to them. Once Henry leaves, David prepares to toss the page into a lit fireplace, but Mary Margaret convinces him not to, insisting that they can't take the easy way out anymore and have to tell Emma the truth about their dark past. ("Best Laid Plans")

After Third Curse
As Emma forms a tenative alliance with Gideon to help him kill the Black Fairy, Gideon goes with her to the mansion, where he misleads her into believing they can bring back Hook, whom he had banished to another realm. Emma is at first skeptical that they can create a portal door in the mansion since it requires a lot of magic, but Gideon succeeds in making one before instructing her to place the ingredients on a table to begin the spell. After setting down the Her Handsome Hero book, a bowl, a unrolled scroll page, and a napkin from Æsop's Tables that is stained with her tears, Emma lights the candle just as the book flies by itself to the door and the lit candle burns into the napkin. When a massive spider leg pokes out from the other side of the door, Gideon tells Emma that it was sent by the Black Fairy. While hiding upstairs with Emma, Gideon apologizes to her for everything he's done to her and suggests that she can walk away now, but both of them are forced to run again after the spider begins spitting venom at them. They reach a room with a large web, which Gideon purposefully knocks Emma into, trapping her against it, before stealing back the Hrunting sword. Gideon then admits he needs her to die so he can channel her powers into the sword and open a portal to the Dark Realm to kill the Black Fairy. After Gideon is gone from the mansion, the spider entraps Emma in a cocoon to suffocate her. Emma's life begins ebbing away as the spider pulls her closer, but Mr. Gold arrives to free her. When the spider charges at Emma, she and Mr. Gold combine powers to shrink the creature, which Emma kills by stomping on it. Snow and Belle regroup with them at the mansion, where Emma makes it clear Gideon cannot be saved while Mr. Gold warns that he will take her out if she tries to kill his son. After Emma and Snow leave the mansion, Belle laments about Gideon truly being a lost cause, but Mr. Gold assures her that they can still influence their son into becoming good since he is presently no longer under the thrall of the Black Fairy. ("Mother's Little Helper")



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